Cool Pools: Best Swimming Spots in Changchun

Cool Pools: Best Swimming Spots in Changchun

The Changchun sun is out and summer is here. Get your bathing suit on and dive into one of the city's refreshing swimming pools! From lap lanes and deep water diving to spiral slides and squirt guns, Changchun pools have something for everyone. Serious swimmers can check out Xin Shiji Swimming Pool for a quiet, chorine-filled afternoon of diving and doing laps, while the Xin Longyang Haishui Swim Club is perfect for fun-loving families. 

1) Quanmin Fitness Centre Swimming Pool View In Map
The swimming pool at Changchun's stylish Quanmin Fitness Centre (全民健身中心游泳馆) is the first heated pool in Jilin Province. The indoor pool is open year-round with the water perfectly heated at a comfortable 26 ℃. The swimming facility features a large pool, a smaller pool, as well as a children's swimming area. The large pool has eight swimming lanes and is perfect for avid swimmers looking to get a few laps in. Snacks are sold at the swimming pool, but they are overpriced so you're best off bringing your own.

Add: Quanmin Fitness Centre (across from Daqingqiqiu), 1 Tibei Lu, Nanguan District, Changchun
Tel: 431 8863 9955 ex. 8505
Price: 18 RMB (day pass), 1580 RMB (annual membership)
Operating hours: 06:30-07:30, 09:30-19:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 5, 61, 88 to Tibei Lu (体北路)

2) Gelinmeng Swimming Pool View In Map
Gelinmeng Swimming Pool (格林梦水乡) is well known in Changchun, mainly because it has been around for over 10 years. Some of the equipment and facilities are a little outdated, but the water is fine and the swimming is still fun. The ticket for the swimming pool alone costs less than 20 RMB, while the general ticket, which includes access to a children's park where children can run, play and have water fights, costs 30 RMB. The facilities also include an indoor ice-skating rink that is especially popular during the hot summer months. Additionally, there is also a fun arcade to play in when you grow tired of swimming and skating.

Add: 3506 Puyang Jie (near Zhengyang Jie), Luyuan District, Changchun
地址:长春市绿园区普阳街3506号 (近正阳街)
Tel:431 8769 9999
Price: 30 RMB
Operating hours: 09:00-17:00
Getting there:Take bus No. 14, 80, 129, 135, 144, 156, 188, 221, 245, 261, 270, 283 to Zhengyang Jie (正阳街).  

3) Xinlongyang Haishui Swim Club View In Map
Xinlongyang Haishui Swim Club (新龙洋海水游泳俱乐部) boasts a swimming area spanning 1250 sq. m and 1.2-3.2 m deep. The children's and adult's swimming areas are separated for obvious safety reasons. The best part about this facility is that it's more than just a swimming pool—it's a full-fledged waterpark too! The facility boasts two regular water slides, two spiral slides, a wave pool, a lazy river and squirt guns. Ticket prices have risen in recent years because the pool is so popular. Group tickets are the cheapest option at 26 RMB per person. The facilities are generally packed on the weekends, so come on a weekday if you're looking to beat the crowds. 

Add: Tiebei'er Lu, Kuancheng District, Changchun
Tel: 431 8293 6666
Price: 48 RMB
Operating hours: 05:00-21:00
Getting there: Take light rail Line 4 to Beiyatai Dajie (北亚泰大街) or take bus No. 1, 148, 178, 242, 243 to Beisiwu (北四条)

4) Xinshiji Swimming Pool View In Map
If you're really serious about swimming, then Changchun's Xinshiji Swimming Pool (新世纪游泳馆) is the place for you. The water at this swimming facility is high quality and very clear. The pools are chlorinated, which is perfect for a nice clean swim. The pool is relatively quiet, even after work and on weekends so it is the perfect place to get some exercise. The water can be a little cold and is very deep (3.5 meters). This is definitely the place in Changchun for more experienced swimmers who are looking to get some exercise and who don't care about extra entertainment facilities.

Add: 56 Nanhuo Dalu, Nanguan District, Changchun
Tel: 431 8551 3586
Price: 20 RMB
Operating hours: 08:00-19:30
Getting there: Take bus No. 20, 267 to Hunjiang Jie (浑江街)

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