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In Need of a Night Out? Check Out these Popular Bars in Harbin HOT

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Harbin may not be able to rival major cities in terms of nightlife, but it does have a few gems for those wishing to indulge in a god old night on the town. Here’s our guide to the best bars in Harbin. Cheers! ... Read More>>

Winter Action: Where to Go Skiing Around Harbin HOT

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Winter has already arrived to China's northeasternmost provinces, but that doesn't mean you have to stay inside all day. Hit the ski slopes around Harbin for an excellent way to get some fresh air and exercise. All of the ski resorts listed below are either ...... Read More>>

Keeping Cool in Harbin: Nearby Summer Escapes HOT

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Due to its location in Northeast China, not to mention the pervasiveness of winter-themed festivals in the area, it's not unrealistic to expect that summer in Harbin should be a cool and enjoyable affair. Unfortunately, this notion is mistaken, as when ...... Read More>>

Beer’s the Word: The 2012 Harbin International Beer Festival’s Back! HOT


Cheers! Salut! Gan bei! The annual Harbin Beer Festival is back from June 28 to July 9! The festival, like in the past, will celebrate international culture and mass participation is expected. Every year the Beer Festival brings local Harbin residents and ...... Read More>>

So Refreshing: Coolin’ Off and Getting Wet in Harbin HOT

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Tired of feeling like a hot mess in the city you live in? Then come visit Harbin, China’s most northern provincial capital. Sure, the temperature still averages between 25-32 C in the summer, but between its Snow and Ice Art Museum, whitewater rapids, and ...... Read More>>

Harbin’s Historical Church Heritage HOT

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Harbin is the jewel in Dongbei’s crown (North-East China), and possesses a rich history of occupation by different ethnicities, most notably the Manchus and the Russians. This manifests itself in the architecture, particularly that of the city’s many ...... Read More>>

Budget Beds: Youth Hostels in Harbin HOT

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As one of the most popular destinations for snow and ice activities in China, Harbin gets more than its fair share of overseas and domestic tourists. However, its popularity as a tourist destination isn’t reflected in its accommodation options; at the time ...... Read More>>

Frigid Fun: Wintery Wonders in Harbin and Across Heilongjiang HOT

For those planning on visiting Harbin during the winter months, the Ice and Snow World is an absolute must see. First started in 1999, the Ice and Snow World is the largest themed outdoor ice and snow amusement park in the world, and 2011 will be its 12th ...... Read More>>

The 5 Best Shopping Street Markets in Harbin HOT


Harbin is one of the largest business centers in northeastern China and it is also renowned as a heaven for consumers. Not only can one purchase all sorts of everyday products and northeastern specialty items in Harbin, one can also find many exotic goods ...... Read More>>

Discover Harbin’s Wonderful Theme Parks HOT

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Harbin is rich in stunning natural scenery and nothing takes advantage of the great northeast’s extraordinary natural beauty more than its parks. With its North Forest Zoo, Siberian Tiger Park, and the delightful Harbin Amusement Park, Harbin’s parks have ...... Read More>>

Guogeli Avenue : A Piece of Russia in Harbin HOT

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Guogeli Avenue (果戈里大街) was built in 1901 and is located in the Nangang District of Harbin. The 2.64 km (1.64 miles) avenue starts at the south of Wenchang Street and stretches to the north of Yiman Street. In the early 18th Century, during the ...... Read More>>

Enjoy Genuine Russian Cuisine in Harbin HOT

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Harbin has always enjoyed the nickname of “Moscow in the East” for its special history and location. It is a city with deep ties to Russia – the Russian-style architecture lining the streets of downtown Harbin gives the illusion that you’re walking in a ...... Read More>>

Music & Nature: The 2010 Harbin Forest Music Festival HOT

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Memories of dark, bitterly cold winter nights in Harbin have long been exiled to the deepest crevasses of the subconscious. Summer is in full swing (and hotter than usual), so what better way to get a chunk of that breezy, laid back summer vibe than by ...... Read More>>

48 Hours in Harbin HOT

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Though Harbin is most famous for its snow and ice festival as well as winter sports, the city has a lot more to offer than mere winter oriented activities. Harbin rose to prominence at the turn of the last century when the Qing Dynasty reached an agreement ...... Read More>>

Spring Festival in Harbin: Winter Events, Activities and Tours HOT

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This year’s freezing winter conditions have shown no mercy as they tore across Northern China, causing airport closures and wreaking havoc along the way. However, one place that flourishes under such conditions more than any other in China is Harbin. This ...... Read More>>

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