Frigid Fun: Wintery Wonders in Harbin and Across Heilongjiang

Frigid Fun: Wintery Wonders in Harbin and Across Heilongjiang

For those planning on visiting Harbin during the winter months, the Ice and Snow World is an absolute must see. First started in 1999, the Ice and Snow World is the largest themed outdoor ice and snow amusement park in the world, and 2011 will be its 12th consecutive year in operation. Due to this year’s theme of “Children’s Fairytale Kingdom,” the stories of many wondrous fairytales from China and around the world have been sculpted into unique ice and snow masterworks.   

Harbin Ice and Snow World

What new breakthroughs and innovations will be featured in Harbin’s ice and snow parks and at the ice and snow tourist spots across Heilongjiang province this year? Harbin isn’t the only tourist locale focused on ice and snow exhibitions in the province this year. In fact, tourist destinations across Heilongjiang are unveiling many new and creative ice and snow installations and activities.

Golden Tortoise Mountain Lodge Outdoor Curling Rink

First of all, there is the newly built Golden Tortoise Mountain Lodge (Jingui Shanzhuang) outdoor curling rink in Suihua, the only outdoor curling rink in all of China. After Heilongjiang’s ice lantern festivals and ski resorts, the curling rink is the third top winter tourist attraction in the province.  

Secondly, China’s first Christmas Village has been constructed at the Christmas World in Mohe. There will also be a Christmas wedding, and a Santa Claus from Rovaniemi in Finland has personally transported Finnish kindling to set fire to the 13-meter tall “King of Christmas Trees,” whose incineration should serve as a blessing for all present.

Thirdly, there is the newly launched “Snowy Hot Springs City (Xuedi Wenquan Cheng),” possessing the most uniquely Northern-style hot springs in China. It is the largest hot springs locale in the North.

Fourth is the recently opened Cross Country Skiing Park, which should provide skiers with an extra level of challenge.

Additional wintery wonders this year in Heilongjiang include: the Hailin Snowy Village, crane viewing in Qiqihar, frost (rime) viewing along the Kuerbin River in Yichun, the Taoshan Hunting Park in Yichun, and the frost (rime) viewing along Xingkai Lake. 

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