Pass the Popcorn: Movie Theatres in Changchun

Pass the Popcorn: Movie Theatres in Changchun

Although Changchun is no longer considered the movie-making capital of China, the city nonetheless boasts a number of high-quality cinemas that screen Chinese and Western movies throughout the day, every day. Several of these movie theatres are also worthwhile hangout locations even if one isn’t interested in seeing a movie, because in some cases they are attached to video game arcades, roller-skating rinks and, in the case of the theatre at the New World Living Mall, a small indoor amusement park. Ticket prices are also reasonable - though they can be deservedly expensive at the Wanda IMAX Movie City - and theatres are conveniently located around the city. So why not escape the bustle of Guilin Road for a day and spend a carefree afternoon catching a Hollywood hit or Jackie Chan’s latest adventure.

Changchun moviegoers prepare to see Jake Sulley.
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Wanda International Movie City at the Ouya Shopping Mall 万达欧亚国际电影城?) View In Map
While there are three other Wanda theatres in Changchun, and other theatres equipped with 3D technology, this is Changchun’s only IMAX theatre and consequently its ticket prices can sometimes be significantly more expensive than those of its competitors. For example, tickets to the movie Avatar sold for 150 RMB. However, many argue that the sound quality and screen size of an IMAX theatre more than justify the price. Also, excluding extremely popular movies like Avatar, the average cost of a ticket ranges from 40-80 RMB. The main drawback to watching a movie at this theatre is getting to it, since it is located far from Changchun’s centre and can only be reached by taxi.

Add: 4F, Ouya shopping centre, 196 Kaiyun Jie, Chaoyang District, near Feiyue Lu, Chaoyang District, Changchun
地址:长春市朝阳区开运街196号. 近飞跃路。
Tel: 0431 8859 5522?

Wanda International Movie City: Chongqing Road, Changjiang and Saide Locations(万达国际电影城:重庆路店,长江店,赛德店)
The differences between these three theatres lie in their respective locations, prices and daily showings. Tickets for the Changjiang theatre are the cheapest, costing between 30-40 RMB and it screens a number of movies every day, including some in 3D. The prices at the Chongqing Road and Saide theatres both range from 60-80 RMB and both screen 3D movies. However, the Chongqing Road theatre shows runs only the most popular current movies continuously throughout the day, while the Saide theatre screens a wider variety of movies but has fewer show-times. Tickets for all four Wanda locations, including the IMAX theatre in the Ouya Shopping mall, are half-price on Tuesdays and show-times for all Wanda theatres can be checked here: The earliest show times for all four are generally around 9 am and the latest are past 10 pm. However, there are sometimes midnight showings for the most popular movies.

Chongqing Lu LocationView In Map
Add: 4F, Wanda Shopping Centre, 1388 Chongqing Lu, Nanguan District, Changchun, near Xi’an Dalu, Nanguan District, Changchu
Tel: 0431 8898 8922

Changjiang LocationView In Map
Add: 74 Comercial Street, Changjiang Lu, Kuancheng District, near Renmin Jie, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8277 7726

Saide LocationView In Map
Add: 7F, Saide Shopping Mall, 1288 Xiantai Dajie, Economic Development Zone, near Linhe Jie, Changchun.
地址: 长春市经济开发区仙台大街头1288号赛德购物广场7F.近临河街。
Tel: 0 131 8878 0997

Space station or Changchun movie theatre? You decide.
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Changchun Modern Standard Movie Theatre (长春今典放电影院)View In Map
Another fine choice for moviegoers is the movie theatre at the New World Living Mall. While this theatre does not show any films in 3D, the screens are large, the sound is good and the seats are very comfortable. Show times generally run from 10 am until 10 pm and ticket prices range from 60-80 RMB. There is also a small amusement park, including a roller coaster, a small bowling alley and an arcade, beside the entrance to the theatre. Current show times can be found here:

Add: 4F, New World Living Mall, 1138 Yatai Dajie, Kuancheng District, near Dongwu Malu, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8875 2020

Changchun Worker’s Culture Palace (长春市工人文化宫)View In Map
By far the cheapest of all of Changchun’s theatres, tickets for the Worker’s Culture Palace range from 30-45 RMB. The Palace has several screens and shows movies in 3D. However, there have been some complaints about sound quality. Additionally, compared to Changchun’s other theatres, there are fewer movies screened here at a time and those that are shown, only have a couple of show times a day. Current show times can be found here:

Add: 2302 Renmin Dajie, Nanguan District, near Renmin Square, Changchun
Tel:0431 8891 4647

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