Made in China--Not Just Cheap Clothes and Toys Anymore

Editors Note: Chinese manufactured goods are slowly improving in global stature--at the same time, theyre also improving at home. The past ten years have seen a boom in Chinas technologically oriented manufacturing sectors and many Chinese are now opting to buy Chinese rather than imports. This article crunches the numbers to give readers a better idea of the scale and direction of this huge shift.

A Technology Boom

A recent survey regarding reputational improvement of Chinese brands indicates that many citizens of this rising power believe that Chinese brand names are moving up in the world. The online poll, orchestrated by China Youth Daily, asked two thousand respondants about the quality and integrity of Chinese manufacturing. 61.5% of those asked said that they believed that there has been ...

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Crossing Knives: Two Companies, a Famous Logo and a Court Case

Editors Note: Two companies with an amazingly similar logo are duking it out in Swiss courts to decide who has the rights to a special trademark consisting of a white cross on a red backgroud. Caught in the middle, a Chinese company licensed to make products for one of the companies. The outcome of the case will determine the future of the little red and white logo, and the information in this article may reassure you that those luggages you find in Chinese airports emblazened with a Swiss Army knife logo arent actually fakes.

Swiss Army knives and their ‘red cross’ logo are familiar to many throughout the Middle Kingdom. But the realms of Swiss Army products are separated into such an excessive number of commodities emblazened with nearly identical logos (i.e. luggage brands Wenger and SwissGear) that their sheer volume is enough to dazzle the eyes and make it difficult to tell which are t...

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