Hot Springs – The Best Bathing Spots around Changchun

Hot Springs – The Best Bathing Spots around Changchun

We all know how cold the northeast can get in the winter, and Changchun certainly isn’t an exception. Some of us chose to wrap up warm and spend our winters hugging radiators and ingesting large amounts of hotpot in an attempt to avoid freezing to death. But with milder days fast approaching, bid farewell to the freezing winter by treating yourself to a relaxing soak in a hot spring in Changchun? If you’re after a true Chinese winter experience, drop the chopsticks, don the bathing suit, and hop in.  

1) Yulong Hot Spring Holiday ResortView In Map
Yu Long Hot Spring Holiday Resort (御龙温泉度假村) is situated about 37 kilometers outside of Changchun, and offers a wide variety of relaxing services. Visitors can bathe the day away in pools offering a variety of scents and styles from jade to Japanese, and can enjoy the nearby amenities that include gyms, a golf course, and a nearby hotel. 

Add: Yangjia Nongcun Dafazhan Xueyuan, Shuangyang District, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8477 7777
Price: 108 RMB (Mon-Thu), 138 RMB (Fri-Sun, holidays)
Opening hours: 9:00-22:00
Getting there: Take a bus from Changchun Huanghe Lu Bus Station to Shuangyang, and then take a taxi

2) Jiuzhou Hot SpringView In Map
In an idyllic setting surrounded by rolling hills and forests, Jiuzhou Hot Spring (九州温泉) will please those looking for a quiet escape. Complete with various pools that offer styles ranging from Japanese to Korean, Jiuzhou also features a restaurant on the second floor that is a great way to end the day after a nice long soak. The site also features nearby windmills overlooking fields of flowers that truly make you feel as if you’ve been transported to another part of the world.

Add: 788 Dongnanhuda Lu, Nanguang District, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8565 5777; 8556 0555
Price: 49 RMB
Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Getting there: Take bus 120 to Donglingnan Jie Station (东岭南街站)

3) Shengdequan Hot SpringView In Map
Shengdequan Hot Spring (圣德泉温泉), Jilin Province’s first four-star hot spring hotel, is located about two hours outside of Changchun near the city of Jilin. The center covers a large space and has over 30 different types of pools to dip your feet in, though be wary of the high temperatures of the water, as they’re pumped up specifically to combat the bitterly cold Changchun winter. For those feeling peckish, you can also entertain yourself with fruit and vegetable picking, and the nearby village offers a whole host of other fun things to do if you get bored.    

Add: Area 3, Linjia Bridge, Soudeng Station Town, Chuanying District, Jilin
地址: 吉林市船营区搜登站镇林家桥三社
Tel: 0432 6418 7666
Price: 128 RMB
Opening hours: 8:00-23:00
Getting there: Take the 7:40 morning train to Jilin (arriving at 8:20). Opposite the Jilin Train Station there’s a bus that goes directly to the hot spring from the Jilin International Hotel (吉林国际大酒店). The ride costs 6 RMB per person, and leaves daily at 9:00. The return bus to Jilin leaves the hot spring at 15:00

4) Jilin Shennong Hot Spring Holiday ResortView In Map
Although it’s closer to Jilin than it is to Changchun, the Jilin Shennong Hot Spring (吉林神农温泉) is still worth a visit. The water is sourced from the nearby Changbai Mountain, and the resort features a total of over 30 different pools for visitors to enjoy, including special beer, wine, and coffee pools. If you’re feeling brave enough to embrace the cold, take a dip in one of the outside pools for a truly refreshing experience.  

Add: Dahuang Village, Gudianzi Town, Changyi District, Jilin
Tel: 0432 6345 6789
Price: 98 RMB
Opening hours: 08:30-23:00
Getting there: Take the bus or train to Jilin, and then take the number 10 bus from the old Jilin Train Station (旧吉林火车站) to Shuangji Station (双吉站), then take a taxi 

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