Winter Action: Where to Go Skiing Around Harbin

Winter Action: Where to Go Skiing Around Harbin

Winter has already arrived to China's northeasternmost provinces, but that doesn't mean you have to stay inside all day. Hit the ski slopes around Harbin for an excellent way to get some fresh air and exercise. All of the ski resorts listed below are either open now or will be by the end of November, so buy some warm clothing and work on your snow plows; here are our four recommendations for great places to ski around Harbin.

1) Yabuli International Ski ResortView In Map
Considered one of the best ski resorts in China, Harbin ski-buffs are lucky to have Yabuli International Ski Resort close by, though not too close—at 197 km away from the city, it's still quite a hike. Still, this 4A-rated attraction is worth the trip, boasting an impressive array of slopes spread out over three peaks, and serving as the training ground for the Chinese national ski team. Featuring nine alpine slopes, seven cross-country trails, and six ski-lifts, Yabuli also has all the amenities of a real winter resort, including sauna, massage, gym, health spa, outdoor pools, and karaoke.

Add: Yabuli International Ski Resort, 20 km southeast of Yabuli Township, Shangzhi City, Haerbin
地址:哈尔滨尚志市亚布力镇东南20公里, 亚布力滑雪场
Tel: 4006 0451 33; 451 5345 5126; 451 5345 5186; 451 5345 5182
Opening hours: 8:30-16:00 (open till 20:00 after Spring Festival)
Admission: 10 RMB
Ski passes: 140 RMB (2 hours), 280 RMB (half day), 380 RMB (full day)
Clothing rental: 50 RMB (half day), 70 RMB (full day)
Getting there: buses to Yabuli Township leave at 7:30, 10:30, 13:20, and 17:30 from the Longyun Bus Station (龙运汽车站) opposite the Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨火车站). Trip takes about 2.5 hours and costs 38 RMB. From there take the shuttle to the ski resort for 10 RMB.

2) Harbin Institute of Physical Education Alpine Ski ParkView In Map
Located in Shangzhi Mao'er Shan Township, 88 km outside the city, Harbin Institute of Physical Education's Alpine Ski Park is the premier winter sports training center for university students all over China, and the national training center for snowboarding events, featuring not one but two half-pipes. It also has six ski slopes of varying difficulty, including the widest bunny slope in the country.

Add: Harbin Institute of Physical Education Alpine Ski Park, 88km outside Harbin, Shangzhi Mao'er Shan Township, Dafangzi Sidui
地址:尚志市帽儿山镇大房子四队,距哈尔滨市88公里, 哈尔滨体育学院高山滑雪场
Tel: 451 5330 9001
Opening hours: Nov-Mar, 8:30-16:00
Ski passes: 130 RMB (half day, beginner slopes), 150 RMB (half day, advanced slopes)
Clothing rental: 80 RMB
Getting there: take the train from Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨火车站) to Mao'er Shan (帽儿山); the trip takes 2 hours. From there take a taxi to the ski park

3) Jihua Ski Resort at Changshou ShanView In Map
Only 38 km outside of the city, Jihua Ski Resort is the closest resort to Harbin, just 30 minutes away by car. Featuring 15 slopes of varying difficulty and a very large capacity, Jihua can handle 10,000 skiiers per day and hold up to 3,000 skiiers on the mountain at one time.

Add: Jihua Ski Resort at Changshou Shan, Binxi National Forest Park, Bin County, Harbin
地址:哈尔滨市宾县宾西国家森林公园, 吉华长寿山滑雪场
Tel: 451 5769 1600/5769 1700
Opening hours: Nov-Mar, 8:30-16:00
Ski passes: 180 RMB (2 hours), 220 RMB (3 hours), 240 RMB (4 hours)
Clothing rental: 80 RMB
Getting there: take a shuttle from the Harbin Swan Hotel (天鹅饭店) at 95 Zhongshan Lu in Xiangfang District, buses leave at 8:00 and go directly to the resort. Reserve tickets before 15:00 the previous day by calling 451 5769 1700.

4) Long-zhu Erlongshan Ski ResortView In Map
Long-zhu Erlongshan Ski Resort is located 65 km outside Harbin inside Erlongshan scenic area. Featuring six alpine slopes, one of which is equipped with lights for nighttime skiing. Baishi Peak, the park's highest, is accessible via cablecar if you want to fit in some sightseeing in too.

Add: Long-zhu Erlongshan Ski Resort, inside Erlongshan Scenic Area, 65 km east of Harbin
地址:哈尔滨东面65公里的二龙山风景区内, 龙珠二龙山滑雪场
Tel: 451 5790 8333
Opening hours: after November, 8:00-17:00
Ski passes: 180 RMB (2 hours), 260 RMB (4 hours), 350 (all day), 300 RMB + valid ID required for deposit
Getting there: Direct shuttle buses depart from New World (新世界), Singapore (新加坡), or other hotels in Harbin. Buses leave daily starting at 9:00 and tickets are 50 RMB round-trip. Buses also leave from Longyun Coach Station (龙运长途客运站) across from Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨站) and East Coach Station (客运东站/三棵树汽车站) for Bin County; get off at Erlongshan Shanmen (二龙山山门) and take bus No. 7 (2 RMB) or a tuk-tuk (2 RMB) to Long-zhu Erlongshan Ski Resort.

Ski safety tips:

1. Novice skiers should choose skis no longer than their own height.

2. Turn your skis sideways when walking uphill to avoid slipping downhill. Walk or ski with your skis in a V-shape for added stability.

3. Beginners should be careful using the poles to increase speed while skiing downhill. Remember that you can also crouch down to go faster, or lean forward with your body straight for extra stability. The key is to move your center of gravity together with your upper body.

4. Most slopes will have a rope tow on the right-hand side. Don't grab the rope hook with your hands; hold it between your legs and let the rope pull you forward from your lower body rather than your upper body.

5. Keep a safe distance from other skiers to avoid collisions. If the slopes are crowded, remember to maintain a moderate speed.

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