An Urban Oasis: Shenyang’s Best Parks

An Urban Oasis: Shenyang’s Best Parks

Is the city getting too much? Want to escape from the honking cars and stress of modern life, but don't have the time to get away? Then what better way to escape the urban jungle than to head to one of Shenyang's lovely natural parks! Well known for their creative architecture and abundant entertainment areas, Shenyang's parks aren't just pretty; most of them are also completely free of charge too, which is great for the nature-loving spendthrift. If you're looking to get away from the crowds and find a bit of quiet time, head to one of these great parks.

1) Shenyang International Horticulture Exposition Park View In Map
As the name implies, this park (沈阳世博园), also known as the Shenyang Botanical Park (沈阳植物园), opened in 2006 for the Shenyang International Horticulture Exposition. The park covers 2.56 sq. km and is located in the thick of a forest. Within the park you'll find such lovely architectural attractions as the Lily Pagoda (百合塔), Phoenix Square (凤凰广场) and Rose Garden (玫瑰园). The park's botanical garden exhibits over 1,700 varieties of flowers from the all over China. The park also features 53 mini exhibition parks that are named after China's provincial capitals. Truth be told, you'll likely not have enough time to visit the entire park in a single day, but it's well worth coming back again! While the spectacles may not be as grand as in 2006, there's still much to see and do here, including roller coasters, merry-go rounds and more. 

Add: 301 Shuangyuan Lu, Dongling District, Shenyang
Tel: 024 8803 8035
Price: 50 RMB
Opening hours: 08:30-17:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 385 to the south gate of the World Expo Park (世博园南门站)

2) South Lake Park View In Map
South Lake Park (南湖公园) is located in the southern area of Heping District and features a large lake. Known for its pristine grassy areas, clear waters and beautiful architecture, the park also features several lovely gardens that are worth strolling through. Additionally, there are various forms of entertainment to indulge in, including boat rides (50 RMB) and a Ferris wheel (20 RMB per person). If you're in Shenyang during the winter, the park also holds an annual snow and ice festival, which features bumper cars, horseback rides and of course ice-skating. 

Add: Ningbo Lu, Heping District, Shenyang (Near Shayang Lu)
Tel: 024 2384 4578
Price: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: Take bus No. 249, 258, 269, 280, 铁西新区二线 to Nanhu Gongyuan (南湖公园站)

3) Wuli River Park View In Map
Wuli River Park (五里河公园) is both Shenyang's largest coastline park—extending from east near Changqing Bridge (长青桥) to west near Hunhe Bridge (浑河桥), and from north at Erhuang Lu (二环路) to south at Hunhe Coast (浑河岸边)—as well as one of its most beautiful scenic and botanical attractions. Regardless of what you're in the mood for, the park has something that will surely make you smile, featuring natural areas, a culture and arts center, an entertainment zone, an aviary, a pedestrian walking street, as well as a wetland area. Additionally, due to the ban on barbecuing here, it's also one of Shenyang's cleanest parks!

Add: Wenshui Lu, Heping District, Shenyang (Near Fumin Jie)
Tel: 024 2412 5822
Price: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: Take subway line 2 to Wulihe Station (五里河站) or bus No. 152, 214, 388, 389, 390, 394 or 395 to Wulihe Gongyuan (五里河公园站)

4) Beiling Park View In Map
Spread out over 330,000 sq. m, Beiling Park (北陵公园) is both Shenyang's largest park as well as the best place for outdoor swimming. Beiling was designed to pay equal respects to China's beautiful ancient architectural style as well as its modern achievements (in the form of its great swimming pool). And summertime definitely brings out the best in the park: the ancient trees are both green and lush and the floral ponds filled with lotus flowers are in full bloom. While the park doesn't feature many entertainment facilities, it's actually a nice (and quiet) change of pace from Shenyang's other parks. And as an added bonus for history buffs, the park also features zhaoling(昭陵), the tomb of the second Qing emperor Huang Taji!

Add: 12 Taishan Lu, Huanggu District, Shenyang
Tel: 024 8689 5895
Price: 6 RMB (park ticket), 50 RMB (Zhaoling ticket)
Opening hours: 06:00-18:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 131, 157, 205, 210, 220, 227, 231, 242, 245, 265, 280, 281 or 800 to Beiling Dongmen (北陵东门站)

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