Changchun’s Unique Parks

Changchun’s Unique Parks

Changchun is known for its various parks, it’s even nicknamed “A City in the Forest” for the expanse of green (man-made and natural) that surrounds the city. This article introduces some of the more unique parks in Changchun – as they each offer a special kind of attraction for visitors. All of the parks are conveniently located and are a great choice for a retreat during your days off.

Jingyue Pond National Forest Park

Jingyue Pond National Forest Park净月潭国家森林公园
The park, located only 18 km away from downtown Changchun, has a beautiful pond, a luscious man-made forest, rolling mountains and fields all around – earning it the nickname “a beautiful oasis in the city”.

Jingyue Pond is a crescent-shaped pond and is reputed to be the “sister pond” of Riyue pond in Taiwan. There are four main scenic areas in the park: mountains to the north of the pond; Forests to the south of the pond, reflecting pools and villages to the east of the pond. The natural scenery of the park is mainly focused on the beautiful pond, with villages dotting the rolling mountains and luscious fauna and flora to complement the overall beauty. This park also houses the largest man-made forest and woodland in China – with a variety of trees cultivated and modeled after the beauty and mystery of a natural forming forest. In the spring, you can go hiking and camping; in the summer, you can opt to row a boat on the lake, fish, and enjoy swimming in the clear water. In autumn, you can’t miss the beautiful tree leaves turning different colours; and in the winter, the park transforms into an icy wonderland offering fun activities like skating and viewing ice lanterns.

Jingyue Pond National Forest Park View In Map
Add: 5840 Jingyue Da Jie Nanguan District, Chang Chun
Tel:0431 8451 8000
Opening Hours: 08:00-21:00
Price: 30 RMB
Getting there:Take bus routes 334, 335, 336, 337, 340 or metro Line 1 to Jingyue Pond Park station and walk 192 m to destination

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Changchun World Sculpture长春国际雕塑公园
This park is located in downtown Changchun and is a place that has both natural scenery and a large, fine collection of sculptures to boot. Artworks there are created by various artists from all over the world and include a wide range of styles and themes. 

The park's main sculpture is a series of five sets of bronze figures and five carvings on white jade blocks that represent the five continents of the world – showcasing the different people and cultures in a theme that revolves around “friendship, peace, and spring”. This main sculpture is the collaborative work of five well-known Chinese sculptors. Aside from this, there are also over 320 different sculptures by more than 270 artists from all over the world – the artworks are representative of an array of styles and art disciplines. Complemented by the natural scenery that surrounds them, the sculptures really stand out; representing the different ideas and concepts the artists are conveying through their work. Some of the more famous sculptures include, The Thinker, Fly, Nile, and Pangu etc. Changchun Sculpture and Art Museum is also located within the park; the museum also exhibits selected artworks from all over the world. The museum also houses a classroom, an exhibition room, a conference room and a sculpting workshop – ensuring that visitors will be able to experience in full all that there is to know about sculpture and art.

Changchun World Sculpture  View In Map
Add: 200 Renmin Avenue, Kuancheng district, Changchun
地址: 长春宽城区人民大街200号
Tel: 0431 8537 9001
Opening Hours: 07:00-20:00
Price: 20 RMB/ person
Getting there: Take bus routes 224, 306, 361, 66, 6 to Changjiang Rd Development Area station and walk for 33 m to destination

Changchun South Lake Park

Changchun South Lake Park长春南湖公园
South Lake Park is one of the largest parks in Changchun. The lake water at the park is clear and pretty, with willow trees hanging over the banks and stone bridges and pavilions throughout. If you stand on the South Park Bridge and look towards the north, you can catch a breathtaking sight of trees, meandering bridges with pavilions reflected within the lake water. There is a small island in the center of the South Lake; it's covered with a variety of greens and flora and is connected to the north side bank of the lake through a bridge. The park also includes a pond lined with lotus flowers, a swimming pool and other recreational facilities that provide different activities for visitors. You can opt to rent a row boat for yourself or ride a manned boat for a leisurely tour along the lake; you can also fish, rest, or just kick back and enjoy nature.

Every summer and beginning of autumn, the park will hold a lantern fair showcasing a variety of folk and cultural events. During the winter, the park will also host a wide range of wintertime activities including viewing ice lanterns, skating, and skiing, etc.

Changchun South Lake Park View In Map
Add: 51 Nongda Rd, Chaoyang district Changchun
Tel: 0431 84517614
Opening Hours: All day
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus routes 129, 13, 149, 20, 213, 222, 230, 234, 239, 262 to South Lake Plaza station and walk 63 m to destination

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