Rest and Relaxation Nearby: Guangzhou’s Best Hot Springs

Rest and Relaxation Nearby: Guangzhou’s Best Hot Springs

Although the region surrounding Guangzhou certainly has no shortage of lovely natural springs, a majority of these sites remain undeveloped to this day, much to the chagrin of Guangzhou's relaxation-seeking residents. Currently, two nearby cities—Conghua (从化市) and Zengcheng (增城市)—are the only feasible destinations with hot springs resorts close enough to Guangzhou to be considered as potential vacation options. That being said, the four hot springs resorts located in these two cities are all top-notch facilities and are well worth visiting.

1) Bishuiwan Spa ResortView In Map
Located on the Liuxi River, Bishuiwan Spa Resort (碧水湾温泉度假村) is a comprehensive five-star luxury spa resort. Spread out over 50 acres, the resort's hot springs feature a variety of decors and different treatments, such as beauty springs, medicated springs, therapeutic springs, "vitality" springs and the always-popular hot springs spa. And if sitting in a hot spring is still too taxing for you, there are several nearby areas where you can rest while a service person gives you a revitalizing facemask (complete with cucumber slices on the eyes), free of charge. The resort features more than 210 hotel rooms, as well as a large lounging area, where you can sit down and relax on one of the big sofas while you eat fresh fruit, bread and other snacks, also free of charge. And don't forget to bring the kids along—the center of the resort has a special water park set up for children to play in while their parents get some much needed R&R.

Add:  Conghua Liuxi River Hot Springs Tourism Resort Area (Liangkou Village), Guangzhou
Tel: 020 8784 2888
Opening hours: 09:00-01:00
Price: 138 RMB (entrance to hot springs area)
Getting there: take bus No. 601 from Guangzhou Bus Station (广州汽车站), bus No. 602 from Tianhe Dongpu Bus Station (天河东圃汽车站), or the bus from Guangyuan Bus Station (广园汽车站) or from Haizhu Coach Station (海珠客运站) to Conghua Jiekou (从化街口). Once there, transfer to a bus that goes to either Liuxi River Forest Park (流溪河森林公园) or Liangkou Village (良口镇), then get off at the Bishuiwan stop (碧水湾).

2) Hope Valley Spa ResortView In Map
Hope Valley Spa Resort (望谷温泉度假村), a Balinese-style based international five-star resort and spa, is located about 15 minutes from Conghua, about 60 minutes from Guangzhou's city center, and about 50 minutes from Baiyun Airport. The resort consists of two areas—the villas and the main building. Different from the aforementioned Bishuiwan Resort, Hope Valley does not have much in the way of public hot springs, as most are located directly inside the private rooms that guests rent. The Villas area does has a public spa building, which despite not being very large, is quite clean and comfortably furnished. If money is not a problem, the hotel rooms with a good view of Liuxi River are by far the most relaxing.

Add: 9 Wenquan Xi Lu, Wenquan Village, Conghua City, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 8783 3333
Opening hours: 08:30-23:30
Price: 148 RMB
Getting there: numerous bus stations in Guangzhou offer bus routes to Conghua Jiekou (从化街口). The ride will cost 13-24 RMB. Once in Conghua, transfer to the "Conhua Jiekou-Wenquan" bus (从化街口-温泉).

3) Ragaz Hot Springs ManorView In Map
Ragaz Hot Springs Manor (崴格诗温泉庄园) is a luxury five-star resort with a Scottish flare, surrounded by a charming natural environment, making it an ideal place to de-stress for a day or two. The Manor features two different living arrangements—Scottish-style cabins or villas. The cabins are located in a relatively low area surrounded on all sides by trees, while the villas higher up, offer better views and are closer to the hot springs. The resort has 37 outdoor hot springs, and feature a full array of treatments, baths and beauty products. It also has the very special sounding "Castle Winsdor" area, which features unique treatments such as a carbon sauna, salt bath and stone bath. You'll find a decent selection of snacks on the second floor of the castle, as well as an observation deck on the fourth floor.

Add: Inside New Hot Springs Nourishment Valley, Liangkou Village, Conghua City, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 6179 6999
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
Price: 98 RMB
Getting there: numerous bus stations in Guangzhou offer bus routes to Conghua Passenger Station (从化客运站). From there, take a cab to the resort, which should take about an hour and cost 55 RMB.

4) Jinxiu Xiangjiang Hot SpringsView In Map
Jinxiu Xiangjiang Hot Springs (锦绣香江温泉城) is a National 5A Scenic Area and platinum-certified five-star spa resort hotel. The resort covers 25,000 sq. m and features 68 private garden hot springs, divided between three distinct areas—the Imperial Family Private Gardens, the Imperial Water World and the Imperial Health area. The natural hot springs, located outside, were tested and shown to be rich in 78 different trace elements that are incredibly beneficial to guests' health. And best yet, because the resort just opened last year, the facilities are still quite new and the environment is still pristine.

Add: Baishuizhai Scenic Area, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou (near Dafengmen)
Tel: 020 6228 6888
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
Price: 198 RMB
Getting there: From Guangzhou's Tianhe Passenger Station (天河客运站), take the bus to Zengcheng's Guangming Bus Station (增城光明汽车站), which should take about 1.5 hours and cost 25 RMB. From there, take the bus to Baishuizhai Scenic Area (白水寨风景区).

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