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Get Pampered: Safe Nail and Waxing Practices in Beijing HOT

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What’s not to love about pampering yourself with manicures, pedicures and wax treatments? The Chinese are known around the world for their precise and meticulous manicure/pedicure and waxing abilities, so it goes without saying that Beijing is fantastic ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Beijing HOT

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It is very easy to feel a kind of malaise when living in Beijing. With a million and one bars serving reasonably priced drinks, and a selection of twice as many restaurants at which a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of varied and delicious food is ...... Read More>>

Alternative Activities in Beijing HOT

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From time to time people get bored of their normal routine in the city, this sometimes leads to a kind of stagnant feeling; going to the same places, seeing the same faces and doing the same things. Something that many Beijing expat residents are not aware ...... Read More>>

Five of the Best Temples in Beijing HOT

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With dipping temperatures and Autumn fast approaching there has never been a better time to explore the wealth of culture that Beijing's ancient temples provide. In this article we discover some of the best temples in Beijing to be explored and enjoyed as ...... Read More>>

Adrenaline Anyone? Where to do Extreme Sports in Beijing HOT

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In Beijing, expat life outside of work can be one long succession of indulgent evenings out wining and dining, interspersed with evenings of DVD box sets. For many, their only adrenaline rush is the mad dash to the elevator before a less civically minded ...... Read More>>

Miyun: Beijing’s Picturesque Suburb HOT

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Welcome to Miyun, a picturesque suburban county north east of Beijing where the hills are green, the air is fresh and pollution at bay. The area is known for its beautiful natural environment and rich history, but what makes Miyun even more attractive is ...... Read More>>

Beijing Getaways to Soak Up the Summer HOT

With spring well and truly on its way, many people will be thinking about coming out of hibernation, casting their DVD box-sets and take away pizza boxes aside and taking a weekend break. Echinacities brings you some of the best getaway locations around ...... Read More>>

Getting Wet at Beijing’s Best Pool Spots HOT

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With many people tired of the meat market atmosphere of Beijing’s many bars and the pop-oriented dance scene, a game of pool is an often forgotten but very viable alternative to going out on the razzle. If you are tired of shouting into the ears of people ...... Read More>>

Beijing District Guide: Inside the 5th Ring HOT

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Making heads or tails of Beijing can be a daunting task. The city proper is about 1,300 sq km (502 sq mi) which makes it about the same size as Los Angeles but with three or four times as many people and a significantly longer history. The Beijing ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Most Bizarre Museums in Beijing HOT

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Beijing has hundreds of museums catering to almost all interests. Though most guide books lead you to the obvious museums, there are also those which you may never even have thought of. Water melons, tap water, bees, sandalwood, even an entire underground ...... Read More>>

2010 Guide to Beijing’s Best Ski Resorts HOT

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What’s the point of cold weather and dirty snow mounds piled up on the pavements when there’s absolutely nothing fun about it? Why do we even bother enduring the random snow showers that scare away taxi drivers and cripple public transport? Why do we even ...... Read More>>

Strength in Numbers: Beijing Sports Clubs HOT


Few people like to exercise in winter time: the ground is slippery, the air burns your throat, and in Beijing it sometimes feels like you have to fight your way through the dense smog that blankets the city. Going to the gym gets monotonous. Nonetheless, ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Oldest Commercial Street Gets a Revamp HOT

Dashilan’er (also known as Dazhalan West Street), one of Beijing’s oldest commercial streets has re-opened following intensive renovations that lasted for over one year and cost 93 million RMB. Dashilan’er is located in the Qianmen area, south of ...... Read More>>

Nanluoguxiang Hutong Cafes: Historic Couture HOT

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The beautiful Nanluoguxiang hutong (南锣鼓巷胡同), nestled in Beijing’s historic Dongcheng District, is one of the oldest alleyways in Beijing. The street has a history of over 800 years, and served as a flourishing commercial street during the Yuan ...... Read More>>

Forests, Feng Shui, and Falling Water: Beijing’s Northern Parks HOT

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In our ongoing series looking at Beijing’s best parks – check out the first installment here – we highlight some of the best green stretches in the north of the city. Liuyin Park柳荫公园 Liuyin is one of Beijing’s less visited parks, ...... Read More>>

Sanctuary in the City: West Beijing parks HOT

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Beijing’s parks are the perfect place to catch a slice of Chinese culture; be it the elderly practicing their elegant calligraphy on the paving stones, or middle aged urban denizens strutting a fox trot while young children scoot by on all kinds of ...... Read More>>

Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing HOT

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Now that the smothering summer heat has subsided and given way to mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle winds, the perfect time for horse riding has arrived! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor equestrian centers all around Beijing, so below we’ve ...... Read More>>

Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 2) HOT


In recent years, bungee jumping has become one of the most exciting and stimulating outdoor leisure activities on offer. Just as with other extreme sports and their focus on “higher, faster and stronger”, bungee jumping is all about unleashing a person’s ...... Read More>>

Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 1) HOT

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In recent years, bungee jumping has become one of the most exciting and stimulating outdoor leisure activities on offer. Just as with other extreme sports and their focus on “higher, faster and stronger”, bungee jumping is all about unleashing a person’s ...... Read More>>

Cool pools in Beijing HOT

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Beijing's temperature can soar above 40 C in summer so what better way to beat the blistering heat than to take a cool dip? ... Read More>>

Rock Climbing in Beijing HOT

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Sometimes the only way to escape the endless sprawl of Beijing is to go vertical. Whether that means mile high bars or rock climbing is up to you. These places all offer climbing facilities for both beginning and experienced climbers and they’re cheap – 20...... Read More>>

Houhai—The Poetic Beauty of Old Beijing HOT

For those who enjoy peaceful waterside settings, no spot is better than Beijing’s Shichahai. This area was once the home to the rich and powerful of the Old Beijing elite. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Shichahai has been the right in the middle of the most ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Water Wonderland HOT

Yanxi Lake (雁栖湖) is a huge pristine body of water that finds itself the setting of some of the best water bound adventures in the whole of Beijing in spring, early summer and into the autumn. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, visitors are treated ...... Read More>>

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