Beijing Blues - Time to Head South?

Beijing Blues - Time to Head South?
darkstar1 Feb 18, 2013 15:42

On a flight back to Beijing from visiting a friend in Guangzhou, I really wasn’t looking forward to returning to the world of smog.Guangzhou was warm, greener, and to me, a lot cleaner than the rest of the country. Of course, you can always say that the grass is greener, and perhaps after being in Beijing for such a long time it has taught me to appreciate anything that is even remotely better.

I noticed people in Guangdong were much more smiley,relaxed, and easy going, despite living in a huge city. Maybe the weather has something to do with that – a recent trip to tropical Malaysia exposed to whole country of smiley people who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Up herein the dusty, cold north it seems people are just fed with just about everything in their lives and it certainly rubs off on me.

But is it all in my head? Did I have such a rosy image of Beijing when I first landed or was it just instant dislike? I can’t remember to be honest, though the feelings I had when I first arrived at a fourth tier city in China are memorably positive.

Beijing’s saving grace is it’s awesome music and art scene,great food, and international feel, though I feel the latter two can be found in almost any other first or second tier city in China. When looking at the pollution, my general mood swings, and the traffic among countless other things, I often ask myself: “why am I still here?” Well I would say that would be down to my job and friends here, and I think any sudden decision to pack up and leave unplanned would be foolish. I’m going to try and give Beijing one last chance and soldier on, though I do often wonder if my love affair (if there ever was one) with the Chinese capital has come to an end, and if its time explore new horizons.         

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