Light and Healthy: Enjoying Jilin Cuisine in Changchun

Light and Healthy: Enjoying Jilin Cuisine in Changchun


Jilin cuisine is reflective of the culture and customs that are unique to Jilin Province and has borrowed bits from Chinese ethnic menus, folk recipes, palace banquet dishes and more. Jilin food places a strong emphasis on “natural, green, nutritious, and healthy” food and the dishes revolve around ingredients particular to the locale, including Jilin ginseng, a variety of grains, Matsutake mushrooms, Lion's Mane mushrooms and fiddleheads. Organic farms supply deer, beef, frog, and goose meat to the different venues. Jilin cuisine has done away with the more oily and salty taste that is typical of northeastern Chinese food, and instead aims to stress freshness of its ingredients. Here we’ll introduce some of the more well-known dining venues in Changchun so that you'll know the right places to go when you crave a taste for Jilin cuisine.

1) Jilin Restaurant at Changbaishan Hotel长白山宾馆吉菜食府 View In Map
One of the earliest Jilin dining venues, this restaurant has also participated in a number of food festivals showcasing their Jilin dishes. The upscale, grand atmosphere starts in the lobby with a marble staircase leading up to the second floor, where there are over 20 large to small private dining rooms. The venue serves up mainly Jilin cuisine but also has Sichuan, Shandong and Cantonese dishes on the side. Because this venue caters mainly to foreigners and non-local guests, chefs there have taken some liberty with the traditional dishes, but the innovative preparation does nothing but help the taste. Signature dishes include the Changbaishan banquet and stewed frog meat with ginseng. Their unique selection of desserts is also worth a try if you can save room. Overall the service is superb, and it should be, to account for the extra 5% service fee.

Add: 1448 Xinmin Avenue, inside the courtyard of the Changbaishan Hotel, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8558 8888
Opening hours: 10:30-21:30
Price: Expect to spend around 150 RMB/person
Getting there: Take Bus No. 120, 13, 159, 213, 227, 228, 258, 25, 263, 264, 279, 282, 325, or 62 to Xinmin Plaza Station and walk 64 metres to venue.

2) Xianggong Chinese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel香格里拉香宫 View In Map
If it is genuine and refined Jilin cuisine you're looking for, then look no further; Xianggong is one of the most luxurious dining venues for Chinese cuisine in all of Changchun. Jilin dishes here are more refined than most, and all of the ingredients are hand-selected to ensure top quality and freshness. The plates are arranged so elegantly that you may even feel hesitant to eat them. Recommended dishes are the chicken sauce Lion's Mane mushrooms and red beans dessert.

Add: 569 Xi'an Avenue, Shangri-La Hotel (2nd floor), Chanchun
Tel: 0431 8898 1818, ask to be transferred to Xianggong Chinese Restaurant
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: Expect to pay around 200 RMB/person
Getting there: Take Bus No. 119, 19, or 363 to Xi'an Avenue (Chongqing Rd) Station and walk 24 metres to venue.



3) Xiangyangtun向阳屯 View In Map
This is a Jilin restaurant that has more of a country feel and is very popular with the locals. You may feel like you've been invited to a typical farmer’s home in northeast China; there are strings of ripe corn by the doorway, a large ceramic pot of corn liquor under the roof, a traditional stove and pot, and waitresses outfitted in country girl costumes. Just as you’d expect, service is warm and welcoming. The private dining rooms are decorated like a countryside community center with old newspapers and propaganda posters decorating the walls. The home-style dishes offer ample servings and have a genuine taste. Recommended are the stewed spare ribs with string beans, stewed chicken with mushrooms, braised meat on bones and cornmeal pancakes.

Add: 433 East Chaoyang Lu, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8898 2876
Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
Price: Expect to pay around 50 RMB/person
Getting there: Take Bus No. 213, 266, 362, or 62 to East Chaoyang Lu, and walk 107 metres

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