In Need of a Night Out? Check Out these Popular Bars in Harbin

In Need of a Night Out? Check Out these Popular Bars in Harbin

Harbin’s nightlife scene may not rival Beijing or Shanghai’s, but the capital of Heilongjiang does have a few decent bars scattered around the city to keep your liver happy. Whether you’re after a raucous night out at one of Harbin’s pulsating night clubs or simply longing for a relaxing brew in a quiet, friendly pub-like environment, Harbin won’t disappoint. Of course, we also can’t forget about one of Harbin’s most famous exports – the famous Harbin Beer, which is of course well stocked amid the fridges of Harbin’s bars; reason enough to venture out and a have a bevy or two.

1) Carve Times BarView In Map
Located next to Harbin’s University of Technology (哈尔滨工业大学), Carve Times Bar serves as a great student hangout as well as a popular gathering place for Harbin’s expat community. The underground bar is pretty quiet despite it frequently inviting singers to come and entertain the patrons. As it’s a student bar, the prices are cheap, with a bottle of beer setting you back only 15 RMB. If you’re in need of that perfect beer-accompanying snack, peanuts are also available at just 10 RMB a portion. Perfect!

Add: 92 Xiahuasi Daojie, Nangang District, Harbin
地址:哈尔滨市南岗区复华四道街92号, 雕刻时光酒吧
Tel: 0451 8621 7774
Opening hours: 14:00-2:00
Getting there: take bus 17, 22, 25, 71, 84, 90, 120, or 348 to Xiahua Xiaoqu Station (复华小区站)

2) COCO Club View In Map
Perhaps the biggest bar of its kind in Harbin, COCO Club (COCO酒吧) is a great place to go wild amid a scene of bustling crowds and thumping tunes. The bar is located next to one of Harbin’s landmarks – the Dragon Tower (龙塔), and for that reason is easy to find and convenient to get to. The bar is kitted out with all the latest international gear, including a British-made sound system, Italian-made disco lights, and German-made laser lights. Within COCO’s two dance rooms you can even get access to Wi-Fi, though the varying music styles of the dance rooms will surely be enough to keep you entertained. The bar frequently hosts Harbin’s best singers and dancers, and also invites famous DJs from across the country to come and spin their decks to the seas of revellers that frequent the bar.

Add: 5 Mengkehui, 151 Changjiang Lu, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8888 5588/8888 6677
Opening hours: 19:00-3:00
Getting there: take bus 7, 24, 71, 112, or 209 to Yushan Station (玉山路站)

3) Latte Bar View In Map
As smooth and stylish as the coffee it was named after, Latte Bar (拿铁酒吧) is ironically very close to the Children’s Park (儿童公园) and has a European-esque flavor with an interior design that somewhat resembles a pirate ship; though the standout feature of the bar has to be a giant Baroque chandelier that dangles elegantly from the ceiling. If you want to follow suit with the bar’s name you can order a coffee for about 68 RMB, which as you can see from the price, means Latte isn’t a particularly cheap place to party. It’s also good to remember that while the bar offers a cloakroom service, you’re only allowed to store items once, so remember if you’re heading in and out of the bar don’t take your coat or bag with you!

Add: 299 Guogeli Dajie, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8333 3331/2
Opening hours: 19:30-3:00
Getting there: take bus 7, 8, or 92 to South Gate of Children’s Park (儿童公园南门站)

4) Log Cabin Bar View In Map
Moving away from the pirate theme, the Log Cabin Bar (洛克凯宾酒吧) was opened in 1997 and, unsurprisingly, has a cozy American/European woodland feel to it. If you’re looking for a quieter getaway place that isn’t awash with dancers and pulsating music, then the less-hectic Log Cabin bar is a great choice. The bar is comprised of two floors, with the basement floor reserved for live musical performances, and the top floor providing more of a peaceful respite. If you’re hungry, food can be purchased for around 28 RMB, which makes it the perfect place for any budget-conscious partygoer.

Add: 444 Xuanhua Jie, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8885 6888
Opening hours: 19:00-2:00
Getting there: take bus 3, 24, 30, 33, 70, or 92 to Meihua Xiupeichang Station (美华修配厂站)

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