Organic Farms around Beijing that Deliver to Your Door

Organic Farms around Beijing that Deliver to Your Door

Having fresh organic produce delivered to your door may seem like a luxury, but when you live in Beijing, where food scandals and general unhealthiness are facts of life, you may find yourself reconsidering, especially when there are plenty of affordable options right in your backyard. Here we present five organic farms that pride themselves on not only producing safe, untainted vegetables but also delivering them right to you and your comfortable urban living arrangement.


1) Beijing Organic and Beyond CorporationView In Map
Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (BOBC) is one of the biggest organic farm operations in China, with farms in seven provinces and over 60,000 delivery customers in Beijing alone, offering a wide variety of organic fruit, vegetables, grains, and hairy lake crabs (if you’re into that kind of thing). Some of the most popular delivery options are gift bags of mixed grain (10 kinds for 180 RMB), mixed seasonal vegetables (8-12 kinds for 260 RMB), assorted mushrooms (378 RMB), and assorted nuts (298 RMB) (all members’ prices). Don’t miss their organic gift and membership card sets (click “Shop Online” then “gift card” or “membership card”). BOBC also offers (and encourages) farm visits; contact their senior manager Chengjie Pan ( for more information.

Where: BOBC Miyun Organic Vegetable Farm, 80 km outside the city, Shaoqu Township, Miyun East, Beijing
北京市密云东绍渠镇,距北京城区80公, 正谷农场密云有机蔬菜基地
Tel (delivery): 400 650 1001
Delivery: via telephone or website, orders made between 9:00-17:00 will be delivered next-day, free delivery within 5th Ring Road, for outside 5th Ring or other special instructions call delivery number
Getting there: see website for detailed driving directions

2) Sanfendi Organic FarmView In Map
Sanfendi offers a variety of organic vegetables, eggs, poultry, and other fresh goods through their website. The website is all in Chinese, but if you can read Chinese or get a Chinese friend to help, the site is a valuable resource not just for ordering but also for learning more about Chinese organic farming. Sanfendi also welcomes visitors to their farm in Shunyi District just northeast of Beijing; call their office for more information or email

Where: Sanfendi Organic Farm, Xinzhuanghu Cun, Yang Township, Shunyi District, Beijing
北京市顺义区杨镇辛庄户村, 三分地有机农场
Tel: 010 5779 9306
Delivery: via telephone or website, delivery fee dependent on order and delivery address, special delivery waivers available for members
Getting there: from Dongzhimen, take bus No. 918 to Yang Township (杨镇站) then taxi or take bus No. 顺20路 to Xinzhuanghu (辛庄户站)

3) Green Cow Organic Farm View In Map
Green Cow is a small organic farm with a big community interest: their 70 chickens, seven cows, six geese, and one pig produce all the manure needed to grow more than 25 types of fruit and vegetables and sell them to local restaurants and markets. And while they don’t deliver to just anyone, for 300 RMB a week plus a little elbow grease (that’s right, you can work here!), you can receive cases of your own seasonal organic vegetables. The farm also hosts several community activities throughout the year, including the very popular Green Cow Harvest Festival, a perennial kid favorite.

Where: Green Cow Organic Farm, near Dongming Zhuang, Shunyi District, Beijing
北京市顺义区董各庄附近, 北京绿牛有机农庄
Tel: 010 6433 4435; 135 0113 6920
Getting there: take subway line 15 to Houshayu (后沙峪站), then take bus No. 顺38路 to Houshayu Dongming Zhuang (后沙峪董各庄站)

4) Organic Farm View In Map
The appropriately named Organic Farm runs a very extensive online store covering not just organic fruits, vegetables and grains but also a line of organic baby food and cosmetics. Order directly from their website or contact Nancy at (, 400-886-9166(8001)) to set up “VIP” home delivery service.

Where: Organic Farm, Shizi Yingdong Agriculture Park, Baishan Township, Changping District, Beijing
北京市昌平区百善镇狮子营东农业园, 有机农庄
Tel: 010 8408 5027; 6173 2247
Delivery: expect 1-2 business days for delivery

Okay, so it’s not a farm that you can visit, and the website is all in Chinese, but is an extremely popular organic paradise of online shopping, carrying just about every organic product you can imagine: fruits, vegetables, grains, fresh meat, eggs, cooking oil, milk, and honey, all deliverable to your door.

Tel: 400 6500 669 (ordering), 134 3697 0394 (complaints)
Delivery: order before 19:00 for next-day delivery, free delivery for orders over 100 RMB within 5th Ring Road, 10 RMB delivery charge for orders outside 5th Ring Road

If that’s not enough choice for you, check out this map of organic farms around Beijing – it really seems like more farms are slowly jumping on the eco bandwagon. 

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