Where to Head for No Stress Shopping in Dalian

Where to Head for No Stress Shopping in Dalian
By Marcel Green , eChinacities.com

Although there are those that love it, for many, shopping is not a favorite fun activity. Add on the language and communation issues, different shopping etiquette, and worries about product quality and authenticity, and shopping in Dalian can seem like a nightmare. Fear not, there's no need to be overwhelmed. The following stores will have even the most shopping-phobic customer singing in the aisles.


Decathlon is a sporting goods chain store that was started in 1976 in France. Since those early days, it not only has become a mainstream retailer for all kinds of sporting goods but it also remains true to its roots as a cornerstone in the outdoor equipment market. Membership is free and comes with discounts, the ability to exchange without receipts, sporting tips andmore. Non-members may also shop there too. The Dalian store is quite a sight; the store is an attraction in and of itself. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, if you have an interest in the great outdoors you'll love walking around and checking out their equipment. There is a big outdoor basketball court where you can try out your jumper and an indoor track were you can learn how to roller skate or ride a bike. Decathlon carries mostly their own line of high end products and equipment. Tents, sleeping bags, mats, cookers, hiking poles, boots, and socks are all well-stocked. If it involves being outside, they have it. The also carry a good amount of great excercise clothing so if you're looking for a perfect excuse to stay in shape this is a great place to shop. They also have exercise bikes, swimsuits and a great selection of yoga gear. Still, good equipment is not cheap; Decathlon is not a bargain store but they are competitive. The best time to go is for their weekly sales – thse are usually on the weekends or during Chinese holidays. You have to do some hunting but there are some great deals to be found.

Xiang Lu Jiao store
香炉礁店View In Map
Add: 50 Haida Nanjie, Xianglujiao Logistics Park, Xigang District, Dalian
地址: 大连市西岗区香炉礁物流园区海达南街50号
Tel: 0411 3973 2888
Opening hours: 09:00-21:00

Hua Nan store 华南店 View In Map
Add: 21 Ganjingzi District, Dalian
地址: 大连市甘井子区21号
Tel: 0411 3952 3952
Opening hours:

Metro 麦德龙
Metro is a German joint venture wholesale store that is similar to the American Costco chain, the only difference being that you do not need to be a member in order to enter the store or take advantage of their bargain prices. The Metro Dalian hypermarket is located in a 35,000 square meter warehouse just opposite the Xianglujiao train station entrance. It has a wide range of products and sells everything from apparel to footwear to luggage bags. There is also a fine selection of food, beverages, alcohol, furniture, electronics and kitchen accessories. Although prices of many items are less than in retail stores, certain items may not be cheaper. This is particularly true for electronics, computers and mobile phones so it's helpful if you have an idea of the price of the product your looking to buy beforehand. There are also deals on product combos. For example TV + DVD player + Home theatre or queen size bed + cupboard + dressing table. These deals tend to be quite good. As for payments, Metro not only accepts cash but also any domestic bank or credit card that can be used in China.  

Metro 麦德龙View In Map
Add: 59 Haifang Jie, Xigang District, Dalian
地址: 大连市西岗区海防街?59号
Tel: 0411 8432 8888
Opening hours: 06:00-22:00



MyKal 麦凯乐
Mykal is an upscale Sino-Japanese joint venture that offers customers a one-stop shop for almost any type of Northeast Asian (Japan, Korea and China) product. From Chinese lotus root to kimonos to seaweed to imported beers to Hello Kitty and Ultraman, Mykal has is it all. There is even a food court where you can power up after a long shopping session. While prices tend to be a bit higher then what you might find in other department stores in Dalian, you can find a good bargain if you look and Mykal has plenty of sales to satisfy any bargain-hunter. Moreover, there is no question as to the authenticity or quality of the product you purchase.

MyKal 麦凯乐View In Map
Add: 573 Qingniwa Lu, Zhongshan District, Dalian
地址: 大连市中山区青泥洼路?573号
Opening hours: 09:00-21:00

IKEA 宜家家居
If you're looking for furniture and housewares for your home or apartment for a price that is simply unbeatable then Ikea is the place for you. Moreover, if you've been to an Ikea anywhere in the world then you've been to every Ikea in the world. The Dalian Ikea is no different. Shoppers weave through a labyrinth of seemingly endless showrooms stocked with equipment to creatively accessorize every room under the sun. With customers ranging from international students looking to outfit their tiny dorms to entire families, the store offers a huge repertory of styles, patterns, and colors for every unique taste. With its incredible selection of products from beds to sofas to coffee pots, you are guaranteed to find what you want and a lot of thing you didn't know you watned. The Dalian Ikea also includes the iconic small restaurant just beyond the cashiers to serves up traditional Chinese fare for those who worked up an appetite. Those looking for Swedish meatballs will be disappointed – the food is all Chinese.

IKEA 宜家家居View In Map
Add: 51 Haida Nanjie, Xigang District, Dalian
地址: 大连市西岗区海达南街51号
Tel: 4008002345
Opening hours: 10:00 -21:00

Wal-Mart 沃尔玛
As with any Wal-Mart store, what you see or expect is what you get. Red-shirted salespeople guide shoppers through the bright, well organized stores. The store is always clean and welcoming which makes for an enjoyable shopping outing. From housewares to clothing, the prices will satisfy the budget-conscious student and the high paid exec (and everyone in between) alike. But the special benefit of Wal-Mart is that it is as convenient as a corner store. If you can't find it somewhere else, more than likely you'll be able to find it at Walmart. Furthermore, unlike other stores, what is special about the Xian Street branch is that it is never so crowded that you feel like you're suffocating. Rather, you have time to examine, compare and consider before your purchase. Moreover, there are more than a few salespeople that speak English so if you're ever need a question answered you won't have to go far or look too hard.

Wal-Mart 沃尔玛
Xintiandi Plaza Branch新天地广场店View In Map
Add: 99D Xi'an Lu, Shahekou District, Dalian
地址: 大连市沙河口区西安路99D号
Tel: 0411 8454 6001
Opening hours: 09:00-21:00

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