Shopping Frenzy in Shenyang: Everything You Need in a Nutshell

Shopping Frenzy in Shenyang: Everything You Need in a Nutshell
By Laurent Frank ,

If you are in the mood for some shopping, here comes an article which should fulfill this impulsive, convulsive or well planned activity.

1) Zhong Jie 中街
Located near the North train station is “Zhong Jie,” one of the most popular shopping streets in north eastern China. Zhong Jie is China's longest pedestrian street (one kilometre long) and also one of its oldest main commercial streets. Do expect large crowds most of the time, similar to those experienced in other major Chinese commercial streets such as East Nanjing road in Shanghai.

Zhong Jie, or "Central Street " in English, used to be the center of the old Shenyang City. Today it has been completely transformed (like so many things throughout China) into a modern shopping artery. There, you will find a number of shops selling mobile phones, computers, electronic equipment and other accessories, as well as a large assortment of small boutiques selling clothes and other fashion related items. Two of Shenyang’s largest department stores are also found here: Xinglong Da Jiating and Shenyang Spring. The street also boasts many good restaurants.

A small tip to finish; do not overlook the underground mall at the end of the street and instead go down the stairs to what seems to be a normal subway street crossing and you will find a plethora of good bargains. Enjoy!

Getting there: Take subway line 1 to Zhong Jie Station

2) Beishi Antique Market 北市场 View In Map
Located on the Huangsi Temple Square near Zhong Jie, this antique and second hand market is popular for objects of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Old books, buttons, pendants, pictures, jewellery, jade, fine stones, Chinese painting, postcards, furniture, stamps… you name it and will probably find it on this market.

The whole area is spread over five streets and it is a real pleasure to stroll around hunting for the perfect bargain. Bargaining here is compulsory; it requires time and patience but most vendors have plenty of both. In fact, they’ll appreciate your efforts if you are genuinely interested in buying and many of them maintain a sense of humour during the process. The only important rule is to remain polite. It is perfectly fine to ask for a significant discount, but try to do it with a smile.

Add:  Shifu Da Lu, Beishi Yi Jie, Shenyang
Opening Hours: 08:00- 18:00
Getting there: Take bus No.123, 125, 138, 140, 203, 209, 215, 216 or 231 to Beishichang

3) Sanhao Jie 三好街 View In Map
Often called “computer city”, Sanhao Jie is currently the 5th largest computer and electronics market in China. Housing more than a thousand outlets, most of the shops here specialize in computers and software, but you can also find many other electronic gadgets. It is not located in the centre though, but rather towards the south of the city, not too far from the river.

Sanhao Jie used to be the ideal location to find cheap (and illegal) DVDs and computer software. Nowadays all the major electronics brands (both Chinese and foreign) have overtaken the illegal side of the business. Spare parts for computers and laptops can sometimes be (too) expensive, therefore Sanhao Jie is the ideal place in Liaoning to buy OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products.

Another interesting aspect of this market is that you can also find there Western fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway Sandwiches.
Unfortunately San hao Jie is ALWAYS packed with people.

Add:  Sanhao Jie, Shenyang
Opening Hours: Winter: 09:00-17:00; Summer: 08:30-18:00
Getting there: Take bus No.166, 169, 222 or 800 to Sanhao Jie

4) Nanta Shoes City南塔鞋城 View In Map

Shenyang Shoes City (also sometimes referred as “feet paradise”), is a popular wholesales market containing more than 3,000 booths and catering to 100,000 customers on peak days. At Shenyang Show City, you have the option of either buying single pairs of shoes or in bulk (which of course does significantly reduce the unit price).

Not surprisingly given the size of this place, it is possible to find all kinds of shoes including some rather expensive, high-class/quality shoes. If you cherish both good shoes and being able to choose from a wide variety of options, do not walk any further – Nanta Shoes City is the right place for your feet. One piece of advice though: pay attention to the opening hours; usually it opens at 06:00 and closes at 14:00.

Add:  Tiantan Yijie, Wenhua Lu, Shenhe Distrit, Shenyang
Opening hours: 06:00-14:00
Getting there: Take bus No.113, 135, 166, 169, 224, 239, 265, 388, 390, 394, 395 or 523

5) Metro 麦德龙 View In Map
No doubt, all this shopping will starve you and if you crave fresh western food while in Shenyang, Metro is clearly your best option. Located in the city center, they sell a large assortment of food including cheese, wine, cereal, beers, Belgian and Swiss chocolate etc. An added bonus is that prices here tend to be cheaper than anywhere else in town.

Metro is a wholesaler so you must have a membership card in order to shop there. There is no fee to join, but new members are supposed to be affiliated with a company. Once in a while, being a foreigner in China makes things easier, and most of them seem to be able get a membership card from Metro with just a business card. Language teachers should try to bring a business card with the name of their school.  Bon appetite!

Add:  2 Xinggong Jie, Tiexi District, Shenyang
Tel:  024 2564 8888  
Opening hours: 06:00-22:00
Getting there: Take bus No.111, 140, 161, 162, 210 or 282 to Jihong Jie

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