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Four Easy Steps to Bagging Beetles with Bona Fide Bug Traps! HOT

During his tenure at Yew Chung International School, Dr. Wickham has shared his passion for insects through both hands-on demonstrations and interactive experiments, some of which you can even conduct at home with your own children. The easiest and least ...... Read More>>

The 3 Best Chinese Cultural Sites in Beijing You’ve Never Visited HOT


Children in YCIS Beijing Primary School have the opportunity to explore Beijing with their teachers, discovering different aspects of traditional Chinese culture through field trips to cultural sites around Beijing that align with what they’re studying in ...... Read More>>

Eight Great Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Artistic Talent HOT

The Primary Art teacher at Yew Chung International School of Beijing tells you how to foster your childs creativity. ... Read More>>

Language Learning Tips for Chinese Newbies HOT


If you’ve just moved to China or are looking to jump-start your language learning, YCIS Beijing Secondary School Chinese Curriculum Coordinator Jessica Sun have some essential tips that will make sure you’re learning the right way. ... Read More>>

3 Reasons Why Physical Education Matters HOT


China has become somewhat infamous for the abandoned sites left strewn throughout the country in its rush towards urban development. Some of the eerie destinations listed below take the prize as the top five most notoriously abandoned places in China. ... Read More>>

Parenting in China: 3 Expert Tips for Healthy Eating HOT

During one of YCIS Beijing’s regularly held parenting workshops, Registered Dietitian from Oasis International Hospital Leora Martin gave a talk discussing children’s nutrition and how to encourage healthy eating habits. ... Read More>>

Summer’s Here! Cool Off at Beijing’s 4 Best Water Parks HOT

Comments(5) ( View In Map )

One the best ways to spend a hot summer day in Beijing is to hit up one of the city’s many water parks. From man-made beaches right in the middle of the city, to a huge choice of slides and wave pools, Beijing has tons of options! ... Read More>>

Budgeting in Beijing: Living on 10,000 Yuan per Month HOT


Need to start budgeting in Beijing? See where all your money goes. ... Read More>>

Finding Fried Sauce Noodles: The Best Zhajiangmian in Beijing HOT

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Zhajiangmian is one of Beijing's specialty dishes. Check it's history and where to try it. ... Read More>>

Yandai Xijie (Old Pipe Street): Old Beijing Vibes Without the Crowds HOT


Yandai Xiejie is less crowded than its famous neighbor Nanluoguxiang and still has plenty of old Beijing vibes. If you hate crowds, and love shopping and culture than make sure to check out Yandai Xiejie while in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Celebrate with Cubans: Beijing's Best Pipe and Cigar Shops HOT

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Where do you go Beijing to find nice pipe tobacco or a good cigar to enjoy while out at night or relaxing after a hard day? We've got you covered with four great spots in Beijing to meet your needs. ... Read More>>

Beautiful Blossoms: 14 Spots for Spring Flowers in Beijing HOT

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Spring is finally here in the capital, and Beijing's many flower gardens are beginning to bloom. From the apricot blossoms at the Temple of Heaven to the pear blossoms of Panggezhuang, here are 14 beautiful spots for spring flowers in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Beijing in 5 Essential Cocktails HOT

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We went into some of the best Beijing cocktail bars and asked the owners which drink best represents their establishment. Here are the five 5 essential cocktails, in no particular order, that you really must try while in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Cocktail Bars in Sanlitun: Where to Go for Quality Alcohol HOT

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A handful of bars have been injecting Sanlitun with a much-needed dose of quality bars. Yes, their drinks may come with a price-tag as big as your meal, but with guaranteed real alcohol and innovative drink menus, the following cocktail bars in Sanlitun ...... Read More>>

Winter Warmers: Best Noodle Soups in Beijing HOT

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The big Beijing chill is well upon us, what better way is there to thaw those bones than with a steaming bowl of soup noodles? So stash away your dining decorum, roll up them sleeves and get slurping on one of these. ... Read More>>

Flying in the Nest: Winter Activities at the Olympic Village HOT

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The Bird’s Nest in the Olympic Village is host to a veritable wonderland of winter fun. Here are some of the activities on offer this December. ... Read More>>

Beijing Bites: Dazzle Your Guests with Beijing’s Best Cuisine HOT

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You’ve got hungry visitors on your hands, and possibly wary ones too after all the tales they’ve heard. But we Beijingers know just how tantalising the cuisines of the capital can be. So, cross off the weird and wonderful, and show those tourist taste buds...... Read More>>

A Slice of Beijing: Beijing’s Most Popular Pizza Joints HOT

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It’s been a while since we have evaluated Beijing’s pizza scene, which has grown so much in the last few years. These are our eight top picks for fixing that pizza craving in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Unexpected Deliveries: 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered in Beijing HOT


Beijing is a city of convenience, that is clear. However, a lot more can be delivered than you expected. This is a run down of six unexpected things that you didn’t think you could order, but that you can. ... Read More>>

Beyond 798: Must-Visit Art Galleries Off the Beaten Track HOT

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If you’re tired of Beijing’s popular and tourist-driven 798 art district, there is always Chaocangdi. But beyond that, Beijing has much more to offer in terms of art. ... Read More>>

8 Terrifyingly Good Nights Out: Beijing Halloween 2014 Round-Up HOT

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This year, get ready for Halloween the right way: by properly checking out all parties and club nights around. We have compiled eight great nights out that will make Halloween 2014 in Beijing the best one yet. ... Read More>>

Golden Week Day Trip Tips: Tianjin HOT

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If you are opting to stay at home for National Week, Tianjin may be the perfect day-trip to get out of the city and clear your head. Here are our suggestions for a perfect city break in Tianjin. ... Read More>>

Extreme Beijing: Updated Bungee Jumping in the Capital HOT

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Is bungee jumping something extreme you have always wanted to do? Now there are no more excuses as we have laid out three of Beijing’s best bungee jumping facilities for you to choose from. ... Read More>>

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