Having Fun at Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort

Having Fun at Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort

If you’re looking for some summer fun in Tianjin that offers you a chance to escape the city then Haibin Travel Resort is an ideal choice. The area located in Tanggu District, is well known for its water park, hot springs and man-made beaches.

As compared to the beaches in Beidaihe, Qingdao and Dalian, Tianjin's beach is quite unique. Since the beach is extremely flat, the difference between high tide and low tide tidal is huge. When the tide rises, the water depth is suitable for many to enjoy at once, and swimmers can swim toward the open sea without worry. During the low tide, the 2-3 kilometre-wide beach is exposed, and becomes an ideal place to gather seashells as they wash up on shore.

Waterslide anyone? Photo: baidu.com

Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort is also home to the biggest waterpark in China. The waterslide is 15 meters tall, and includes three straight slides and two circling slides. Riding down these towering waterslides is quite a thrill! The resort also has many recreational areas, living accommodations and concession stands.

Tourists also have plenty of other entertainment options too. You can collect seashells on the beach, watch an ethnic minority musical performance, get a massage at the hot springs, play tennis, join the speed-boating club, play beach volleyball, go bowling, ride in a seaplane and even go parasailing. Below are three activities you don’t want to miss.

1) Collecting seashells on the beach
Because of the beach’s unique landscape, collecting seashells on the beach is very fun and easy. Every time the tide rises, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scene and even try to catch fish near the shore. When the tide falls is an excellent time to walk the beach and collect seashells. It is very peaceful to watch the natural beauty that the rising and falling tide casts on the surrounding scenery.

“Clamshell” Beach Ridge. Photo: baidu.com

2) The “Clamshell Beach Ridge”
The embankment here is locally known as the "gelidi", "shalingzi" or "beikedi" (clamshell beach ridge). It includes dozens of types of clamshell, which are so numerous they form an embankment for kilometres. The inside of the embankment contains shells of various types: blood clam, button top snails, bladder moon snail, razor clam, nutmeg snail, etc. Because Clamshell Beach Ridge is composed of various clamshells and sand that has mixed together over time, it’s a great place for travelers to understand the evolution of Tianjin's geology.

3) Hot Springs
The hot springs near Tianjin’s seashore have long been used for physical therapy and rehabilitation which is why taking a dip in them is a ‘must do’ activity. The hot springs are derived from the area’s underground mineral water supply. The water quality is quite good; more than 20 minerals and trace elements are found in it that have various health benefits, such as improving skin care, strengthening ones physique and promising longevity. If tourists choose to visit one of these sites, they will quickly realise the relaxing comforts brought by the hot springs.

Location: Bohai Sea in East Gaoshaling, Tanggu District, Tianjin. Distance from Tianjin City proper is 4.5 kilometers. (天津市塘沽区高沙岭东面的渤海之滨)
How Much: 30 RMB
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00
Getting there: From within Tianjin City, you can ride the bus to Tanggu District, afterwards, at Tanggu District train station, transfer to the 822 bus which will go nonstop to Tianjin Coastal Tourism Resort. From Beijing set out on the Jing-Jin-Tang Expressway (京津塘高速公路) to go nonstop to Tianjin Coastal Tourism Resort.   

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