5 Common Misconceptions About Foreigners and Chinese Food

Whether it’s using chopsticks, eating spicy food or scoffing chickens feet, there are a lot of common misconceptions among Chinese people when it comes to foreigners and food. Here are five I’d like to try and debunk.

1. Misconception: Foreigners do not like to eat food on the bone

The Truth: Most foreigners are actually very happy to eat food off the bone. Give an American some chicken wings dripping in buffalo sauce or a Brazilian some beef ribs fresh from the barbecue and they will bite your hand, as well as the meat, off.

The Exception: The difference is in the way the food is presented and eaten. If you have a chicken curry and the meat is still on the bone it can be fiddly for foreigners. If you’re eating a very bony fish it can also be hard to enjoy your meal without constantly worrying about cho... Read More>>

A Guide to Chinese Convenience Store Wine

On occasion, we all need a cheeky bottle of convenience store wine. Whether you’re looking to pre-game a Tantan date, pick up a last-minute birthday gift or just drown your sorrows after a gnarly day at the office, a quick bottle of plonk from your local Family Mart, Lawson or 7-Eleven is often the perfect solution.

But when you hit up the store, you’re confronted by a whole new series of problems: What the hell are these wines? Are they any good? Am I getting totally ripped off here? Shall I just give up and buy that baijiu in a plastic bottle instead?

No worries. eChina... Read More>>

12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China

This is little article I started when I first came to China a year-and-a-half ago. I am a student at Renmin Univesrity of China hoping to stay in China after I graduate.

1. The China Expert

The China Expert has probably been teaching in China for over a year they’re able to use the local language at a basic level and they respect China generally. However The China Expert takes pr... Read More>>

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