Get Your Hanbao’s Here: The Best Burgers in Chengdu

Get Your Hanbao’s Here: The Best Burgers in Chengdu
By Nick Callos ,

I am under the firm conviction that if you put most of the flavours of Sichuan cuisine on a sheet of computer paper, it would still be good. Don’t question it. I’ve tried. Anyway, there are times for any Chengdu expat when you just need a good Western meal. And what’s better than a big tasty hamburger to soothe that nostalgic appetite of yours. So where exactly are Chengdu’s best hamburger joints? Let’s let the competition begin. Here it is: the best five burgers in Chengdu.

1) The Super Texas Whopper: Peter’s Tex-Mex RestaurantView In Map
Peter’s Super Texas Whopper ranks first in the best hamburgers in Chengdu competition because of its mammoth size and authentic flavour. The beef is delicate and tender; truly grade A. Cheddar cheese, tomatoe, onions and lettuce are the toppings for this burger. Although the interior of this restaurant is a bit corny, ignore it and just go in and order this giant beef patty. As soon as this burger is placed in front of you, your mouth will start watering. Scarf down and enjoy a taste reminiscent of a hometown burger. Order the waffle fries with your burger because Peter’s traditional French fries are rubbish.

Add: 177 Kehua Beilu, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tel: 8522 7965
Price: 36 RMB (as of autumn 2011…prices are always going up at this place)

2) Mushroom Cheese Burger: Shamrock Bar and Restaurant 三叶草西餐吧 View In Map
Different expats have their different opinions about the scene at Shamrock; yet the restaurant aspect of this bar is still solid. Shamrock’s Mushroom Cheese Burger beats out Shamrock’s more expensive brand name burger, The Rocks Burger. Why? Simple, this burger combines expertly sautéed onions and high-grade mushrooms with tasty melted cheese and Shamrock’s special sauce to create an out-of-this-world burger. And you are given two burgers with the meal! The Rocks Burger, on the other hand, is topped with tomatoes and cucumbers. Who wants that over mushrooms, onions and cheese? Burger lovers must come to Shamrock to enjoy these twin patties. The crispy, crunchy fries make the perfect compliment as well.

Add: 15 Renmin Nanlu, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tel: 8523 6158
Price: 40 RMB (as of autumn 2011)

3) Montana BBQ Burger: Red River Grill 红河西餐厅 View In Map
Red River’s Montana’s BBQ Burger comes in at third in the best burgers in Chengdu rankings. Red River, with its “Taste the West” theme and homey interior decor, serves up some pretty decent Western food for the price. The Montana BBQ Burger has a smokey, bold American flavour that amazes burger novices and experts alike; BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, tomatoe, onion and cheese all used in its making. This burger, like all burgers should, can cause both satisfaction and health problems simultaneously.

Add: 85 Zijing Jie, Dashijie Pedestrian Street Level 2, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tel: 8295 5499
Price: 38 RMB (as of autumn 2011)

4) Pork Bacon Cheeseburger: Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel成都老沈国际青年旅舍View In Map
Yes, this burger marks the only non-beef burger to make the list of Chengdu’s best burgers. This is simply for the reason that the flavour in this burger explodes with every bite. Bacon sits atop this pork patty. Talk about pork deliciousness galore! How can it not be good? At only 22 RMB, this burger marks the best bang for your Yuan in Chengdu. Although this is firstly a hostel, the restaurant’s Western food is actually good, and these pork burgers highlight the menu.

Add: 211 Yihuan Lu Bei Si Duan, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Tel: 8335 5322
Price: 22 RMB

5) Carol’s Burger: Carol’s By the River Bar and Restaurant卡罗西餐吧 View In Map
The Carol’s Burger rounds out the top five. The burger is quite tasty, and the fries, albeit not enough, are quality. Served on a crispy bun and with onions, tomatoes and lettuce, this burger fits the classical burger description. And its’ flavour certainly competes with the burgers at joints in Western countries. The only downside is that the burger could be larger. And that’s why it’s not number four.

Add: 36 Hongmen Jie at Laonanmen Daqiao, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Tel: 134 3846 1503
Price: 25 RMB

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