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Tianjin TEDA: Keeping Up with Restaurants and Bars in the Area

No place in China, or probably the world, develops quicker than the special economic zones, and TEDA in Tianjin is definitely no exception. Since our last article, a whole range of new stuff has opened, especially for foreigners, as numbers of foreign workers employed and living in the area are steadily increasing. Read more>>

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Away from Tianjin: Huangyaguan Great Wall HOT

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Tianjin can be exhausting, and a day or two in nature can do you a whole lot of good. This guide introduces Huangyaguan Great Wall and how to plan your escape there from Tianjin. ... Read More>>

Parks in Tianjin: Water Slides, Free Gyms and More HOT

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If you’re in need for respite from the urban hustle and bustle of modern day Tianjin, look no further than the city’s major parks. From fun water parks to tropical plants, Tianjin’s parks appeal to people of all ages. ... Read More>>

Relax at Tianjin’s Best Hot Springs HOT

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Is your self-imposed winter hibernation starting to give you cabin fever? Then it’s time to consider trying out one or all of Tianjin’s best hot springs. ... Read More>>

Embracing the Winter: Where to Go Skiing In and Around Tianjin HOT

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Just when you thought it was safe to bed down and hibernate through Tianjin's long winter months, we go and give you a reason not to: skiing! Skiing is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise and fend off your perennial seasonal-affective disorder. ...... Read More>>

Stretch it Out: The Best Yoga Studios in Tianjin HOT

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In recent years, yoga joints have been popping up all over Tianjin. But unfortunately, the good ones are still few and far between. Luckily, we've cut out the fat for you. Here are the four best studios in Tianjin for strength, serenity, and Namaste hands. ... Read More>>

Shop Until You Drop: Tianjin’s Best Shopping Centers HOT

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Already renowned for its expansive ancient culture street (天津古文化街), Tianjin in recent years has become one of China's best modern shopping cities as well, with huge malls and international brands lining the shopping streets of Heping Lu, Nanjing Lu and...... Read More>>

The Backpacker’s Tianjin: Staying in a Youth Hostel HOT

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If you're thinking about traveling to Tianjin, but don't want to break the bank staying in one of its expensive upscale hotels, then stay in a youth hostel instead! Tianjin currently has two youth hostels that both offer unique, hygienic, and—most ...... Read More>>

On the Road: Best Ways to Get Around in Tianjin HOT

As soon as you arrive at Binhai Airport, it is readily apparent that taxis are abundant and cheap in Tianjin. Whilst you promise yourself that you will buy a bicycle and join in with the locals at rush hour, and hop on the occasional bus, the taxi very much ...... Read More>>

Cruising in Luxury All the Way From Tianjin to Nagasaki HOT

Did you know that you don’t even have to leave Tianjin to take a cruise all the way to Japan? You have Tianjin’s new International Cruise Port to thank for that! Since opening last year, Tianjin’s International Cruise Port has already received 55 ships ...... Read More>>

Dining out at YY Beer House in Tianjin HOT


Long a favourite with local Chinese and Tianjin-based expats, YY Beer House (粤园泰国餐厅) is finally receiving some much-deserved attention. In March, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal surprised everyone when he named YY Beer House one of the top ...... Read More>>

Enjoy French Dining at FLO Brasserie in Tianjin HOT


While many modern restaurants have chosen the path of internationalism and the vogue of “fusion” cuisine, FLO Brasserie has maintained a strong focus on the traditional French dialect. Nestled in the house of a once Chinese Warlord, in the former Italian ...... Read More>>

Pizza Bianca: A New Class of Restaurant in Tianjin HOT


If all the economic predictions are true, and Tianjin’s development soon reaches the likes of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, then Pizza Bianca is likely the first wave of small but high end eateries to hit Tianjin. In the West, some of the most ambitious ...... Read More>>

Having Fun at Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort HOT


If you’re looking for some summer fun in Tianjin that offers you a chance to escape the city then Haibin Travel Resort is an ideal choice. The area located in Tanggu District, is well known for its water park, hot springs and man-made beaches.... Read More>>

Making Friends in Tianjin – A Rough Guide HOT

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Loneliness can make any place seem like a hell hole, especially when that hole is thousands of miles away from the people you feel closest to. Despite an increasing population of foreigners in China and super-friendly Chinese people who may even have spent ...... Read More>>

A Sightseeing Guide to the Hai River, Tianjin HOT

Colourful flowers and plants in the park, different styles of bridges, kaleidoscopic lights after nightfall and historic architecture are all part of what you'll enjoy during a sightseeing trip down the Hai River in Tianjin. The beautiful scenery around the ...... Read More>>

Merry Times: The Best Happy Hours in Tianjin HOT

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With a number of restaurants, bars and clubs across Tianjin offering happy hours, it is easy to indulge whilst saving money. We’re here to help you get happy everyday! Here’s a round-up of some of the best happy hour deals in the city. ... Read More>>

Searching for Tianjin’s Tastiest Hamburgers HOT

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Being surrounded by so many cheap Chinese restaurants that serve delicious and varied dishes is one of the many perks for an expat living in China. However, sometimes when a touch of homesickness is felt or a craving for Western food suddenly sets in, a ...... Read More>>

Hungry in the Streets of Tianjin – Traditional Food and Snacks HOT

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After telling any Chinese person that you’re moving to Tianjin, their first response will most likely be “you’re going to get fat.” That’s because Tianjin is well known across China for its dumplings, sweet cakes and fried dough sticks. And with so ...... Read More>>

Herbivorous Hotspots – Vegetarian Restaurants in Tianjin HOT

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Anyone who has lived in Tianjin for even a short while will surely have noticed that it is not the most vegetarian-friendly of places. With the city’s signature dish being pork filled dumplings and meat making up a significant proportion of every menu, it ...... Read More>>

Following the Trail of Tianjin’s Art Scene HOT

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Although Tianjin on the surface may not seem like a place boasting a plethora of places for the discerning art fan, if one explores a little deeper it is possible to find a good few art galleries and museums that are worth a visit. Displaying both Western ...... Read More>>

Partying in Tianjin – Popular Nightclubs HOT

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Although Tianjin is not renowned for having a particularly wild party scene and compared with cities such as Beijing and Shanghai may seem rather tame, it definitely possesses the right ingredients for a fun and often unexpectedly entertaining night out. A ...... Read More>>

Sing it Like a Star: Tianjin’s Top KTV Venues HOT

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There are many places to sing karaoke in Tianjin, but the best are still Holiday and Pearl of the Orient. They have branches conveniently located in the hippest neighborhoods in town. Not only do these two boast the best facilities, the latest tracks, and ...... Read More>>

Movie Magic: Top Cinemas in Tianjin HOT

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What's there not to love about a night at the movies? With the smell of freshly made popcorn wafting through the air, and your favourite film stars blown up huge on the screen, watching movies on the big screen simply has a greater impact than watching at ...... Read More>>

Tianjin’s Most Unique Cafés HOT

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When compared with Beijing, Tianjin is a city that is much slower paced, where people take time to enjoy something worthwhile and cafes are essential in providing a time and place for people to take a coffee break when they can in their busy lives. Tianjin ...... Read More>>

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