Strap Up Your Boots: Stunning Spots for Hiking Near Guangzhou

Strap Up Your Boots: Stunning Spots for Hiking Near Guangzhou

Guangdong may not be known for having as much stunning natural beauty as its sister province Guangxi, however there are pockets of gorgeous mountainous areas that make the Pearl River Delta area a worthy place for hiking and trekking. For those of you locked up in the frantic life of Guangzhou, exploring these nearby wild areas is a great way of getting some respite from the city, breathing some fresh air, and absorbing the surrounding nature. Neighboring city Foshan supplies ample areas to do this, and as it’s now accessible from Guangzhou by a quick train ride, it’s never been more convenient to check out the surrounding natural beauty and enjoy some hiking near Guangzhou.

1) Chashan
Chashan (茶山) is situated about eight kilometers from Yangmei Town (杨梅镇), and features a peak that is around 540m above sea level. The rolling landscape of Chashan and its surrounding valleys is a beautiful spectacle to behold, and looks great once you scale the peak of the mountain. There are seven routes to scale, and despite some being a bit wild, the hike is suitable for beginners nonetheless. The route mentioned below starts off at the parking lot of the Xiku Xi'an Longtao Swimming Area (西岸龙涛湾泳场停车场), and is relatively easy and non-taxing, with the trek from the foot of the mountain to the peak taking around two to three hours.

The path up is known for being pretty windy; and also remember to take care as some sections are covered with nasty thorns! For the stunning view from the mountain peak however, it’s all worth it. Going down is obviously a much more relaxing affair, and if you’ve worked up a sweat why not take a dip in one of the pools that the local villagers have opened – a swim in some fresh mountain water is a great way to recharge your batteries!

Hiking route: Start from Xi'an Xiku Longtao Swimming Area (西岸龙涛湾泳场), then head to Xiku Tree Farm, (西岸林场), then go to Longwan Village (龙湾村) and Tahuashan Reservoir (塔花山水库) until you head up to the top of the mountain and arrive at Chashan Le’an Village (茶山乐安村). The hike takes about six hours and covers a distance of around 12km.

Getting there: take the No.18 Guangzhou-Foshan line from the Jiaokou Passenger Station (滘口客运站) in Guangzhou to Gaoming Keyun station (高明客运站). From there, hire a van to take you to the Xi’an Longtao Yongchang parking lot; when returning to Guangzhou, you can take a mini-van back to Gaoming Keyun station from Anle Village (安乐村).

2) Zaomushan
Zaomushan (皂幕山) is noticeably tougher than its nearby baby brother Chashan, and features a taller peak of 804m. The trek from neighboring Jingtou Village (井头村) isn’t too challenging and serves as a nice warm up before you arrive at the foot of the mountain itself. When you’re ascending the mountain, the views are equally as stunning as Chashan. Going down the mountain is a relatively tricky affair however, as the path down is pretty steep, so watch your step as you’re coming down the slope! Once you arrive back in Jingtou Village, there are loads of restaurants where you can fill up your belly with some fresh local mountain produce after a long day’s hike.   

Hiking route: Start from Jingtou Village (井头村) in Yangmei Town (杨梅镇), then head up to the mountain peak, and then head down via Fanghuo Forest (防火林). The trek takes between eight and nine hours, with the ascent being 8.5km and the descent being 13km.  

Getting there: take the No.18 Guangzhou-Foshan line from the Jiaokou Passenger Station (滘口客运站) in Guangzhou to Gaoming Keyun station (高明客运站). From there, hire a van to take you to Jingtou Village in Yangmei Town.

3) Dafengmen
If you ever find yourself getting a little steamy during this hike, the nearby stream serves as a wonderful way to cool yourself down and freshen up. “Dafengmen” refers to the nearby Dafengmen Forest Park (大丰门森林公园), with the route starting at the Dafengmen Reservoir (大丰门水库). Watch out for stones and shoals that are scattered alongside the stream, as you may end up slipping and taking an unexpected bath! Although the route may not be that long, the fact that you have to navigate over rocks and wade through streams makes it a little tricky. The water can get pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings so it’s best to head out in the afternoon so you don’t end up with cold feet.      

Hiking route: Start from Dafengmen Reservoir (大丰门水库), then walk along the stream until you find its source. The trek takes between three to four hours and is around 1.3km long.

Getting there: take a bus to Paitan Bus Station from the Fangcun Passenger Station (芳村客运站) in Guangzhou; from there, take the No.108 bus to Baishuizhai stop and enter the scenic area. To return, simply follow the same route back.


1) Hiking shoes: Make sure you bring a pair of sturdy yet comfortable hiking shoes before you embark on your trek, and ensure that they’re waterproof just in case it rains or especially if you’re hiking the Dafengmen trail.

2) Backpack: Make sure you bring a bag with enough space to pack a bottle or two of water, some snacks, waterproofs, a change of clothes (if you end up getting really soaked,) and even a compass or a map if you’re worried about getting lost.

3) Quick-drying clothes: These come in handy for hiking trips as you never know what the elements may throw at you especially in a place like Guangdong where sudden rainstorms are known to appear from nowhere.

4) Sleeping bag: If you plan to spend the night in the wilds or even in a local hostel or cheap hotel, one of these will surely come in handy.

5) Water bottle: As many of us are environmentally conscious these days, why not invest in a plastic or metal water bottle? These can be easily refilled at local shops or even from the natural springs that trickle down the mountains.

6) Swiss Army knife: These useful tools are well known across the world for their many functions that come in handy in many situations, so it’s never a bad idea to pack one of these ingenious devices.

7) Windproof clothes: It can get pretty windy the higher you go but these clothes also great for their fast-drying capabilities should you find yourself getting wet during your trek.

8) Moisture-proof pads: If you’re ever in need of a break or fancy a picnic, these are incredibly useful for avoiding getting your backside wet; as we all know that damp ground is a common sight in Guangdong considering the wet climate.

9) Tents: If the weather’s warm or you simply fancy spending the night in the wilds, a tent is obviously a no-brainer. Make sure they’re sturdy, waterproof, and can withstand strong winds should the weather take a turn during the night.  

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