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5 Obstacles Expats Face in a Chinese Workplace

Jul 24, 2017 Comments(10)

Besides the giant cultural shift one has to cope with when moving to China, there seems to be a whole other set of obstacles to maneuver when settling down in the workplace. While offices in China are, in many ways, similar to their Western counterparts, it is precisely the subtle ways in which they're different ...Read more>>

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The Western Influence on China: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly HOT

Jul 20, 2017 Comments(68)

History shows that emerging Asian powers have, on occasion, used established and dominant Western cultures as models in the course or cause of their development. For instance, Meiji Japan and its rapid adoption of mainly US western military traditions and ...... Read More>>

How to Spice up Your China Resume

Jul 19, 2017

Back in the day, if you had a foreign face and a few other mediocre skills, you could land a high paying corporate job in China. Unfortunately, those days are over; it takes a lot more to find your dream job. ... Read More>>

America’s Decline, China’s Chance

Jul 18, 2017 Comments(5)

The United States of America seems to be losing its once strongly held status as a top economic power in the world, a position that China may be taking a Pew poll indicates. ... Read More>>

Islam in China: Who are China’s Muslims? HOT

Jul 17, 2017 Comments(0)

Today, China is home to some 23 million Muslims. This article takes a look at who China’s Muslims are, their history and current events that have shaped the perception and attitudes towards this group in recent times. ... Read More>>

Chinese Language in the States More Popular Than You May Think

Jul 13, 2017 Comments(1)

The popularity of Chinese language for business applications and study has been increasing rapidly in America in recent years. Soon, Chinese traveling overseas may not even have to speak English in order to do so. ... Read More>>

8 Western Foods that Chinese People Find Gross

Jul 12, 2017 Comments(5)

There’s plenty of Chinese food well known to turn the stomach of Westerners, but what about the other way around? What Western food do Chinese people find gross? Below are some of the most common answers I’ve encountered. ... Read More>>

How to Bike-Share Like a Pro in China

Jul 11, 2017 Comments(2)

China’s bike sharing craze is in full force. So warm up those legs and charge those cell phones as we take a ride into the world of rent-a-bikes in China. ... Read More>>

10 University Majors Losing Favor in China (Part 2)

Jul 10, 2017

Here are five more majors that are losing favor among Chinese students and the parents, the latter of which are, of course, anxious to ensure themselves a comfortable retirement. ... Read More>>

The VPN Crackdown has Begun

Jul 06, 2017 Comments(8)

The Chinese government new policies restricting VPN usage went into effect on July 1st, and the takedowns have already begun. ... Read More>>

10 University Majors Losing Favor in China (Part 1)

Jul 05, 2017 Comments(2)

Certain previously popular majors are falling out of favor with Chinese students. Now that the high school have their gaokao scores, their choice of university has been narrowed down to but a few cities or institutes of higher education. The issue now is ...... Read More>>

China’s Best Street Food Breakfasts

Jul 04, 2017 Comments(3)

China is a country on the move. One luxury people on the move don’t necessarily have is a leisurely breakfast. Many Chinese people and expats therefore take advantage of China’s numerous street food breakfast options. ... Read More>>

The Weird and the Wonderful: Your Guide to China’s Fruit HOT

Jul 03, 2017 Comments(1)

The weather is warming up and fruit season is upon us! One great thing about living in China is access to all the fresh fruit you can dream of – and many you wouldn’t even think of. Perusing the fruit stalls can be a bit intimidating if your prior ...... Read More>>

Global Citizens Have More Confidence in Xi than Trump

Jun 30, 2017 Comments(7)

A recent Pew survey found that citizens around the world had more confidence in Xi than in Trump. ... Read More>>

China English Teaching Horror Stories HOT

Jun 28, 2017 Comments(53)

Teaching English in China can be a risky venture, especially for inexperienced teachers who might fall victim to the more unscrupulous schools and administrators out there. Here we take a look at several horror stories which should illustrate what can ...... Read More>>

How to Marry Another Foreigner in China

Jun 27, 2017 Comments(1)

A practical guide exploring the rules, regulations and tips for two foreigners getting married in China. ... Read More>>

10 GIFs That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Moving to China HOT

Jun 26, 2017 Comments(3)

Relocating to China from a foreign country and can daunting and confusing. However, these 10 GIFs will will tell you exactly what to expect. ... Read More>>

Skip the Chinese Gym! Workout Routines You Can Do at Home HOT

Jun 23, 2017 Comments(8)

It's hard staying in shape, especially when the beck and call of China's various distractions get in the way—"Dinner at my favorite Sichuan place? Why, sure I'd love to join you after work instead of going to the gym!" But with the heavy food-and ...... Read More>>

China is Now the Second Largest Investor in the World

Jun 21, 2017

According to the recently released 2017 World Investment Report, China has become the second largest investor in the world. ... Read More>>

6 Chinese Universities Ranked Among Top 100 in the World

Jun 20, 2017 Comments(6)

Six Chinese universities ranked in world’s top 100 according to Times Higher Education’s World Reputation Rankings. ... Read More>>

Don’t Be an Outsider in China: Six Tips to Help You Fit In HOT

Jun 19, 2017 Comments(34)

You came all the way to China but most of your friends are English speaking expats. The Chinese friends you have managed to make are either your students or people who wish they were your students. You eat at the same place every day, usually a Western ...... Read More>>

Jobs for Non-Native English Speakers in China HOT

Jun 15, 2017 Comments(230)

It is well known that native English speakers have an advantage when it comes to finding work in China – if nothing else, there’s always English teaching. However, what if you don’t come from one of the major English speaking nations, what if English is ...... Read More>>

Say What? 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Chinese Person HOT

Jun 14, 2017 Comments(50)

With so many taboos and traditions, social interactions can be a minefield in China. Although many are disappearing with time, there are still some things you just shouldn’t say in this country. Here are just a few: ... Read More>>

E-Bike Buyer’s Guide: Tips on Shopping for Electric Bikes in China HOT

Jun 12, 2017 Comments(22)

Although the popularity of e-bikes may have stemmed from the associated financial and environmental benefits, by joining the masses and buying one, you’ll also gain the freedom to explore the city at your leisure. ... Read More>>

A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Vehicles in China HOT

Jun 08, 2017 Comments(17)

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a vehicle in China, but where to start? What do you buy and how do you buy it? Are you even allowed to as a foreigner? Let’s take a look and find out …... Read More>>

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