Drinking the Night Away: Chengdu’s Top Nightclub Spots

Drinking the Night Away: Chengdu’s Top Nightclub Spots
By Nick Callos , eChinacities.com

There are many words and images that come to mind when you think of Chengdu: spicy Sichuan food, terrible weather and bad traffic, an abundance of sexy girls, ease and comfort in lifestyle, mahjong, teahouses galore and clubs, clubs and more clubs. In my humble opinion, Chengdu’s nightlife ranks as one of the best out of all of Asia’s popular cities, and is well deserving of more recognition. So enough talking about those eastern elite cities; I have been to Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai District, partied it up at Beijing’s numerous bar streets and danced the night away at Shanghai’s infamous clubs. These places don’t compare to bars and clubs in Chengdu, especially when you factor in price. Pubs and nightclubs in Chengdu are all over the place, and most are very affordable. For those who like to enjoy more than their fair share of drinks, partying at Chengdu’s top clubs is a must; so get your whiskey and tea drinking shoes on, it’s time to party at Chengdu’s best nightlife spots. Scroll on down to read more about the top club streets and nightclubs in Chengdu. Price, music, atmosphere, customer service, crowd attractiveness and on-stage performances have all been factored in.

Jiu Yan Qiao 九眼桥 View In Map
With the arrival of Lan Kwai Fong across the river, the Jiu Yan Qiao Chengdu club scene is starting to be overshadowed. However, I still list it as the number one club spot to go for to for two reasons: the clubs on this side of the river play better music and are more blue-collar than Lan Kwai Fong. Watching your Chinese friends pay for drinks here will remind you of being back in the West with everybody chipping in some of their month’s earnings to have a good time. Jiu Yan Qiao has a whole street full of awesome clubs, but below is a list of the best three to go to there.

Address:Tai Ping Nan Xin Jie, Jiu Yan Qiao Zhong Hai Ge Lin Wei Zhi Cheng, Jin Jiang District, Chengdu

1) MUSE Club 苏格缪斯俱乐部酒吧 View In Map
What more can be said about the bar that overtook Sucre: beautiful girls and handsome fellows, glistening silver decorations all over the place and winding stairs to the second floor. The music is pretty solid for a club too; western pop music and Chinese love songs, of course, but memorizing techno, rock and reggae songs are also blended in. If you spend the night bouncing around the various spots on Jiu Yan Qiao, this will most likely be the best place to make your final stop; the dancing and partying does not stop until the sun rises.

Add: 88 Shaoling Lu, Shangpinkanghe, Chengdu
地址: 成都市少陵路88号尚品康河
Tel: 028 8701 0888
Opening Hours: 21:30-early morning
Price: 25 to 60 RMB per beer or drink; a table of five should expect to pay around 80 to 110 a person for a bottle of whiskey and tea (remember prices are negotiable, especially if you are a somewhat attractive foreigner). And of course you can also try finagling free drinks from people who invite you to their table.

2) Castle Club卡素 View In Map
This place looks nothing like a castle, but nonetheless this bar has been a staple on Jiu Yan Qiao for years. This place has a mysterious attractive quality to it; what it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort, unique on-stage performances, friendliness and good mix of hip-hop, rock and pop music. If you are spending the night at Jiu Yan Qiao, start partying here as the place is at its peak about a half hour before midnight.

Add: No. 9, 1st floor of No.4 Building, Zhonghai Gelinweizhicheng, Jiuyanqiao, Chengdu
地址: 成都市九眼桥中海格林威治城4栋1楼9号
Tel: 028 8524 2555
Opening Hours: 21:30-04:00
Price: 25 to 50 per beer or drink; a table of five should expect to pay around 60 to 90 per person for a bottle of whiskey and tea to go along with it.

3) Seven ClubView In Map
This club may have been the best back in the day, but now has lost some steam because it hasn’t changed in the face of new, more fashionable clubs. It ranks at number three in the Jiu Yan Qiao scene simply because the place still plays John Denver’s “Country Roads” and you can buy 24 Carlsberg beers for 240 RMB here. And remember, if you drink too much at this club, you will be hallucinating those flashing blue lights the whole next morning.

Add:Taipingnan Xinjie, Jiuyanqiao, Chengdu
地址: 成都市九眼桥太平南新街
Tel: 028 8535 0111
Opening Hours: 21:30-04:00
Price: A table of five can drink for around 60 RMB a person here, unless you drink a lot. 24 beers average to 10 RMB a beer.

Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 View In Map
Which one is bigger: Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong or Chengdu’s? The answer is Chengdu’s; it is 18 times as big as Hong Kong’s and covers nearly 43,000 square meters. This place has become a mega-plex for shopping, relaxing and drinking alcohol at the bars, clubs and KTVs here. Listed below are Lan Kwai Fong’s top two clubs.

Address: Shangye Jie, Lan Kwai Fong at Shuijing Jie, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

1) Club Center View In Map
Better known as CC’s, this club takes the cake as the best club in the Lan Kwai Fong area. The only complaint about this place is that it is far too crowded on the weekends. Nevertheless, the place has a distinct charm and never will let you down when it comes to having a good time. Beautiful Chengdu girls in mini-skirts move about seductively, whiskey and tea flow and heads bob like robots to the beats of CC’s dazzling MC’s. Yes, this place is fun. And this club is, in the opinions of many Chengdu nightlife fiends, the best looking club in Chengdu.

Add: Lan Kwai Fong at Shuijing Jie, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
地址: 锦江区水井街兰桂坊内
Tel: 028 6130 0777
Opening Hours: 10:00-early morning
Price: 30 to 70 for a beer or drink. It is nearly 500 RMB for CC’s cheapest bottle of whiskey.

2) Emperor Pub 皇迪 View In Map
Anybody who has been here recently knows that the best addition to this club has without a doubt been the new group of spicy and scantily clad girls that rock the dance stage throughout the night. The main stage performances they give are quite; well…let’s just say pleasing to the eyes. Another great thing about the bar is the ‘friendly neighbour’ type atmosphere it has. You will get a lot of the “Hey, I remember you my friend” type language at this bar. The place has its fair share of regulars and it often seems as if every table is drinking together. Prices are very reasonable as well.

Add: 109 Shangye Jie, Lan Kwai Fong at Shuijing Jie, Jinjiang District
地址: 成都市水井街兰桂坊商业街109号
Tel: 028 8470 1666
Opening Hours: 21:30-04:00
Price: 25 to 60 per beer or drink. Bottles of whiskey can be as cheap as 150 to 200 RMB a bottle if you establish a connection. And of course, you can always try to see who will invite you to their table to drink for free.

Club 88-Shao Ling LuView In Map
No nightlife listing for Chengdu would be complete without mention Club 88. Ba Shi Ba is a chain club that is popular throughout China. Chengdu’s 88 Club used to be designed like a pirate ship, which led the un-sober minds to believe they were floating at sea on a stormy night. But it has been redecorated recently. It is still one of the most popular club options in Chengdu for foreigners and local Chengdu partiers. This place has a go-go atmosphere and the people here rave until early in the morning. The music choices vary and there are also some interesting new additions and mash-ups that are added daily.

Address: 88 Shaoling Lu, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tel: 028 8703 3688
Opening Hours: 20:00-04:00
Price: 30 to 75 per drink. The cheapest bottle of whiskey is around 500 RMB.

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