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Why Teaching?

azmirh  Aug 04, 2014 Comments(1)

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. – Galileo Well it’s very true, as 'teaching' people can sometimes have devastating effects on their life. It is sometimes wrong to teach anyone but a willing student, people will rebel and are right to. Who the hell is anyone to decide who needs to be ... Read More>>

Complaining Makes Us All Look Bad

hadleyj09  Jul 28, 2014 Comments(58)

Throughout my time here in China, I have always wondered why so many people who come to teach in China tend to not like it. I hear so many people who comment on my posts about how there are so many bad things going on in China, and how China should become a better country. Well, here’s the thing. You’re here for a reason and the fact ... Read More>>

Chongqing semester ends...

louischuahm  Jul 27, 2014 Comments(7)

School's out and everyone has gone home. Some of the kids have gone overseas to the US or UK, probably to check out the universities they wil be going to next year. For me, it's been a hectic four months but I must say it was rewarding since I can see kids really putting in effort to understand what they study. Life as a teacher here isn't that ... Read More>>

Western man, Chinese woman relationship: What's it really like?

adb2014  Jul 26, 2014 Comments(15)

Relationships between Western men and Chinese women aren’t uncommon in China these days. I myself have been married to my Chinese wife for three and a half years, which has been a very interesting adventure. I know that every couple and situation is different but for anyone starting out in a similar relationship, I hope I can share some ... Read More>>


ralph063200  Jul 25, 2014 Comments(1)

Cooking here aint easy as I thought. I discovered that the following ingredients are seasonal in the supermarkets: 1. Cheese 2. Black pepper corns 3. Lime fruits 4. Tomato puree and Tomato paste 5. Margarine 6. Butter 7. Coconuts   The first time me and my flatmate got here, we wasted much money on ingredients we thought we could use to cook ... Read More>>

Watch out ! Two Chinese woman scamming foreigners for money at Forbidden City : (

WendyInChina  Jul 24, 2014 Comments(4)

Two decent looking, friendly Chinese woman approached us at Forbidden City and after introductions and a short conversation asked if we wanted to join them for a walk to the street market. We were looking for a place to eat and they suggested we go to a juice bar get a beer and then something to eat. We told them that we don't drink but juice ... Read More>>

Not Successful? Look In The Mirror

hummerg  Jul 19, 2014 Comments(2)

Haven't achieved success yet?Tried stuff with no results? Quit a few things along the way?There is one thing that will limit you from creating success and to find this out, you only need to do one simple thing.Look in the mirror.Yes, that is BOLD. I know and I am sorry if it offends you. If it does, perhaps you are the one that needs to hear ... Read More>>

How to rent apartment in wudaokou area . Near Blcu Tsinghua .Peking university .

beijing111111  Jul 18, 2014 Comments(1)

If you’re new comer in Beijing, finding a good apartment in wudaokou can be a regular pain in the butt. Most of the decent listings are in Chinese; most of the landlords don’t speak a lick of English; you’ll soon realize this Herculean undertaking is also a next to impossible undertaking. And if it’s all driving you a ... Read More>>

Poetic Surrender

amit83  Jul 11, 2014 Comments(1)

Barking windows framed to an offense Distant fading ghosts in a burlap, black gulls Moaning trove of moving sand, and Moonstruck, shadows as thick as bloating tar. And I have worn this in, like winter boots, And swallowed it whole, like a raw string bean, I must ask, was it just the crimes we committed That froze your eyes in so steady a gaze? ... Read More>>


anirban9842  Jul 07, 2014 Comments(1)


Have any of you been to Yinchuan, Ningxia?

javishs  Jul 04, 2014 Comments(3)

Hi, Currently I have a job offer for Yinchuan, Ningxia and I see on the map how far it is in center China. I haven't made my decision yet about this teaching position. I would like to get some orientation. Thanks, Read More>>

China: First Year Finished

hadleyj09  Jul 03, 2014 Comments(27)

Looks like I have survived just about a year in China, and life has been interesting. There have been many things I have learned about being an adult outside of my own country. The number one thing I have learned is that I am the foreigner. That may seem obvious, but if you are ever looking to live in another country, that is what you must ... Read More>>

Sichuan Opera-one thing you cannot miss in your Sichuan tours

kristiee586  Jun 27, 2014 Comments(3)

When you have tours China, Sichuan is one destination you should not cross off from your travel list. Except for the amazing cuisine, Sichuan also has its famous entertainment-Sichuan Opera. Sichuan Opera has amazed countless travelers with its magical Chinese mask changing, fire breathing and Chinese puppet show. Some opera shows even meet ... Read More>>

Running Races in China

joemarch  Jun 26, 2014 Comments(1)

Do you run for exercise? Do you like to run races, such as 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathons? As China is still a developing country, there aren't many running races yet. Western countries host thousands of running races each year. They're in nearly every city in the west in the summer months and year round in the warm climate states. I ... Read More>>

ktv culture in China

mak  Jun 25, 2014 Comments(1)

KTV the chinese picked up from Japan known for the love of singing in dancing. Everytime I visit China, my friends there take me to several KTVs. After a hard days work, people need to unwind and relax and what better way to let out all the pressures of the day than spending the evening at a KTV. I am not a good singer neither are those who are ... Read More>>

Culture means discipline, sacrifice in China

ChefKitten  Jun 24, 2014 Comments(1)

A friend recently observed that while people of other nationalities seem to love and enjoy their own cultures, most Chinese people think of their culture mostly in terms of a burden or set of restraints and obligations, and not as something very enjoyable at all. In fact, even the word culture doesn't really translate well, because it means ... Read More>>

My Kung Fu Adventure

RealKungFu  Jun 23, 2014 Comments(2)

So I've been learning kung fu for a while now and whenever I travel throughout China it surprises me how few people actually know you can do kung fu full time here. Since I arrived in China, I've travelled all over China and met heaps of kung fu masters, trained in schools and with individual masters. So I thought I'd make a post to let people ... Read More>>

Walking the Great Wall of China

bobby_7  Jun 19, 2014 Comments(5)

Nobody ever mentions how steep the Great Wall of China is. You hear a lot about its age and its length, but the sheer vertical drop? Not so much. It doesn't look all that intimidating from the pictures, either, flanked by red-gold foliage or dusted with snow, lazily weaving in and out of view along the rolling peaks of China's northern frontier. ... Read More>>

Finding non-ESL jobs as a non-white foreigner in China for lower pay?

aeynzmaar  Jun 18, 2014 Comments(2)

The process seems to be easier said than done. I so far have had one very enthusiastic person want to find out if I would work for his program, but the minute I stated I wanted the same salary he printed in his job post, he dissappeared. I've heard other stories of similar things happening. Sounds a lot like how things are in the US. So it seems ... Read More>>

A (RANT-ish) Blog: Teaching in China

hadleyj09  Jun 12, 2014 Comments(33)

If you’re here to teach, then TEACH (RANT) People come to China as English teachers for a various number of reasons. Some come to escape from home, to make money, to travel throughout China and Asia, or they come here on a whim and hope for the best. All of these reasons, in my opinion, are legit for being here. However, if you are here as ... Read More>>

The Enchanting city of Xian

Ava11  Jun 11, 2014

As a copyeditor with a leading news website of India, I spent a lot of my time at the news desk viewing pictures from the various news agencies of the world for photo spreads and picture stories. Quite often, I'd come across pictures of the Terracotta Army and I’d be amazed to see the intricately carved structures. I would wonder if I'd ... Read More>>

The Urban Chinese

mak  Jun 11, 2014 Comments(9)

While I grew up watching lot of kungfu movies, I had the idea that The Chinese would be people in traditional Chinese clothes with wooden houses and wooden restaurants with people eating with chopsticks and the famous soupbowls much like the perception that Indians live in houses made of thached roof. My visit to China was a marked surprise, The ... Read More>>

Being Black in Shanghai.....

valyvon  Jun 11, 2014 Comments(5)

Life in shanghai, or china as whole has been very interesting! once you get used to the stares.. The taxis refusing to pick you up and the where are you from questions, can I take a picture with you, or the default paparazzi all over town.... Life in shanghai is not so bad after all ..... Read More>>


Jauzinho17  Jun 05, 2014 Comments(3)

Hi everyone, I just want to offer one piece of advice and information to everyone. It's very simple and quick, if you are looking for a job at an English training centre in Suzhou, please do not accept work from Web International Pingjiang Centre. There are many reasons for this but the main one is that after at first behaving in a manner that ... Read More>>

I speak English and I am from India

Ava11  Jun 03, 2014 Comments(11)

I don't know why there's a common notion in China that only folks from native English speaking countries can speak good English. However, it is not true. People from many other countries of the world can speak and write good english, some times better than the native people. I come from India and,as long as I remember, I have been speaking and ... Read More>>

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