Unexpected Closure: Changchun Carrefour Starts Packing

Unexpected Closure: Changchun Carrefour Starts Packing

After two years of operation in Changchun, the Carrefour located at the intersection of Chuncheng Boulevard and Haoyue Avenue unexpectedly began removing items from its shelves as store employees, together with workers sent by product manufacturers, busily boxed up unsold goods for transport. Located in the city’s Luyuan District, the Chuncheng Carrefour is the second such store to open in Changchun. Carrefour takes up over 8,000 square meters and is surrounded on its external periphery by 60 additional shops and restaurants. During a visit recently, the only business operating normally was Golden Han’s Restaurant. All the rest were preparing to move, which will empty the area of active businesses.


According to a Carrefour cashier, news of the move was reported some time ago, and suppliers have been continuously preparing their products for transport since January. It has been said that the new store will be located somewhere near Linhe Road; however it is still unknown when it will be open for business.  

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