Guogeli Avenue : A Piece of Russia in Harbin

Guogeli Avenue : A Piece of Russia in Harbin

Guogeli Avenue (果戈里大街) was built in 1901 and is located in the Nangang District of Harbin. The 2.64 km (1.64 miles) avenue starts at the south of Wenchang Street and stretches to the north of Yiman Street. In the early 18th Century, during the construction of the Zhongdong Railroad, many Russian settlers moved to the city of Harbin to start businesses and build their lives. They built shops and left behind numerous Russian architecture, which is testimony to their indelible influence in the city.

Guogeli Avenue has become a Russian-style walkway and bustling commercial district that has attracted many visitors from afar. The Russian architecture here are well-preserved and serve to complement the general Russian feel of the area, which features a variety of elements for a most beautiful sightseeing walkway and the newer additions include flower pots and elaborate street lighting. Also, the marble blocks on the street with engraving about the history of Harbin, the nostalgic presence of trolley-cars, the Alekseyev Church built in the Baroque style and the exotic Russian river garden all serve to remind visitors of the Russian culture that thrived in the city over a century ago.

Aside from being a walkway attesting to Russian influences in the city, Guogeli Avenue is also a busy shopping and business district. The most unique of shopping districts is the bazaar featuring Russian folk crafts and goods. They carry all sorts of souvenirs, including pelt products, crafts, everyday items, clothes, military items etc. Visitors can buy souvenir matryoshka dolls, binoculars and ethnic clothing for friends and family. There is also a women's shopping street, a children's shopping street, an Indian-style street and an electronics street that carry assorted merchandise for visitors that are looking to shop for specific items.

Guogeli Avenue is also well-known for the assortment of “bar culture” offered along its streets. There are bars, restaurant & bar venues, tea houses, disco bars, reading bars, karaoke bars, galleries and more. The most popular of them are of course the true bar and pub venues; visitors come from all over every night for the music, the socializing and the booze.


Bremen Piano & Pub勃莱梅钢琴酒廊 View In Map
This German-style bar is the only true piano & pub venue in Harbin. Its chic and comfy décor along with live piano playing is an essential part of the atmosphere at Bremen. Live piano performance starts at 20:00 every night and the repertoire includes various Russian folk songs and Chinese classic songs. The interior design is more about comfort than luxury; the tables are fitted with unique little lamps covered in cute cloth and the piano themed drawings on the walls hinted under gentle lighting are just some of the home-feel touches at the pub. They serve fine wine, cocktails and beer. Recommended drinks are the “Love of Bremen” cocktail (unique to the venue); cafe latte and mocca are quite good there as well.

Add: 68 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8260 2535
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00-02:00


Barbizon Restaurant & Bar巴比松西餐酒吧 View In Map
The atmosphere at this venue is all about French art and culture. There are nearly a thousand renditions of world classic art pieces displayed along with the more contemporary sculptures along with a variety of live music performances hosted at the venue every night, including jazz piano, saxophone, country music and blues. Aside from the art and music, they also offer world famous wine and genuine tasting French cuisine. Recommended dishes include black pepper steak, flambéed steak, foie gras and filet mignon.

Add: 207 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel:0451 8260 0333
Opening hours: Daily, 10:0-02:00

Daiweiying Music & Bar戴维营音乐酒吧 View In Map
This venue has integrated live performances, disco bar and great music; it has live piano performances, karaoke singing, disco dancing and other entertainments all melded into one.

Add: 299 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 5360 0222
Opening hours: Daily, 19:00-03:00

Harbin Recreational Bar哈尔滨玩吧 View In Map
This is a venue that is all about recreation and games. It's got puzzles, toys, interactive games of all varieties and challenges.

Add: 312-6 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8889 6868
Opening hours: Daily, 14:00-02:00

Guogeli Avenue in Harbin哈尔滨果戈里大街 View In Map
Add: Intersection between Wenchang Jie and Yiman Jie, Nangang District, Harbin
Transportation: Take bus routes 7, 8, 17, 18, 62, 63, 71, 87, 109, 202 or 208 to Gexin Street station (革新街). 

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