Stretch it Out: The Best Yoga Studios in Tianjin

Stretch it Out: The Best Yoga Studios in Tianjin

In recent years, yoga joints have been popping up all over Tianjin. But unfortunately, the good ones are still few and far between. Luckily, we've cut out the fat for you. Here are the four best studios in Tianjin for strength, serenity, and Namaste hands.

1) YogilotusView In Map
Located inside Nancuiping Park, Yogilotus offers quite a few yoga classes: Hatha, Prana Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, weight-loss, toning, therapeutic, outdoor breathing exercises, meditation and hot yoga, all at a reasonable price. Check your worries—and your shoes—at the door; instructors at Yogilotus are known for their knowledgeable service and make-you-feel-at-home demeanor. Remember to bring your passport when you come the first time (or ID card for Chinese citizens).

Where: inside Nancuiping Park (by the west entrance to the water park), 265 Hongqi Nan Lu, Nankai District, Tianjin
天津市南开区红旗南路265号,南翠屏公园南门内(水上公园西路口), 悠季莲花瑜伽馆
Tel: 022 2813 2007
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 2,180 RMB (half-year membership/50 visits), 2199 RMB (half-year membership/unlimited visits), 3800 RMB (one-year membership/unlimited visits)
Getting there: take bus No. 12, 301, 302, 878, 951, 津西2, 快速2 to Jinguyuan (金谷园站)

2) Shangshan Yoga (Balitai studio)View In Map
Shangshan is an official studio and training center of the Hong Kong Yoga Association, so you can expect some high-quality instruction here. They offer a huge variety of classes, including the increasingly popular “mother baby yoga” and, of course, belly dancing (still no word on a “mother baby belly dancing” class yet). The facilities aren't huge, but the environment is calming. Most first-timers opt for a low-level Hatha yoga class; it's easy and the instructor is supremely patient. The studio also frequently offers group-buy promotions on, but you'll have to book a day in advance to snag them.

Where: 5F, Women's Activity Center, Balitai New Cultural Square, Weijin Lu, Nankai District, Tianjin
地址:天津市南开区卫津路八里台新文化广场妇女活动中心5楼, 上善瑜伽(八里台店)
Tel: 022 2333 1761
Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
Price: 3,360 RMB (one-year membership)
Getting there: take bus No. 8, 161, 628, 643, 658, 662, 675, 686, 707, 710, 710区, 832, 855, 859, 952 to Balitai bus stop (八里台站)

3) Gandhi Yoga (Rongye Da Jie studio)View In Map
Opened more than a decade ago, Gandhi Yoga is one of the oldest yoga studios in Tianjin. The rooms are spacious and there's plenty of equipment, plus they offer just about any kind of yoga you can name: Hatha, flow, power and much more. It's well-designed, clean, the staff don't bug you all the time about buying a yearly membership… pretty much everything you could ask for in a studio.

Where: 213 Xindianju, New Cultural Gardens, intersection of Rongye Da Jie and Duolun Dao, Heping District, Tianjin
天津市和平区荣业大街与多伦道交口新文化花园新典居底商213, 甘蒂瑜伽(荣业大街店)
Tel: 022 2731 8698
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
Price: 569 RMB (10 days unlimited visits pass), 2199 RMB (half-year membership/50 visits)
Getting there: take bus No. 1, 1区, 8, 8区, 610, 611, 619, 652, 693, 846, 860, 904, 908, 962 to Bao'an Da Jie (保安大街站)

4) Jingde Yoga Fitness CenterView In Map
Professional teachers, and clean facilities are what you'll find at Jingde Yoga, though the classrooms are a tad small. The staff is very helpful in finding the right classes to match your ability. Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, flow yoga, spinal therapy, and weight-loss yoga are all very popular here. Jingde also offers pretty substantial group-buy promotions on

Where: 1-1-1901 Yijie Community (on the north side of Gulou Dong and New World Department Store), Chengxiang Dong Lu, Nankai District, Tianjin
地址:天津市南开区城厢东路壹街区1-1-1901(鼓楼东、新世界百货北侧),  静德瑜伽健身会所
Tel: 022 5805 7358; 136 2206 8633
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Getting there: take bus No. 849 or 954 to Xin'an Shopping Center (新安购物广场站)

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