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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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A Guide to Chengdu’s “Golden Cow” (Jinniu) District HOT

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Certain areas of Chengdu bleep loud on the tourist radar: Jinli Street, Wuhou Temple, People's Park, Tianfu Square and Wenshu Temple are just some of the many well-known destinations. However, there's a new area in northwestern Chengdu called Jinniu ...... Read More>>

"Out" in Chengdu: Gay and Lesbian Bars HOT

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Chengdu is one of the most open-minded cities in China. A quick look at the seductive male burlesque shows down Dongmen Daqiao on a Saturday night will convince you of that. This south-western metropolis, built for a comfortable lifestyle, is also a place ...... Read More>>

Need a Drink? The Best Bar Areas in Chengdu HOT

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Before beginning this article, I was thinking about the lines from that Hank Williams song, Family Tradition: “Why do you drink? Why do you roll smoke?” He sang. We all have our own reasons, but there is one thing expats in Chengdu can agree on: this city ...... Read More>>

Drinking the Night Away: Chengdu’s Top Nightclub Spots HOT

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There are many words and images that come to mind when you think of Chengdu: spicy Sichuan food, terrible weather and bad traffic, an abundance of sexy girls, ease and comfort in lifestyle, mahjong, teahouses galore and clubs, clubs and more ...... Read More>>

‘H’ is for Happy Hour! Best Drink Deals in Chengdu HOT

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When you live in a city with a reputation for idleness and a love of leisure, it’s not hard to find an excuse to relax or a teahouse in which to do so. But there are some times when a game of mahjong and a bag of sunflower seeds just don’t do the trick; ...... Read More>>

The Chill and the Crazy: Chengdu Bars HOT

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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and sometimes you need to go where know one knows who you are. When it comes to bars, Chengdu has both types. Here’s a list of Chengdu’s chillest bars, and a few crazier ones thrown in for good ...... Read More>>

Best Places in Chengdu for Al Fresco Drinking HOT

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Luckily for the locals of Chengdu, we seldom have to drink alone; but like Li Bai of old, we certainly enjoy getting our drink on under the canopy of the night sky, cloud covered though it may be. So let’s all raise our glass to the moon, even if we can’t ...... Read More>>

Rock On! Chengdu’s Best Live Music Venues HOT

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If you think that Chengdu is all about pandas and tea houses think again! As the annual Zebra Music Festival and the ever-increasing number of live music venues prove, Chengdu has a burgeoning rock scene that’s very much alive and kicking. Whether you long ...... Read More>>

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