This Air Pollution is really bumming me out...

This Air Pollution is really bumming me out...
NiceBrice Jan 11, 2013 16:36

Only a month or so ago did I discover the US embassy's Air Quality Index (which, to my understanding basically indicates how fast Beijing's air is going to kill me) and it's been freaking me out ever since...

When I first got to Beijing in September (I started in Guangzhou and then was promptly moved), I didn't really notice the hazy skies or shortness of breath or anything like that. It was relatively nice outside and I was busy acclimating to the hustle and bustle of the city (while also drinking a substantial amount). Now that it's cold and dreary out, I guess I'm paying more attention to the skies. 

While I think it's important to know what's going on around me, seeing the AQI read "hazardous" for hours (or days) on end is really messing with my mood. As if the cold weather wasn't bad enough, I now no longer want to even go outside, and find myself not leaving my apartment for several days on end. 

So what's better? save myself a few years of added life by avoiding the outside all winter long, or go crazy doing nothing inside?

Is this what every year is like here? How are people not freaking out all the time? Maybe it's time I invest in a face mask...

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Your focus determines your reality. -Star Wars -Remembering that is what helps me the most being in China, and life in general. *edit I do have a face mask

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