Fresh Off the Grill: The Best DIY Barbecue Spots in Guangzhou

Fresh Off the Grill: The Best DIY Barbecue Spots in Guangzhou

Everybody loves a bit of barbecue when the weather’s nice, and one of the great pleasures of living in China is sitting outside and swigging a beer while you chomp down on a some barbecued loveliness. And, given all the food scares in China, what’s even better is renting a barbeque and grilling the food yourself. Here, we take a look at four of the best DIY barbecue spots in Guangzhou. Visitors should take note that these are all located further afield since authorities have begun to clamp down on the practice of DIY barbequing within the city center. Popular DIY barbecue spots like Tianhe Park are sadly no longer permitted. 

1) Daziran Barbecue View In Map
It may be hard to find, but Daziran Barbecue (大自然烧烤场) is well worth the look. “Daziran” literally translates as “nature,” which is evident given the lovely scenery and rural feeling of the place. Many people are quick to voice their concerns about the food safety standards of barbecues in Guangzhou (and the whole country), though Daziran’s ingredients are all organic and taste great without all the heavy dousing in sauce and oil that we often see in barbecues in China.

You can buy a DIY BBQ set for 80 RMB, which includes your own grill, coals, and pot. For those who bring their own food, a BBQ costs 60 RMB. Food such as fish balls, lobster balls, and beef balls all cost 14 RMB per 500g, while chicken and beef strips will set you back at 16 RMB per 500g.

Daziran also offers set meals, which cost 28-45 RMB. If you’re feeling bored, you can pick up a chess set, a pack of cards, and even a karaoke machine to have some fun with your friends.              

Add: Xiaozhou Village, Nanshagang Highway, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (near Yingzhou Eco Park)
Tel: 137 2480 2692
Opening hours: 8:00-22:00
Getting there: take bus 35, 86, 252, or 764 to Xiaozhoucun Kou stop (小洲村口站)

2) Juyou BarbecueView In Map
Located next to the gorgeous Dafushan Forest Park (大夫山森林公园), the Juyou Barbecue (聚友烧烤场) is a good spot to feast on some grilled delights after a day’s exploration of the nearby park. It’s an outdoor barbecue, so be prepared if the heavens open (and don’t they ever in Guangzhou) though otherwise it’s a great little place.

You can work up an appetite by playing a quick round of ping pong or badminton at the nearby courts, or simply burn off some calories after a feasting session. A pot will cost you 70 RMB, though you can purchase a groupon on which allows you to pay as little as 30 RMB for a pot for less than six people. Bikers need not worry, as there’s a place where you can park your bike during your stay here. We do recommend that you rent a lock for 15 RMB for safety reasons however.               

Add:200 m from the Yongjing intersection, Dafushan Forest Park, Panyu Disitrct, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 3481 7488/158 1487 7782
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00
Getting there: first take subway line 3 to Shiqiao Station (市桥站), then take bus 9 or 16 from Baiyue Square South stop (百越广场南门站) to Dafushan Forest Park main stop (大夫山森林公园总站)

3) Xiaogang Park BarbecueView In Map
Xiaogang Park (晓港公园) is one of the few places in the center of Guangzhou where barbecues are allowed, with the nicknamed “Bamboo Park” being a great place for some delicious barbecue due to its jaw-dropping scenery. The barbecue itself is located on a small hill in the park, which naturally provides some great views as you chomp away.

Barbecue stoves cost 60 RMB a go, and you’ll have to pay 100 RMB for three hours between Monday to Friday. Weekends cost 120 RMB for free hours, and require a 50 RMB deposit. Each stove includes eight forks, and packs of coal will cost you 15 RMB apiece. Food and various other supplies can be picked up in nearby supermarkets.        

Add: Xiaogang Park, 146 Qianjin Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (near Dongxiao Lu)
Tel: 132 0206 1415
Opening hours: 11:00-20:30, 23:00
Getting there: take bus 5, 14, 44, 88, 93, 129a, 129, 192, 276, 768, 8 (夜), or 30 (夜) to Yunguicun stop (云桂村站)

4) Yangtao Park BarbecueView In Map
Yangtao Park (杨桃公园) is as nice area to have a picnic. One of the charms of this place is that there’s a manual water pump nearby which you can use if you need a drink – something that is perhaps a rare sight to the savvy citizens of Guangzhou! There are some great cuttlefish balls to feast on, as well as chicken wings and ribs. You can get a BBQ fireplace for around 35 RMB, which includes meat balls, chicken legs, chicken wings, eggplant, corn, and all you need for a scrumptious barbecuing experience. The park costs 5 RMB to get in, while fireplaces will cost you 60 RMB for three hours.        

Add: Yingzhou Ecological Park, Yingzhou Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (near Shuiyi Chuan)
Tel: 138 2603 2384
Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
Getting there: take bus 35, 86, or 252 to Yingzhou Ecological Park stop (瀛洲生态公园站)

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I am so glad to know that you can still barbecue in some of the parks. I often went with Chinese friends to Xiaogang Park to do just that. I miss that park, I miss Guangzhou] and I miss China.

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