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Manchukuo Changchun: Architecture and History

When visiting Changchun, there is no way to avoid the Manchukuo architecture. Start with these historical sites, they are worth a visit as they are a great representation of Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of China, and his legacy. Read more>>

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Feeling Stressed? Where to Find a Good Massage in Changchun HOT

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Life in any Chinese city can get pretty hectic. That’s why it’s always good to indulge in a nice relaxing massage to soothe your pains away. Here, we take a look at Changchun’s best massage parlors. ... Read More>>

Hot Springs – The Best Bathing Spots around Changchun HOT

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Before you bid farewell to the freezing winter for another year, why not treat yourself to a relaxing soak in a hot spring? Changchun is home to a number of popular destinations – we introduce four of the best ones. ... Read More>>

Sing-along Fun: Changchun’s Best KTVs HOT

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While it may not be as developed as Shanghai or Beijing, if you love to go to KTV, you'll find a lot to like about Changchun. If you're looking for the cheapest possible experience, head to one of Changchun's discount KTVs, where you can log in a few hours ...... Read More>>

Cool Pools: Best Swimming Spots in Changchun HOT

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The Changchun sun is out and summer is here. Get your bathing suit on and dive into one of the city's refreshing swimming pools! From lap lanes and deep water diving to spiral slides and squirt guns, Changchun pools have something for everyone.... Read More>>

Return to the Familiar: Western Dining in Changchun HOT

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From a culinary perspective, northeast China can be a bit of a shock to the palate of a Westerner. As a visitor or a resident, you soon realise that Chinese food here is worlds apart from the menu and options of the Chinese restaurants you're familiar with ...... Read More>>

From Beer to Fairy Lights: Expat-Friendly Shopping Malls in Changchun HOT

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Winter is coming so there are only a few more weeks of sociable weather left to explore Changchun's shopping options. I have spent a considerable amount of time wandering around shopping malls in this city, looking for something that would make me come ...... Read More>>

Caffeine in a Cup: Great Cafés in Changchun HOT

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If you are a lover of good coffee, or you just can’t handle the Chinese ice-coffee with sweet milk and a straw, look no further. Here are four quality options Changchun has to offer.... Read More>>

Jinkai: The Best Kept Secret in Changchun HOT

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Jinkai is a recently developed economic area in Changchun, about 15-20 minutes east of the city center near the Yitong River. Jinkai links with the new LRT and with a Walmart, Sports Center, endless selection of quality restaurants and it is easy to see why ...... Read More>>

Feeling Homesick? Head to One of Changchun’s Foreign Grocery Stores HOT

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There are some really excellent foreign supermarkets in Changchun; you just need to know where to look. If you require that one special ingredient, you love to cook Mexican food, or you just crave something that reminds you of home, then do not lament about ...... Read More>>

A Snapshot of Changchun's Tourist Attractions HOT


Local government and police in the super friendly and safe city of Changchun have made a huge effort to improve our city for foreigners, working to beef up the city’s infrastructure, and investing monumental sums of time and money into tourism. Changchun’s...... Read More>>

Changchun’s Unique Parks HOT

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Changchun is known for its various parks, it’s even nicknamed “A City in the Forest” for the expanse of green (man-made and natural) that surrounds the city. This article introduces some of the more unique parks in Changchun – as they each offer a ...... Read More>>

Get Me Out of Here!!!! Weekend Getaways from Changchun HOT

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Although Changchun is home to some lovely parks and great people, we sometimes forget the number of amazing places that are just a few hours away. As great as any place may be, a change of scenery and exploration of neighbouring territories can be a hugely ...... Read More>>

An “iPhno” Anyone? An Exploration of Changchun’s Markets HOT

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I started exploring the various markets in Changchun almost immediately after arriving here. It was out of absolute necessity that I became a regular visitor to the various markets in this city; well to put it simply: I needed stuff! One of the reasons I ...... Read More>>

Unexpected Closure: Changchun Carrefour Starts Packing HOT

After two years of operation in Changchun, the Carrefour located at the intersection of Chuncheng Boulevard and Haoyue Avenue unexpectedly began removing items from its shelves as store employees, together with workers sent by product manufacturers, busily ...... Read More>>

Where to Go Skiing in and around Changchun HOT

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The areas surrounding Changchun in Jilin Province are some of the greatest destinations for winter sports in China. Temperatures usually plummet from November onwards meaning that winters here can last for up to seven months. The area’s abundance of fluffy ...... Read More>>

Light and Healthy: Enjoying Jilin Cuisine in Changchun HOT

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Jilin cuisine is reflective of the culture and customs that are unique to Jilin Province and has borrowed bits from Chinese ethnic menus, folk recipes, palace banquet dishes and more. Jilin food places a strong emphasis on “natural, green, nutritious, and ...... Read More>>

Upscale Western Restaurants in Changchun HOT

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In recent years, Changchun has been growing to become a more international metropolis with an expanding number of restaurants offering western cuisine – which also means that expat travelers have more dining options than ever before. This article ...... Read More>>

Pass the Popcorn: Movie Theatres in Changchun HOT

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Although Changchun is no longer considered the movie-making capital of China, the city nonetheless boasts a number of high-quality cinemas that screen Chinese and Western movies throughout the day, every day. Several of these movie theatres are also ...... Read More>>

The Puppet Manchurian Palace of Puyi in Changchun HOT

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Like many rapidly developing Chinese cities, Changchun might seem like a place that barely existed thirty years ago; in fact, the history of Changchun in the 20th Century is inextricable from that of China itself. During World War II, Changchun was the ...... Read More>>

Expat Friendly Bars in Changchun HOT

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Changchun is home to a surprisingly large number of Western-style bars and clubs. However, when one measures the bars according to quality rather than quantity the number starts to decline somewhat. One of the main bar scenes is located on Yihe Lu (义和路) ...... Read More>>

Stand-up Comedy, Changchun-Style: The Scoop on Er'renzhuan HOT

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Tired of staying home waiting out the cold Changchun winter, but not in the mood for a night at Mayflowers one, two or three? Instead, consider spending a far cheaper evening watching a performance of Er’renzhuan (二人转), a north-eastern Chinese style of ...... Read More>>

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