Overcoming Adversity: 5 of the Most Common Fears of China Expats

Living in a place like China that has a very different culture, language and ideology can definitely make the average person shake in their boots. I remember being apprehensive about the smallest things when I first arrived here five years ago just because it seemed like a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. In the end I prevailed and faced my fears through trial and error, but for those who have just arrived, or for the ones who still haven’t gotten over the hump, here are some useful tips to help you integrate and conquer your biggest fears in order to become a true China expat.

1) Language This one is a killer! Mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn, and with thousands of convoluted characters, ear ringing tones and enough homophones and homonyms to turn a simple greeting into a burst of profanity, it’s easy to see why. For those livin... Read More>>

10 Status Symbols in Modern China

Since the opening and reforms of the late 1970s, China’s economy has boomed, leading to a rise in wealth and a burgeoning middle class. With new money comes status symbols, and modern China has plenty. Here are 10 of the most ostentatious and intriguing.

1. A Mistress

A. Zhen, self-proclaimed mistress Photo: chinadaily.com.cn

To anyone familiar with China’s seamier side, the concept of high-powered men taking mistresses will come as no surprise. When a guy’s material needs have... Read More>>

The Fresh Market Experience

When Chinese people say they like their food fresh, they mean it.

Even in this era of rampant consumerism and an almost endless range of fast-food restaurants, I often see locals carrying live chickens and fish still thrashing and flopping in bags. The commitment to fresh food can make a trip to the markets a shocking experience for the unsuspecting westerner. ... Read More>>

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