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Traditional Chinese Medicine – A Scientific Explanation

hi2u  Nov 03, 2014 Comments(18)

To start off, I am not a TCM apologist or user, and I have not studied it in any meaningful detail. But I know it gets trashed a lot by people on this site and by westerners in general. I’m only interested in a scientific defense of TCM, and so I’d like to share an interesting scientific defense that I’ve read a few years ago. ... Read More>>

A Changed Perspective

ShanghaiZhen  Nov 01, 2014 Comments(2)

Visiting Shanghai as a 24 year old rather than as an angsty teenager was much a much better experience. As a young teen, visiting different places with your parents, not being able to enjoy meeting random people, and just being impatient makes vacation not so fun. Bring that same (genetically) teen back to Shanghai eight years later, and their ... Read More>>

Dear Journal

ShanghaiZhen  Nov 01, 2014

...that I will write all my activities in my Journal every day example, Who, What, Where, When, how + more. Also I promise that I will behave and listen and do as I am told. And will help myself by taking care of my clothes. And by cleaning up after myself." - Excerpt from the introduction page of my logbook. I wrote that in a journal on my ... Read More>>

KTV, my guilty pleasure

hi2u  Oct 31, 2014 Comments(1)

KTV. The saying goes you either love it or you hate it. I went through both. At first I didn’t see the appeal of it. People singing badly to bad songs, or Chinese songs, and I wasn’t much of a singer myself. I didn’t get the appeal of most Chinese music, and it was always too loud for my liking. Then a friend randomly took me ... Read More>>

Just Your Average Clutz Next Door - A Memoir

CAStafford  Oct 19, 2014 Comments(4)

It's come to my attention that as a divorcee living abroad, I'm inclined to risk my life in order to accomplish one goal - live as if tomorrow were my last day. Notice I didn't say "today" was my last? That's because deep, deep down, I really don't want to die today, I'd rather die tomorrow. This week has been a plethora of injuries to my ... Read More>>

The Final Week in Shenzhen – Macau, Go Karting and the beach

danb8man  Oct 19, 2014

My internship has finally drawn to a close, although I am sad to be leaving, there is a great sense of optimism going forward having had a wonderful experience with CRCC Asia and Ugari in Shenzhen. I have nothing but positive things to say about my time here, and hope to come back in the near future. The final week at Ugari consisted of a ... Read More>>

Which English? Which accent?

surenpillai  Oct 16, 2014 Comments(11)

Which English is correct? British or American or Australian or Canadian or South African? As a member of the Queen's English Society, I do not use slang. Nor do I use Americanisms. I keep to standard British English. I spell colour with a u. and I differentiate between practise and practice. I say | təˈmɑːtəʊ | and not | təˈmeɪˌtoʊ | ... Read More>>

The writing on the wall

surenpillai  Oct 15, 2014 Comments(3)

The open mind, the free intellect and the willingness of the heart to embrace humanity as one family. Teaching was, is and will always remain my passion. Knowledge has neither race nor sex nor colour and it is the only wealth that keeps on growing as you keep on giving. Experiences are a form of education, which one gets from the university of ... Read More>>

Jangxia- Wuhan

Danman202  Oct 08, 2014 Comments(1)

Jangxia Bus from hanko- 905 武胜路武胜西街. Near wuhan internainal plazza 5RMB to end stop its one of the few well mannaged lines you will ever see when queing for a bus. If you do not get on at the first stop there is no place to sit for the remander of the ride. Bus from wuchang- 903,901, or 908 they can be found at the wuchang train station. ... Read More>>

Best Promise English / Shane's English Shandong

Tako1973  Oct 05, 2014 Comments(3)

Who has had bad experiances here?Well I have! Illegal employment, Lies cheating misuse of trust wasted 1000 or RMB to try and work with them. Was employed and now understand why - Deseration to get a white face as there only teacher in Zibo was leaving! no other teachers could be found. Was made to feel ashamed of my Dutch passport even though ... Read More>>

Taking a Walk - A Female Expat's Memoir

CAStafford  Oct 03, 2014 Comments(3)

Last night my friend and I were taking a stroll down the streets of Beijing on the way to the park. We do this about every three or four days, and we know the route well. We also know what not to expect – the chance that anyone will speak to us. Why? Because we’re in a big city, we’re not Chinese, and we probably look like we ... Read More>>

The Lonely Life of a Transient Expat

CAStafford  Sep 30, 2014 Comments(10)

I've heard Beijing being described as a "transient" city. It's because people come here to make money, and then go on their merry way, back to where they came from, back to the place where they REALLY want to be. And for the most part, transient people are young people, typically in their early to mid 20's, going on a grand adventure to explore ... Read More>>

First Language

niralikhatri  Sep 29, 2014 Comments(2)

This question came to my mind because I saw some advertisment looking for English teacher in this forum. One of the requirement is that they must be a native speaker. So I start wondering how these people define native English speaker. A very controversial example is Singapore. Singapore was a British colony. After it gained independence from ... Read More>>

A year and a half studying Chinese - my experience thus far

haobuhao  Sep 29, 2014 Comments(2)

I am admittedly extremely new in the world of Chinese language study. A babe even. In university, I studied Japanese and Spanish as minors, and took one semester of Arabic. As you can tell, I have an interest in languages (however poorly I actually speak them), but before I graduated, none of that involved Chinese outside of one or two phrases I ... Read More>>

Dengue fever( also known as break bone fever), not as fun as it sounds.

airyk  Sep 24, 2014 Comments(6)

I got dengue fever a few weeks ago, and I want to write about my experience, but it’s hard. It was traumatic. There were times when I wondered if I would die. Times when I knew I would die Most people do not die from dengue, but even so what happens to your body is scary. This is what happens if someone gets dengue. The fever rages, you ... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Nail City (Part 3 of 4)

airyk  Sep 23, 2014

With lunch still settling in our bellies I came back to the nail city with my friend. We headed into the biggest market where the orders for eviction pasted on walls, were as bold as the noon sun, but completely invisible as people passed them by, headed to work, headed to eat, or headed to spend time with their friends in the open spaces ... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Nail City (Part 2 of 4)

airyk  Sep 22, 2014

Like a thousand thorns stabbed in the side of lion, the nail city buried itself into the ribs of Guangzhou. I went inside, my friend trailing along. We wandered past buildings tumbled like dominos, stories collapsed onto one another, and markets teaming with vendors selling phones and clothes, food and drinks. We passed by homes full of laughing ... Read More>>

Strange Flatmates Part 2

adb2014  Sep 22, 2014 Comments(5)

So, where was I? Oh yes, I had already told you about the midnight runner, a guy who stayed for about a week and now, a weird skull collector. As well as being very strange and messy, Evan had very little money and no guarantee of a job when he arrived. At a time when he really should have been working his backside off to plan lessons and make a ... Read More>>

The Nail City (Part 1 of 4)

airyk  Sep 22, 2014

The ladder shivered in the unrelenting wind. I turned around, and looked down. Bad idea. Dozens of stories below, small cars inched by like tiny ants fulfilling the meaning of their lives. My fingers bit into the steel, and I wrapped my arms around the ladder. Rust snowed down as I headed up. One hand at a time, I stayed steady, stayed calm, ... Read More>>

Following musical traditions

nickkicker66  Sep 20, 2014

Since arriving in China many years ago I've discovered the vast variety and diversity Chinese traditional music to be is almost overwhelming. From the ethnic traditions of Yunnan to the dramatic semimentality of Chinese traditional opera there's an incredible amount of sonic bounty to be discovered. I recently came across these two fascinating ... Read More>>

Strange Flatmates part 1

adb2014  Sep 16, 2014 Comments(12)

In my six years of living in China, I’ve lived in quite a few apartments of varying quality and with people of very different personalities. The first company I worked for in Guangzhou offered a perfectly liveable wage that allowed me to travel and save money as well. They also provided rent-free apartments so that we weren’t thrust ... Read More>>

The tips about Guangzhou representative office registration.

jape  Sep 12, 2014

How to Set Up a Company in Hong Kong and Operate Your Business in China's Representative Office(RO) Step one: To Set Up a HK Company 1. Introduction of HK Company set up: Hong Kong has become the world’s eighth largest trading economy calculated in terms of total value of trade undertaken. Hong Kong is the seventh biggest importer of goods ... Read More>>

TEA ching O ral En glish

TeacherKim  Sep 11, 2014 Comments(6)

I feel like I've come to the end of a quest without even knowing I was on one. The quest of HOW TO speak English. When I arrived in China I was packing the normal foreign teachers tool kit. Years and years of schooling in English and a TESOL certificate. I believed I had both what and how to teach. I was ready. Unfortunately what I was ready ... Read More>>

Raising an International Child - The Kindergarten Years

adb2014  Sep 10, 2014 Comments(2)

Time has just flown by. In three years, my international baby has turned into an international toddler and started kindergarten. It’s an important milestone for both parent and child, as it’s a sign that your little one is growing up and learning independence. It also takes a lot of getting used to for both sides. His daily routine ... Read More>>

The Art of teaching

cedricm  Sep 05, 2014 Comments(1)

it's interesting when it's comes to the fact that you may have an ocean of knowledge but dont know how to transmit it, that's what i call the Art of teaching, try to put your student into an environment where he understand easily what you are trying to say or give him. I don't beleive there exist bad teaching, but the fact that they can 't ... Read More>>

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