Pamper Yourself at Shenyang’s Best 24 Hour Spas

Pamper Yourself at Shenyang’s Best 24 Hour Spas
By Laurent Frank ,



There is no “massages on the beach” in Shenyang, let’s get that straight from the outset.
Shenyang being in the North of China, tends to endure chilly winters, and when the weather turns cold few things are more enjoyable than a good sauna, a heated swimming pool, or a relaxing massage. This article introduces three spas located in different districts of the capital of Liaoning where you can truly kick back, unwind and relax.

1) Shenyang Golden Ocean Star  金碧海洋之星
Let’s start with the best, most impressive and most luxurious but also the most expensive one. From the outside, the Shenyang Golden Ocean Star is a big building looking more like a large hotel but without any windows. Entering the Golden Ocean Star feels a bit like entering the set of a Hollywood movie. It is shiny, it is flashy, it is big and at the entrance two girls dressed as birds open the doors for you (yes you’ve read correctly; birds with long dresses made of feathers and assorted colours). There is plenty of marble and everything is designed to make you feel like you’ve just entered a luxurious palace in Saudi Arabia.

Once inside you have people taking your shoes, you are given a towel and a pair of sleepers and off you go to the dressing rooms. The first room you enter for a public bath is as impressive as the entrance. It looks like a huge Roman temple, gleaming and ornamented with a few plasma screens. In the middle you have a huge pool designed like a lagoon equipped with water jets and bubble baths, and in no time you’ll be relaxing in the heated water.

Everything about the place screams luxury and there are plenty of staff members on hand providing you towels or showing you where to put your mobile phone while you enjoy your time in the water. This big bathing room also houses a large sauna. Moreover, the spa also has a buffet providing free fruits and biscuits and drinking water.

Once you are done with enjoying the bubble bath of the lagoon and sweating in the sauna, you will be offered clothes and requested to choose between five different floors.
The second floor offers a VIP space for men with special massages. The third one, a big cinema with massage bed/chairs; but unless you hire a masseuse the staff will not let you watch the movie (they often feature English speaking movies with subtitles). On the fourth floor you can pleasure your feet, with many different foot massages available. You can hire a special masseur or masseuse from a screen which displays a photo, the age and other characteristic (entirely in Chinese) of the person who will take care of your feet. There is also a buffet restaurant serving a dinner for 89 RMB, drinks included. The fifth floor is dedicated to arcade games, which houses many video game machines imported from Japan and also some table games. The last floor is divided in two parts, a big fitness room and a large indoor swimming pool. If you want to do some fitness do not forget your gear (sport shoes, shorts, and t-shirt) because access to the pool is only granted to those with a bathing suit. The fitness room is free of charge, and swimming costs 29 RMB.

To summarize, if you are looking for something luxurious, different and impressive, this is the right place. It is open 24/7 and the swimming pool is open from 08:00 until 23:00. There is an army of staff on each floor and though they can not speak English it is always relatively easy to make oneself understood.

Shenyang Golden Ocean StarView In Map
Add: 64 Xing Gong North Avenue, Tie Xi district
地址: 沈阳市铁西区兴工北街64号(近海韵广场)  
Tel: 024 2511 1111  
Price: 68 RMB
Opening hours: Open 24/7

2) Sonamu Shenyang Spa 清松泉洗浴养生会馆
Not as posh and impressive as the Shenyang Golden Ocean Star the Sonamu spring bath health center is a good choice if you look for something cheaper and/or if you live in/near Hunnan district (the newly built district on the other side of the Hun He River). They have special hot water bathes which are clean and newly decorated in Japanese style. On the second floor there is a special tea room decorated with a nice waterfall.

The price is 38RMB for a single entrance, and you can enjoy a discounted price of 28 RMB per visit if you buy 10 entrances at once. They can also clean your shoes for 10 RMB, wash your hair for 20 RMB and massage your feet for 38 RMB. Facials are charged at 198 RMB for 70 minutes and special oil massage is 248 RMB for 60 minutes. You can rent a private room for 20 RMB/hour, and VIP rooms cost 40 RMB an hour

Sonamu Spring Bath Health CenterView In Map
Add: 66 Wenhua Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang
地址: 沈阳市文化路立交桥东北侧文化路66号
Tel: No phone number available
Opening hours: Open 24/7

3) Biquan Temple Health Center 碧泉宫健康会馆
Located in the eastern part of the city this bath house is built in a purely typical Chinese style. As in the other bath houses, it offers the possibility to enjoy massages and to play Mahjong. Built three years ago, this building offers a good service for a reasonable price. The staff is well trained and polite even if it is a bit difficult to communicate as they do not speak English.

There is one main bathing room, another main massage room equipped with special resting chairs and a big TV screen. The massages are good but sometimes a bit too rough, so do not hesitate to ask the masseur/masseuse to start gently.

They also offer a food buffet. The buffet is 38 RMB and open from 20:00 until 23:00, and it includes free drinks. They charge 28 RMB for the whole day but if you pay for ten entries then the rate is lowered to 180 RMB.

Biquan Temple Health Center View In Map
Add : 57 Great North Avenue, Dadong District, Shenyang
地址: 沈阳市大东区大北关街57号
Tel: 024 8873 1699
Opening hours: Open 24/7

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