The 5 Best Shopping Street Markets in Harbin

The 5 Best Shopping Street Markets in Harbin

Harbin is one of the largest business centers in northeastern China and it is also renowned as a heaven for consumers. Not only can one purchase all sorts of everyday products and northeastern specialty items in Harbin, one can also find many exotic goods from around the world. With so many places to shop in the city and so many products to choose from, we have put together a list of the 5 best shopping street markets in town and how to get there. Find out where to get the best selection and prices in Harbin for Russian furs, kid’s toys, pianos, electronics, and more.


Toulong Street 透笼街 – Wholesale Market Street

In Harbin, the street name “Toulong” has become synonymous for the market of the same name, where small northeastern goods are available at wholesale prices. Hayibai, Manhattan Shopping Center, Shiji Lianhua Shopping Mall and several other large wholesale retail centers are located near Toulong Street. A feast for the eyes awaits the consumer here: clothing, shoes, leather goods, daily-use items and more. Seemingly everything one could hope to find is available here, and what’s more, the prices are exceedingly fair. Musical instruments

Getting there: Take Bus 5, 16, 64, 83, 101, 102, 103 or 118 and get off at the Hayibai stop

Jianshe Street建设街– Russian Market Street
This is Harbin’s famous Russian market street where a dazzling array of Russian goods is on display for the consumer. The biggest sellers on the Russian folk products street are Russian souvenirs, including leather, daily-use items, artwork, clothing and military gear. There are a lot more goods to choose from though to be sure.

Getting there: Take Bus 2, 10, 14, 18, 57, 74, 104 or 109 and get off at the Jianshe Street stop


Northern Diduan Street 地段街北段 – Musical Instrument Street
Northern Diduan Street (between Toulong Street and Youyi Road) is Harbin’s premiere locale for buying musical instruments and accessories. Numerous musical stores line both sides of the street, offering classical instruments, pianos, folk instruments, electronic instruments and soundstage equipment. Anything music-related that one could hope to find is here.

Getting there: Take Bus 8, 65, 114, 201 or 206 and get off at the city hospital station.



Yonghe Street 永和街 – Children’s Products Street
Yonghe Street is near the newly opened Russian river park. Not only are there city preschools and children’s parks here in addition to other made-for-children activity centers, there are also many kinds of specialty stores offering children’s toys and a complete selection of child-related products. Whether one wants to entertain one’s child or go shopping for him or her, Yonghe Street is the ideal place.

Getting there: Take Bus 87, 89 or 92 and get off at Renhe Street stop


Nantong Street 南通大街 – Science and Technology Electronics Street
Nantong street was Harbin’s earliest electronics street; markets large and small line its sidewalks and it has a high reputation as Harbin’s “Central Village.” Harbin’s famous Taishan Electronics City is here, as are 49 electronics superstores and many of Harbin’s biggest electronics shopping centers.

Getting there: Take Bus 6, 14, 25, 30, 53, 55, 66, 70, 74, 92, 104 or 105 to Nantong Dajie stop. 

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