Grab the Popcorn: Shenyang’s Most Popular Movie Theaters

Grab the Popcorn: Shenyang’s Most Popular Movie Theaters

The booming market for movie theaters in Shenyang may be a nightmare for theater owners, but the competition can only help the average moviegoer a.k.a. you! Now you can enjoy not only more locations to watch your favorite Chinese or foreign new releases, but lower prices and discounts as well. Still, choosing where to see a movie can be a tough decision: Here we recommend four of the most popular movie theaters in Shenyang.

1) Huachen Cinema (in Huafu Tiandi)View In Map
Huachen Cinema, located on the fourth floor of Shenyang Huafu Tiandi Shopping Center, used to reign alone as the obvious choice for best movie theater in the city, until the newcomers came along. Still, it's a fine place to see a film, and still boasts one of the largest projection screens in Shenyang in its main screening room. Huachen Cinema also has six smaller theaters plus a "romantic" mini-theater for only two people.

Add: Huachen Cinema, 4F Huafu Tiandi Shopping Center (close to Beijing Jie), 118 Harbin Lu, Shenhe District, Shenyang
地址:沈阳市沈河区哈尔滨路118号华府天地购物中心一期4楼(近北京街) , 华臣影城
Tel: 024 2259 8666; 024 2259 5100
Opening hours: 9:30-22:00
Getting there: take bus No. 123, 147, 152, 159, 203, 209, 214, 217, 220, 262, 264, 271, 280, 281, 399 to Beijing Jie (北京街站)

2) Stellar International Cineplex (in Joy City)View In Map
Stellar International Cineplex, featuring 11 theaters, is a recent addition to the Joy City shopping experience. Besides the convenience of the usual mall and department stores nearby, there's also a Walmart close at hand for one-stop shoppers. And with frequent group buying deals available at or, you can often get tickets under 25 RMB without ever paying a membership fee.

Add: Stellar International Cineplex, 4F Joy City (near Zhong Jie), 9 Xiaodong Lu, Dadong District, Shenyang
地址:沈阳市大东区小东路9号大悦城D馆4楼(近中街) , 星美国际影城
Tel: 024 2435 7171
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting there: take subway line 1 to Zhong Jie (中街站) or take bus No. 147, 150, 151, 250, 259, 273, 286 to Joy City (大悦城站)

3) Seven-Star International CinemaView In Map
Seven-Star International Cinema is Shenyang's first five-star megaplex, with seven theaters and the single largest projection screen in Liaoning Province. The cinema also features four 3D screens, including a "VIP" 3D theater with only 26 seats. If you purchased your tickets via a group buying website, come early because this is a very popular spot and the lines can get pretty long.

Add: Seven-Star International Cinema, 10 Guangrong Jie (next to the old Liaoning TV Station), Heping District, Shenyang
地址:沈阳市和平区马路湾光荣街10号(近马路湾原辽宁电台), 七星国际影城
Tel: 024 8321 7777
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-22:00
Getting there: take bus No. 188, 369, 501 to Erling'er Hospital (二零二医院站)

4) CGV International Cineplex View In Map
Completed in the summer of 2012, the CGV International Cineplex is one classy movie theater. Featuring the first "4DX" theater (the kind that blows air and squirts water in your face) in China's northeast region, CGV also has a two-person "romantic" theater, a super-wide "Starium" theater, and a very comfortable waiting area with 3D TV (if 4D is too many D's for you). Shell out 1,000 RMB and enjoy 20 RMB movie tickets for a whole year.

Add: CGV International Cineplex, 4-5F DunAn One Mall Bldg A (near Shangye Cheng), Dongshun Chengjie Pedestrian Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang
地址:沈阳市沈河区东顺城街中街步行街盾安新一城A馆4-5楼(近商业城), CGV希界维国际影城
Tel: 024 2489 3888; 024 2489 3388
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting there: take bus 116, 117, 131, 132, 140, 207, 211, 213, 222路复线, 230, 243, 248, 276, 287, 290, 292, 294, 296 to Dabeimen (大北门站)

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