Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 2)

Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 2)

In recent years, bungee jumping has become one of the most exciting and stimulating outdoor leisure activities on offer. Just as with other extreme sports and their focus on “higher, faster and stronger”, bungee jumping is all about unleashing a person’s inner courage. When it comes to fun and exciting activities, bungee jumping may well be the most enjoyable of them all.

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1. Huairou Qinglong Gorge Bungee .怀柔青龙峡蹦极
2. Olympic Sports Center Bungee Jumping Tower 奥体中心蹦极塔
3. Longtanhu Park Bungee Jumping 龙潭湖公园蹦极
4. Yanqi Lake Bungee Jumping 雁栖湖蹦极

5. Shidu Bungee Jumping 十渡蹦极

In May 1997, the first bungee jumping platform was constructed on the overhanging cliff of Baduqilin Mountain (八渡麒麟山) in Fangshan Shidu Scenic Area. The distance to the water surface is 48 meters and a jump costs 150 RMB per person. In April 1998, another 55 meter high jumping platform was built, which costs 180 RMB per person. The beautiful Qilin Mountain is extremely picturesque. Shidu’s Bungee Jumping Sports Centre was built halfway up the mountain. The bungee is fitted with a camera and a photography service to ensure that you’ll never forget you’re jump. When you stand on the high platform and look out into the distance, you’ll see magnificent mountain ranges, gurgling streams and a panoramic view of Shidu’s natural scenic beauty.

Getting There:

Trains leave Beijing West Train Station everyday at 6:20am and 5:44pm.
You can also go to Tianqiao and take the 917 bus to get to Shidu and it will cost you about 3 hrs

Note on the price: Bungee jumping before April 1st costs 185 RMB. After April 1st costs increase to 205 RMB. Price includes: insurance, cable car, boat rescue, the bungee jump and a “courage” certificate. There are no refunds after purchase. Be sure to keep that in mind.

6. Shijingshan Amusement Park Bungee Jumping 石景山游乐园蹦极

This tower is 36 meters high, with a total overall height of 42 meters. After the rope is tightened and the bungee is ready to go, visitors are shot up 48 meters into the air, the same height as a 16 story high-rise building. People are catapulted up and the seat spins around uncontrollably. Most people feel really scared during the ride, but don’t worry because it’s both safe and reliable.

Getting There:

Take bus no. 307, 318, 337, 354 or subway line 1 and get off at Bajiao Youleyuan Stop (八角游乐园)
Tel: 010-68862547
Admission Price: Through tickets cost 80 RMB or 50 RMB for students.

7. Longqing Gorge Bungee Jumping 龙庆峡蹦极

Bungee jumping is definitely a sport for the courageous. Firstly, one must get over one’s own fear in order to face the jump. Longqing Gorge’s bungee jumping is 48 meters high and is built on a cliff edge. It was designed by the National Military and most of the equipments come from America. The technology is very good, as are the safety levels.

Getting There:

919 Kuai (919 快) from Deshengmen to Yanqing Bus Station (德胜门-延庆汽车站), and then transfer to Bus No. 920 to the Longqing Gorge (龙庆峡).

Admission Price: RMB 150 per person

Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00 

8. Yesanpo Bungee Jumping 野三坡蹦极

Yesanpo Bungee Jumping is located in the Baili Gorge Scenic area (百里峡景区). The height of the jump is 62 meters, and it is currently the country’s highest cliff-style bungee. Bungee jumping is not for the faint hearted, and bungee jumping at Yesanpo is only for the bravest of the brave.

Getting There:

Trains leave Beijing West Train Station for Yesanpo everyday at 6:20am and 5:44pm.
Reference price: 180 RMB per jump

Bungee Jumping Guidelines

1. You must be in good health. People with heart problems or a history of mental illness are not permitted to attend.

2. People with extreme short-sightedness must be very cautious because during the jump people turn head over heels. Therefore, it’s very easy to suffer from a stroke or detached retina.

3. Before the jump you should first warm up in order to prevent sprains or pulling a muscle.

4. You should wear comfortable sports clothing and be fit. Do not wear baggy or airy clothes, otherwise you may expose yourself.

5. After the leap, remember to control your body. Do not lift up your neck or arms, otherwise …

6. The last rule is that there are no rules. Unleash your imagination, open your mind and enjoy the intensity and excitement of this short moment!

Source: xinhua.com

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