How to Travel to Lhasa by Train or Airplane from Major Cities in China

Lhasa is perched 3650 meters above sea level on the southern part of the Tibetan high plateau and is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks that stretch 5300 meters into the sky. For almost a thousand years, Lhasa has been an important cultural and administrative center, serving as the capital of the Dalai Lama’s government from the seventeenth century onwards and later as the capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region under Chinese rule.

Lhasa continues to fascinate and attract the intrepid traveler. However, getting to Lhasa is no easy or cheap feat. Borders are shut to foreigners at least once a year, a one-way trip by train takes up to three days, special travel permits must be secured before travel, flights are notoriously expensive and most people suffer from altitude sickness once t... Read More>>

Made in China 2.0: Innovation not Replication

Some accuse China of being an imposter and point to the fact that Chinese businesses often copy everything Western. Examples from this Business Insider article include fake IKEAs, “Wu” Marts, Obama Fried Chicken, Bucksstar Coffee, Pizza Huh, HiPhones…the list goes on. The Middle Kingdom has even been accused of even replicating famous paintings, military technology, designer goods, and much more.

OK, so maybe the reputation is deserved at times, but believe it or not, China has a long history of ... Read More>>

A Guide to Common Phrases in the ESL Classroom

The first rule of English class is that students are forbidden from speaking Chinese. This is fair enough, but until they have the ability to confidently switch between both languages, they’ll rely on their mother tongue to get their point across in class.

Teachers need to keep enforcing the ‘English only’ rule and remind... Read More>>

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