Music & Nature: The 2010 Harbin Forest Music Festival

Music & Nature: The 2010 Harbin Forest Music Festival

Memories of dark, bitterly cold winter nights in Harbin have long been exiled to the deepest crevasses of the subconscious. Summer is in full swing (and hotter than usual), so what better way to get a chunk of that breezy, laid back summer vibe than by attending a music festival in the idyllic surroundings of trees and nature? While music festivals are booming like never before in many other parts of China, why should Harbin be left out? Well, salvation for the musically deprived comes in the form of the 2nd Harbin Forest Music Festival taking place from July 24th to August 1st this year. But don’t get overexcited just yet…

Unlike most other music festivals geared towards an awakened generation of culture thirsty youth, with a newly found appetite for rock and alternative sound, the Harbin Music Festival is not exactly targeted towards those who thrive the buzzing underground of China’s rock scene, or who expect a festival on par with the Midi Music Festival. Oh no, this festival which bears the title “Let the internal spirit travel; hear the mountains-hear water-hear music,” at least sounds rather tame and family friendly – suitable for those content to hear classical music and some ethnic folk songs from Inner Mongolia , or for the local parents with kids interested in cosplay animation.


Perhaps comparing this festival with such festivals as Midi is unfair, given the limited alternative music scene in Harbin. However, one article on did exactly that; calling it a “second Midi Festival in Harbin”. Promoting it as such is somewhat deceiving, especially since among all the vague information floating around the Chinese net about the festival, only three domestic bands are potentially slated to perform, but this information doesn’t come from an official festival source. Despite its lack of rock credibility, the festival does bring an array of classical music treats to the city’s otherwise music festival deprived residents. To begin with, one of the festival’s highlights is the location itself. Four grand events are scheduled to take place in four of Harbin’s most famous scenic spots: the Yabuli Ski Resort (July 24-27), Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort (July 25-26th), Sun Island Scenic Area (July 30th) and Volga Manor (July 31st-August 1st).

Yabuli ski Resort will host the opening ceremony in a stretch of forest. The opening includes a symphony orchestra concert and a fireworks display over the Harbin nightsky. During the three days of events at Yabuli Resort, a piano recital on the top of a mountain will also take place, as well as an old people’s chorus concert and fashion show, and a talent competition for local youth.

Events at Pingshan Shenlu Resort from July 25-26th include a rock concert (band not announced, but rumour has it that three rock bands will perform including Second Hand Rose, Lao Lang and The Verse), a fireworks show, Inner Mongolian folk dance performance and music, grilling of a whole lamb, and many other community events.

The following events take place at Sun Island Resort on July 30th: music on the grass by the lakeside, musical lunch, tour of the scenic area, a live cosplay performance, classical guitar concert, Korean dance performance, a magic show, Latin and Burmese tribal dances, a torch dance, and more.

The emphasis is on Russian culture and Harbin architectural history over at the Volga Manor on July 31st and August 1st. Visitors can browse a specially erected creative flea market, enjoy music on the lawn, a string quartet concert, guitar and accordion performances, a combined flute and guitar recital, a saxophone concert, and a children’s dance performance.

Harbin Forest Music Festival 哈尔滨森林音乐节
When: Jul 25th -Aug 1st, 2010
Ticket price: 100/150/200 RMB
Ticket hotline: 0451 8468 9686
Yabuli Ski Resort亚布力View In Map
Add: Shangzhi City, Harbin
Tel: 0451 5345 8888, 4006 888 779

Sun Island Resort太阳岛 View In Map
Add: 3 Jingbei Lu, Sun Island Scenic Resort, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8819 0230  

Volga Manor伏尔加庄园 View In Map
Add: 16 km to Hacheng Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin
Tel:0451 5515 6801


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