Dodgy Beer – How I Learned the Hard Way

Dodgy Beer – How I Learned the Hard Way
darkstar1 Feb 01, 2013 16:58

We’ve all heard of the many food scares in China. MSG,gutter oil, rat meat disguised as beef, beef disguised as rat meat and so on. I had a heads up from all my friends and family about all these food safety issues, concerns which were reinforced upon my arrival here by Chinese friends and colleagues.

Although I was desperate to delve into the street food and local cuisine, I did my best to be a good boy and eat as much as I could at home and only ventured out to respectable, well-known restaurants.

Then came an eventful evening with a group of expat friends.We were out in Sanlitun drinking the night away one evening, when, around 3am,we all got the midnight drunken munchies.

In my drunken state, instead of going home to pass out like a sensible hammered guy would, I joined them at a nearby chuan’er (串儿) restaurant.Surprisingly, despite bouts of peer pressure from my friends and a few nearby local drunkards, I managed to stay strong and didn’t eat any barbecued food,instead choosing to whet my whistle with a bottle of local brew Yanjing.

I knew Yanjing was packed with formaldehyde and had experienced pretty bad headaches after drinking it, but I thought I might as well do something to pass the time. The remainder of the evening is lodged some where within the deep dark canyons of my memory (i.e. I forgot).

The next morning, I awoke feeling queasy. I ran to the toilet and vomited violently, and after feeling like I’d thrown up my internal organs, I decided to wash down the nastiness with a glass of water. Bad move.It became a case of what went in came straight but up, as I spent the day lying in a foetal  position on my bed trying to cheer myself up with some Youtube videos and a dodgy VPN


Lesson learned: Never put anything in a chuan’er shop down your gullet ever again, no matter how good or refreshing it looks!

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That's happened to me...with the same goddamned beer! I'll never drink Yanjing again if I can help it.

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you really need to get used

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