Jinkai: The Best Kept Secret in Changchun

Jinkai: The Best Kept Secret in Changchun
By Bob Finch , eChinacities.com

Jinkai is a recently developed economic area in Changchun, about 15-20 minutes east of the city center near the Yitong River. Jinkai links with the new LRT and with a Walmart, Sports Center, endless selection of quality restaurants and it is easy to see why Jinkai has grown so quickly. It is a sprawling modern suburb with apartment blocks sprouting up everywhere, not unlike those of other cities in China, were it not for an interesting particularity: there are no crowds, queues or noise pollution here, it is a peaceful and relaxing place to live.

Here are just a few things that Jinkai has to offer.

1) Jane’s Café  View In Map
Jane’s is a modern and stylish café serving European and Asian food, coffee, freshly squeezed juices and a pretty good selection of cocktails and foreign beer. The pasta dishes for 15 RMB are a great value and you can settle in, have a few drinks and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, great service or use their free WIFI.

Add: 1288 Heaven and Earth Complex, Dong Nanhu Lu, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8266 7788
Opening hours: 08:30-21:00

2) Leno Wade’s Sports Center 力诺韦德健身中心 View In Map
Leno Wade’s is a quality fitness facility with a 6 lane, 25-metre indoor swimming pool on the first floor. As you move up to the second floor there is a huge weights room, with the standard rows of cross-trainers and treadmills, really it’s a ‘cardio heaven’. The third floor is reserved for the members with less muscle mass, who are more comfortable with Yoga, Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Body Balance, Pump and the sadistic Spin Classes.

Add: On the corner of Weixing Lu and Caizhi Jie, Changchun
Tel: 0431 8468 0043; 0431 8468 0053 
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00-21:00
Price: Membership around 1,500 RMB per year (Note: rates vary)
Getting there: take bus no.158 to Fu’ao C area (富奥C区) stop.

3) Saide Shopping Center  赛德时尚购物中心 View In Map
Sai De Shopping Center is only partially completed, but it is already home to a huge Decathlon Sports Supermarket where you can get almost all sports equipment and clothing at great prices. This is by far the best sports store in Changchun, so if you are searching for camping equipment, footwear, hiking equipment, gym equipment, mountain bikes or just a rugby ball or Frisbee, this is the place to go. In the basement of the shopping center is the best supermarket in Changchun. I went shopping on a busy Saturday around 6pm and I found no less than three empty checkouts. The range of products is excellent and the quality is as high as any of its competitors. The wine cellar, foreign beer selection and complete lack of queues, makes grocery shopping much more fun and far less time consuming.

Add: 1228 Dong Nanhu Lu, Changchun 
地址: 长春市东南湖大路1228号
Tel: 0431 8878 0997
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Getting there: take bus no. 158 to Dong Nanhu Dalu (东南湖大路)

If you have any doubts about Jinkai’s appeal or potential, hats off to savvy English First. EF has just opened the largest International Language School in China in Jinkai. It is located in the Heaven and Earth Complex, behind Walmart and it is about 100m from the popular Jane’s café, you simply can’t miss it, it is huge. So get out to Jinkai and check it out for yourself.

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