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Making a Splash! The Best Water Parks in Guangzhou HOT

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Feeling hot and humid in Guangzhou? Why not cool down in style with a visit to one of Guangzhou’s water parks! There’s a fair few to choose from, so we’ve plucked out the best four in the city. ... Read More>>

Metro Explorations: Top 5 Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 3 HOT

The Metro's Line 3 is an adventurous little underground route transporting passengers from north to south through the immense sprawl of Guangzhou. Recently extended all the way to the airport, Line 3 stops at popular Guangzhou sites like Changlong Resort, ...... Read More>>

Beat the Heat this Summer – Places to Cool Down in Guangzhou HOT

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May and June mark the beginning of Guangzhou’s hottest, wettest season – and the time of year when newly arrived foreigners realise it’s hard getting used to the subtropical climate. With daily highs hovering in the 30s throughout the humid summer, even ...... Read More>>

Home Away from Home - Guangzhou’s Expat-Friendly Neighbourhoods HOT

Not sure where to make your home in Guangzhou? Here are a few of the neighbourhoods Guangzhou expatriates seem to favour, according to location, general prices, transportation, schools and attractions. ... Read More>>

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Guangzhou HOT

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Settling into a big city like Guangzhou takes a lot of time no matter who you are. Learning transportation routes, finding your favourite foods and getting an idea of entertainment options is a long process. Guidebooks and internet how-tos abound, but often ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou for Kids: Parks, Zoos, Shopping and More HOT

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While the internet abounds with information on fun places for adults to hang out – fancy restaurants, romantic getaways and places to spend those hard-earned Renminbi – not much is written about fun things for children to do in Guangzhou. But don't ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Museums: Great Culture at a Fantastic Price HOT

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From thousand-year-old jade pieces to papercuts made in the last year, Guangzhou's museums prove that no matter how long you've lived here, there's always more to explore. When getting to know a country, a culture, a city or even just a neighbourhood, ...... Read More>>

Sweet Satisfaction: The 5 Best Dessert Spots in Guangzhou HOT

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Dessert, on the whole, is often considered the ultimate culinary splurge. A dish ranging from delicate sweetness to a teeth-aching treat, dessert plays a strong role in everything from celebrating milestones to wooing the lovely face across the table. ...... Read More>>

Experience the World of Reptiles at Guangzhou Crocodile Park HOT

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Reptiles are some of the most fascinating, mysterious creatures on Earth. For about roughly 320 million years, reptiles in one form or another have been traversing this planet. No matter whether we see them as fearsome predators like poisonous snakes and ...... Read More>>

Thrills and Spills: Guangzhou's Best Amusement Parks HOT

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Despite all the great things Guangzhou has to offer, there are times when city life can get a bit boring. The weather is gloomy, the days slow down, and you fall into a routine that you find hard to break. If you have children, the usual DVD and toy routine ...... Read More>>

Brave New World: Discover the Guangdong Science Center HOT


My primary school science teacher was an ordinary looking middle aged guy. I only remember one thing about the guy, and it was how he explained why the universe is infinite. He held up a box full of pens and said, “If the universe was not infinite, and had ...... Read More>>

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