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From Shenyang to Dandong: Getting a Glimpse at North Korea

Dandong, the Liaoning town that borders North Korea, is one of the only places in the world to have a look inside Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom without actually going. Here’s our guide to China’s largest border city. Read more>>

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Weekend Entertainment in Shenyang: Fantawild Adventure Park HOT


Fantawild Adventure Park covers a whopping 60,000 square meters and is the largest fourth-generation amusement park in northeastern China. The park features dozens of thrilling, adrenaline-inducing rides; here are a few of the highlights. ... Read More>>

Grab the Popcorn: Shenyang’s Most Popular Movie Theaters HOT

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Shenyang is increasingly becoming a haven for films and cinema; here we recommend the four best and most popular movie theaters in Shenyang. ... Read More>>

Hot Springs in Shenyang: Soak Your Worries Away HOT

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For those of you familiar with Shenyang’s winter climate, we all know that it can get pretty nippy out there. So why not head out, embrace the cold, and get warm in the nearby hot springs? ... Read More>>

An Action-Packed Winter: Where to Go Skiing in Shenyang HOT

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It's hard to talk about winter sports without mentioning skiing. And it's hard to talk about skiing in Shenyang without mentioning these four popular ski resorts. From skiing to snowboarding to hiking to ice sculptures, no matter your winter proclivities, ...... Read More>>

An Urban Oasis: Shenyang’s Best Parks HOT

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Is the city getting too much? Want to escape from the honking cars and stress of modern life, but don't have the time to get away? Then what better way to escape the urban jungle than to head to one of Shenyang's lovely natural parks! Well known for their ...... Read More>>

Come on in, the Water’s Fine! Shenyang’s Best Swimming Pools HOT

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Believe it or not, Shenyang offers several great swimming pools to get you in that quintessential summer mood. The Municipal Government Pool was recently renovated and is now better (and cleaner) than ever. North-Eastern University's swimming pool—although ...... Read More>>

Shenyang's Cultural Heritage: The Top Historical Attractions HOT

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Shenyang is a city of wide boulevards filled with cars, looming tower blocks, shiny, new shopping malls and countless KTVs. With so much of the amenities of modern life around, it can be easy to forget that this city was once an ancient capital of not only ...... Read More>>

Shenyang’s Public Showers: The Chinese Bathhouse HOT

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To the uninitiated, a trip to one of Shenyang's many bathhouses can be a daunting prospect. There is something quite mysterious about Chinese bathhouses: the imposing architecture, the spacious marble foyers and sweeping staircases. Often these stand out ...... Read More>>

Shape up in Shenyang: Best Western-Style Fitness Clubs HOT

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In Shenyang, the spring, summer and early autumn are great for exercising outdoors. Many of the parks have work out benches and pull up bars, and in the warm, plentiful days of summer, it’s great to go jogging in the early morning down by the river or in ...... Read More>>

Surviving Shenyang’s Siberian Winter: Preparing for the Cold HOT

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In Shenyang the seasons are distinctive and change quickly – when the Siberian anticyclone shifts, the hot air you’d been basking in all summer disappears and is replaced by winds streaming down from the Arctic. December through February, the temperature ...... Read More>>

The Best Western Bars in Downtown Shenyang HOT

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Shenyang is home to many bars and restaurants, from German-themed chains to Chinese music bars, but knowing the best places to go when you’ve just arrived in a new city can be tricky. Many local bars are geared towards their usual patrons, with loud ...... Read More>>

Made to Measure in Shenyang: How to Find Fabric and a Tailor HOT

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Shenyang is a sprawling city with countless high streets, malls and markets all thronged with shoppers. As well as the stores you may recognise from home, there are local Chinese brands and an often forgotten myriad of local tailors, many of whom work from ...... Read More>>

Rides, Water Slides and Gardens: Family Friendly Fun in Shenyang HOT

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The summer is beginning to wind down, with school just a few weeks away. This might be the time when, if you have children, they are starting to appear a little antsy. Suddenly the neighbourhood park has lost its allure, and the indoor pool is no longer the ...... Read More>>

The Weird Cuisine of Shenyang: Food for the Adventurous Traveller HOT

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For the Western traveller, China is perhaps the country that offers the most expansive culinary experience. Shenyang is no exception to this rule. As well as the foods that we might recognise from a local Chinese restaurant back home, Shenyang can provide ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Home: Finding Foreign Food in Shenyang HOT

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Although Chinese food is delicious, there are some days you can’t help but crave the comfort foods from home. Having a bite of a turkey sandwich, good pizza, pasta or a sip of good beer, can transport one right back home, if only for a second. ... Read More>>

Easy Summer Living: Al Fresco Drinking and Dining in Shenyang HOT

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At times during the harshest parts of Shenyang’s tundra winter, it seemed as if summer would never reappear. But at last the temperature has warmed up, and people are crawling out of their heated hovels and flocking to outdoor bars and restaurants. ... Read More>>

Short Trips from Shenyang: Daytrip Destinations Less than 2 Hours Away HOT


Sometimes Shenyang can get a bit much. The routine can get overwhelming, the smog can become oppressive and you want a change of scenery. However, as much as a trip is desired there are two restricting factors that always need to be considered: time and ...... Read More>>

Looking For Literature: English Books in Shenyang HOT

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For the most part, Shenyang does not offer easy access to English books; however, there is one notable exception: Liaoning Provincial Library. Whereas the ‘Foreign Language’ section in bookstores here is small and lacking in variety, the library offers ...... Read More>>

Exploring New Expat-friendly Bars in Shenyang HOT

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Sometimes it seems as if the bar scene for expats is incredibly limited. Although Shenyang is a big city with over 7 million people, the expat bar scene can seem incredibly small. It’s easy to get stuck in the same old bar rut; a scene that can get both ...... Read More>>

Nightlife Guide: Get Out and Party This March in Shenyang! HOT

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The month of March in Shenyang doesn’t have to be a boring one. With a number of great live acts rolling in town, as well as Ireland’s biggest drinking festival coming up, you can be sure that there’s plenty of noise and debauchery in store for the ...... Read More>>

Shopping Frenzy in Shenyang: Everything You Need in a Nutshell HOT

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If you are in the mood for some shopping, here comes an article which should fulfill this impulsive, convulsive or well planned activity. ... Read More>>

Shenyang after Dark: Uncovering the City’s Club Scene HOT

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Do you like DJs? Do you like to listen to dance music? Do you like electronic music or do you sometimes like to DJ yourself on an amateur basis? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you will find a club suiting your taste in Shenyang. ... Read More>>

Pamper Yourself at Shenyang’s Best 24 Hour Spas HOT

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There is no “massages on the beach” in Shenyang, let’s get that straight from the outset.<br /> Shenyang being in the North of China, tends to endure chilly winters, and when the weather turns cold few things are more enjoyable than a ... Read More>>

Exploring Shenyang’s Markets and Bazaars at Taiyuan Street HOT

Shenyang’s Taiyuan Street (太原街) is well known for its rich history and for being a prosperous center of trade that has weathered with the ages. After nearly a century of development, Taiyuan Street is now a well integrated commercial district that ...... Read More>>

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