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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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A Guide to Chengdu’s “Golden Cow” (Jinniu) District HOT

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Certain areas of Chengdu bleep loud on the tourist radar: Jinli Street, Wuhou Temple, People's Park, Tianfu Square and Wenshu Temple are just some of the many well-known destinations. However, there's a new area in northwestern Chengdu called Jinniu ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Asia: Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Chengdu HOT

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Although Chengdu is known for its own unique and deliciously spicy Sichuanese flavors, the city has much more to offer than just its signature Chinese dishes. This international city boasts a global palate that includes Japanese and Korean favorites like ...... Read More>>

City of Cha: 3 Must-Visit Teahouses in Chengdu HOT

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Let's play a little China trivia. Category: Food and Drinks. Level: Ridiculously Easy. Question: Most famous Chinese beverage? Thirty seconds on the clock. Go! Tea, the national drink par excellence, has it all: a long and interesting history, amazing and ...... Read More>>

A Full Stomach and Wallet! Cheap Eats in Chengdu HOT

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Living expenses in Chengdu are very reasonable – tasty hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Chengdu saturate the city, from shockingly cheap noodle shops to very affordable dumpling houses. Moreover, there's no shortage of inexpensive Sichuan cuisine spots in ...... Read More>>

The King of Beers: Chengdu’s Top 5 Local Brews HOT


What can you say about China’s beers? Beer experts across the globe have never been quick to compliment Chinese produced beer. To lay it out plainly, even the best beers in China still have a light flavour and are mediocre, at best. Let’s put this way: If ...... Read More>>

Get Your Hanbao’s Here: The Best Burgers in Chengdu HOT

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I am under the firm conviction that if you put most of the flavours of Sichuan cuisine on a sheet of computer paper, it would still be good. Don’t question it. I’ve tried. Anyway, there are times for any Chengdu expat when you just need a good Western ...... Read More>>

Stuff Your Face: Chengdu’s Best All-You-Can-Eat Deals HOT

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It wasn’t until 2009, my second stint in China, that I discovered the awesome thing known as all-you-can-eat buffets in Chengdu, Sichuan. What I stumbled upon was a Thai Barbeque in my home city of Chengdu that offered an all-you-can-eat and drink deal for ...... Read More>>

Drinking the Night Away: Chengdu’s Top Nightclub Spots HOT

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There are many words and images that come to mind when you think of Chengdu: spicy Sichuan food, terrible weather and bad traffic, an abundance of sexy girls, ease and comfort in lifestyle, mahjong, teahouses galore and clubs, clubs and more ...... Read More>>

Huoguo Fever: Chengdu’s Best Places to Eat Hotpot HOT

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Sichuan is home to some of the spiciest Chinese cuisine, including the famously spicy Sichuan hotpot. Eating hotpot in Chengdu is mandatory for those visiting the city. For those living here, anything short of loving it is sin. There are tons of great ...... Read More>>

Vegetables with a Vengeance: Meat-free Dining in Chengdu HOT

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Like most other Western foods in Chengdu, or China for that matter, many vegetarian restaurants never seem to get it quite right. However, there are a few that are surprisingly good, even if their menus overly emphasise tofu-based dishes. That’s fine, if ...... Read More>>

Where to Get a Good Pizza in Chengdu HOT

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Pizzas are a staple for many Western travellers, and Chengdu has a lot of expats looking for pizzas. Pizza is a little taste of home, a link to sanity and the “real world.” So the question arises: where can one get a good pizza in Chengdu?... Read More>>

‘H’ is for Happy Hour! Best Drink Deals in Chengdu HOT

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When you live in a city with a reputation for idleness and a love of leisure, it’s not hard to find an excuse to relax or a teahouse in which to do so. But there are some times when a game of mahjong and a bag of sunflower seeds just don’t do the trick; ...... Read More>>

The Best Spots for Imported Food Products in Chengdu HOT

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Think you can’t find grainy Dijon mustard or a 6-pack of Corona just because you’re living in the middle of Southwest China? Think again! Chengdu is getting increasingly foreigner-friendly and when it comes to the imported staples expats miss so dearly, ...... Read More>>

Chengdu Snacks: The Well-Known and the Little-Known HOT

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My favourite part of Chengdu cuisine has always been the snacks. There is such a diversity of taste, type and texture in all these delicious xiaochi, one could spend their whole life enjoying Chengdu snacks and it would not be a wasted life. Below is an ...... Read More>>

Chengdu’s Tastiest Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants HOT

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Some of the questions that any foreigner in Chengdu for any length of time will be asked a thousand times each are, “Do you like Sichuan food?”, “Have you tried hot pot?”, and “Can you handle spicy food?” I certainly hope that your answer to all three ...... Read More>>

Spice Up Your Life: Chengdu’s Best Sichuan Restaurants HOT

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If you've lived in Chengdu for any length of time, you've probably acclimated yourself to the local flavours. If you're like me, you may even be at the point where any time you travel away from Sichuan, you find yourself craving a bit of ma laon your ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Home: Top Non-Chinese Restaurants in Chengdu HOT

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In the ten years since I first came to Chengdu, there have been many attempts at establishing the international food front. Numerous aspiring entrepreneurs have tried to open restaurants in Chengdu, only to see them dwindle and disappear. Recently, however, ...... Read More>>

Tea or Coffee: A Few Cafés in the City of Teahouses HOT

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Can you believe there was ever a time when people felt that strongly against coffee? Luckily, in Chengdu, coffee is becoming more and more commonplace. Cafes are becoming a regular hangout, especially when they have free WiFi so people can show off their ...... Read More>>

Top Five Locations for Al Fresco Dining in Chengdu HOT

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This year has heralded an El Nino of a summer in Chengdu, with the sun only popping out for moments (which is normal) between sandwiches of summer showers (not so normal.) Still, we all know that the reason Chengdu girls are the most beautiful in the world ...... Read More>>

Best Places in Chengdu for Al Fresco Drinking HOT

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Luckily for the locals of Chengdu, we seldom have to drink alone; but like Li Bai of old, we certainly enjoy getting our drink on under the canopy of the night sky, cloud covered though it may be. So let’s all raise our glass to the moon, even if we can’t ...... Read More>>

Best Places for Ice Cream in Chengdu HOT

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One of the best things about the summer is wrapping your tongue around a golden, crunchy cone, filled with an explosion of different flavours, some fruity, others chocolatey, while some perhaps more on the nutty side. As the sun glares down and the heat ...... Read More>>

Grill Thrill: Best BBQ Restaurants in Chengdu HOT

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Barbequing is one of the most simple, yet delicious cooking methods out there. No matter where you go in China, you’re bound to find a small vendor grilling lamb on skewers in a busy street, or little shop windows emitting the mouth-watering scent of ...... Read More>>

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