Where to Go Bowling in Guangzhou

Where to Go Bowling in Guangzhou

Bowling may not be a traditional Chinese past-time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this indoor, low-impact, affordable sport in China's southern metropolis. Whether you want to switch up your weekend routine a little or celebrate an occasion, bowling is always a fun and social choice. If you're wondering where to go throw a couple of strikes in Guangzhou, check out these three bowling alleys.  

1) Dashijie BowlingView In Map
The first professional-quality bowling alley in Guangzhou, Dashijie is 38 lanes of beautiful, shiny, hardwood glory. Besides the spacious interior, Dashijie is also known for their dependable service, a dedicated children's bowling area, and popular group-buying deals (if you're willing to come a little early or a little late). Check out http://t.dianping.com/or http://gz.meituan.com/ for deals, but beware that weekends are extremely busy and you may find yourself waiting in line for longer than you end up bowling.

Add: Dashijie Bowling, inside the Sports Center (near Sports Center East Gate), 299 Tianhe Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
地址:广州市天河区天河路299号体育中心内(近体育中心东门), 大世界保龄球馆
Tel: 020 3879 6666
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-1:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-1:00
Price per game per person: 15 RMB (9:00-14:00), 20 RMB (14:00-19:00), 25 RMB (19:00-23:00), 15 RMB (23:00-1:00)
Getting there: take subway line 1 to Sports Center station (体育中心站)

2) Huatai BowlingView In Map
Huatai Bowling is one of the older bowling institutions in Guangzhou, offering world-standard AMF bowling equipment for those in the know, plus a VIP lane for those who prefer to bowl in style away from the riff-raff. If you're a morning bowler, come early; the low prices can attract quite a crowd and by 10:00 the line is often more than an hour long. If you're a nighttime bowler, come after 23:00 for free shoe rental (normally 5 RMB).

Add: Huatai Bowling, 1F Huatai Hotel, 23 Xianlie Nan Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
地址:广州市越秀区先烈南路23号华泰宾馆1楼(近区庄立交), 华泰保龄球馆
Tel: 020 8769 6581
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-2:00, Weekends and holidays 8:00-2:00
Price per game per person: Mon-Fri: 10 RMB (11:00-14:00), 13 RMB (14:00-19:00), 23 RMB (19:00-23:00), 13.8 RMB (23:00-2:00). Holidays: 6 RMB (8:00-9:00), 15 RMB (9:00-14:00), 23 RMB (14:00-23:00), 13.8 RMB (23:00-2:00).
Getting there: take bus No. 11, 54, 56, 62, 74, 85, 133, 209, 236, 293, 546, 高峰快线8, 高峰快线30 to Xianlie Nan Lu (先烈南路站)

3) Top Bowl (Debao)View In Map
With its lovely lakeside location, Top Bowl is a great place to head if the weather turns nasty during your afternoon in the park. In addition to bowling, you can also try your hand at pool or table tennis. Top Ball is looking a little worse for wear, though, so don't come here if all you care about is looks.

Add: Top Bowl, 102 Lianhua Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
地址:广州市越秀区流花路102号, 得宝保龄球馆
Tel: 020 3623 7033; 8668 4356
Opening hours: 9:30-24:00
Price: Mon-Fri: 8 RMB (9:00-14:00), 12 RMB (14:00-19:00), 18 RMB (19:00-23:00), 10 RMB (23:00-2:00), Sat-Sun: 10 RMB (9:00-14:00), 15 RMB (14:00-19:00), 18 RMB (19:00-23:00), 10 RMB (23:00-2:00), Holidays: 12 RMB (9:00-14:00), 18 RMB (14:00-19:00), 18 RMB (19:00-23:00), 13 RMB (23:00-2:00).
Getting there: take bus No. 29, 181, 518, 823 to Liuhua Lu (流花路站)

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Huatai bowling was kind of a dump. Horrible service too.

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