Hot Springs in Shenyang: Soak Your Worries Away

Hot Springs in Shenyang: Soak Your Worries Away

For those of you familiar with Shenyang’s winter climate, we all know that it can get pretty nippy out there. So why not head out, embrace the cold, and warm up in the nearby hot springs? Xiaohancun Hot Spring, located in the sprawling suburbs of Shenyang, is a particularly famous location, featuring many different types of pools for you to soak your winter worries away. Fancy a cave-esque hot spring experience? Then head on down to Meiguojun Hot Spring for a truly unique experience. If you’re willing to go further out, then check out the Wanggong Hot Spring Water City or the Liaoyang Tanghe Holiday Hotel, which are both located in nearby Liaoyang City. Although they are a bit out of the way, it’s worth the trip just for the relaxing warm water.

1) Xiaohancun Hot SpringView In Map
In the northern part of Shenyang lies the famous Xiaohancun Hot Spring, which is just a 40 minute drive outside of the city proper. With a pool space of over 2,500 square meters and a balmy 58.5 degree centigrade temperature, Xiaohancun features both indoor and outdoor springs for visitors to enjoy. Healthy ingredients in the water include aloe, wine, lemon and Chinese wolfberry. After having a good long soak in the springs, visitors can jump in to the nearby swimming pool, have a massage, or warm up even more in the nearby sauna.

Add: Guanghui Xiangshuangshu Cun, Yuhong District, Shenyang
地址:沈阳市于洪区光辉乡双树村, 小韩村温泉
Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Price: 128 RMB per person
Tel: 024 8926 9555
Getting there: There are currently no direct methods of transport, but you can take the 397 bus to Dalian Station and walk for about 2,000 meters

2) Meiguojun Hot SpringView In Map
Barely a 30 minute drive from central Shenyang, Meiguojun Hot Spring is located in a volcanic cave, and features clay rocks, a jade room and other facilities for visitors to enjoy. On top of that, the area also boasts a large choice of open-air springs.

Add: Dongshou, Xinglongbao Town, Xinminshi, Shenyang
地址:沈阳新民市兴隆堡镇东首, 美国郡温泉
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Price 168 RMB per person
Tel: 024 8746 8989
Getting there: There are no public buses, but you can get a coach from Shenyang bus station to Xinglongbao Town

3) Wanggong Hot Spring Water CityView In Map
Although a little further out of Shenyang (a two hour drive), the Wanggong Hot Spring Water City has a lot to offer. Boasting 1,000 square meters of hot and cold baths, indoor massage rooms, physical therapy baths, Japanese salt baths and beer baths (yes it’s true), Wanggong really offers a wealth of choice. In addition to the bathing options, visitors can also enjoy KTV, Western dining, a gym, a Chinese-Korean BBQ and more. If possible try not to come here on the weekends as it gets very busy!

Add: Liuhe Town, Gongchangling District, Liaoyang
地址:辽阳市弓长岭区柳河镇, 王宫温泉水城
Opening hours: 8:00 –20:30 (Outdoor springs), 8:00-24:00 (Indoor springs)
Price: 128 RMB per person
Tel: 0419 5911 111/365 3333
Getting there: You can take a train or a bus from Shenyang to Liaoyang, with a bus from Liaoyang train station going directly to the springs

4) Liaoyang Tanghe Hot Spring Holiday HotelView In Map
Located near Liaoyang City, the Tanghe Hot Spring Holiday Hotel is the biggest of its kind locally. The springs here feature many rare elements that are all good for the body. The hotel itself extends 30 meters underground with each room featuring its own spring bath with temperatures reaching 60 degrees centigrade. The hotel is also currently being expanded to feature a large mountain ski resort, a golf course, and a fruit and vegetable garden where visitors can pick their own produce.

Add: Liuhe Village, Tanghe Town, Gongchangling District, Liaoyang
地址:辽阳市弓长岭区汤河镇柳河村, 阳汤河温泉假日酒店
Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Price: 128 RMB per person
Tel: 0419 510 8888/520 6666
Getting there: You can take a train or a bus from Shenyang to Liaoyang, with a bus from Liaoyang train station going directly to the springs

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