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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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Top 5 Best Holiday Gifts from Chengdu HOT

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with shopping discounts, classic carols and St. Nicholas decorations. And even though this holiday isn't perceived as a traditional celebration, it's becoming more popular with Chinese each year. For better or ...... Read More>>

Freshen up Your Home: Flower and Plant Markets in Chengdu HOT

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Garden and flower markets in Chengdu are splattered across the metropolis, from specialised stores to little shops within food markets. Everybody has their reasons for wanting more greenery within their apartment. Perhaps you just want your place to look ...... Read More>>

The Best Spots for Imported Food Products in Chengdu HOT

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Think you can’t find grainy Dijon mustard or a 6-pack of Corona just because you’re living in the middle of Southwest China? Think again! Chengdu is getting increasingly foreigner-friendly and when it comes to the imported staples expats miss so dearly, ...... Read More>>

A Guide to the Best Markets in Chengdu HOT

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There have been a number of times when I have heard Chengdu expats complaining that Chengdu doesn't have X, Y, or Z. While there are certainly areas in which Chengdu is lacking, often it's more of an issue of knowing where to look. There was a time when the ...... Read More>>

Six New Shopping Malls to Open in Chengdu in 2010 HOT


According to the latest whispers around Chengdu, no less than six large-scale shopping malls are planned to open in various districts around Chengdu this year. Although the total number of shopping malls planned for opening has yet to be confirmed, Suning ...... Read More>>

Finding Foreign Language Books in Chengdu HOT

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While English language book sales have plummeted in the US and UK following the recession, the appetite for English language books in China is booming like never before. About 300 million people in China speak English and the number of foreigners moving to ...... Read More>>

Bargain Shopping in Chengdu: Lotus Pond Market HOT

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Getting ripped off is an unpleasant experience wherever you go, and unfortunately this is an experience that almost every foreign visitor to China will struggle with during their stay here. However, as confidence increases so too do bargaining skills, so ...... Read More>>

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