Grill Thrill: Best BBQ Restaurants in Chengdu

Grill Thrill: Best BBQ Restaurants in Chengdu


Barbequing is one of the most simple, yet delicious cooking methods out there. No matter where you go in China, you’re bound to find a small vendor grilling lamb on skewers in a busy street, or little shop windows emitting the mouth-watering scent of grilled meats. Chuan’r (串), as the barbequed skewers are called, are equally popular among foreigners in China as they are with the Chinese themselves. Usually priced at 1-3 RMB per skewer, they‘re often brushed with a signature spice mixture primarily composed of chili and fennel. However, for those reluctant to try the skewers on the street, Chengdu also boasts several excellent restaurants specifically dedicated to the art of barbeque. Below we introduce one of the most popular Chinese BBQ joints in Chendgu and one mouth watering South American grill house.

Leshan Liuji BBQ 乐山刘记烧烤
This barbeque restaurant was such a big hit in Chengdu that it has since opened three or four other restaurants around the Chengdu area. According to Food & Wine magazine, the grilled skewers at this establishment are the most delicious and bursting with flavour. Leshan BBQ can get extremely busy and full of life during main dining times, which is always a sure sign that the proprietors are doing something right here. The restaurant’s most famous dish is a special fish skewer called qian yu (黔鱼). The fish is killed and grilled on the spot after ordering. The fish is then smothered in lots of chili and spices. Only after the spices are added does the true flavour of the fish come out. Besides the fish, the restaurant also offers a wide range of other fresh seafood such as clams and prawns.

Leshan Liuji BBQ 乐山刘记烧烤View In Map
Address: 9 Xiaojiahe Zhengjie, Chengdu
地址: 成都市肖家河正街9号
Tel: 028 8517 2688
Average price per person: 28 RMB

Golden Hans South American Grill 金汉斯南美烤肉
This crowded establishment, part of a national chain, is noted for its delicious grilled beef and generous portions of barbequed lamb cubes. After the meat is cooked, the waiters bring it to your table and cut it into small pieces in front of you. All customers have to do is sit back, wait till the meat is ready, lift up the fork and enjoy. The restaurant has over 21 meats, two seafood and four vegetarian options. South American barbeque differs from the Chinese version in that they add less spices, but instead barbeque the meats with onions, carrots and other vegetables. However, since Golden Hans is situated in Sichuan Province, where locals value their spice, the food here is coated in a delicious spicy house sauce when grilled. You can even order grilled bananas and pears here. The restaurant also has some good specials, such as free beer with food at lunch and half price beer in the evenings.

Venue: Golden Hans South American Grill 金汉斯南美烤肉View In Map
Address: High-speed Bldg. A, 1st Fl., 90 Erhuan Lu West Sect.1, Chengdu
地址: 成都市二环路西一段90号高速大厦一层
Tel: 028 8526 2728
Average price per person: 35 RMB

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