Tianjin’s Most Unique Cafés

Tianjin’s Most Unique Cafés

When compared with Beijing, Tianjin is a city that is much slower paced, where people take time to enjoy something worthwhile and cafes are essential in providing a time and place for people to take a coffee break when they can in their busy lives. Tianjin residents know just how to make time for little breaks and thus it is not a surprise that there are little coffee venues tucked away in every nook and corner of the city's streets. So slow down a bit and come enjoy a warm cup of brew in some of the most unique cafes in Tianjin.

Jileshi Café吉乐时咖啡View In Map

Jileshi has kept the casual cleanliness and comfortable ambience that is typical of American-style restaurants. They also offer American-style fast food along with other more traditional western cuisines on the menu – adding to the recipe some of their own twists and variances. Recommended dishes include their best chicken wings, papaya au lait, tuna salad, and steak. They aim to provide a most comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers, so guests are encouraged to use their WiFi service, order up their favorite coffee, light meal or dessert and wile away a lazy, relaxing afternoon.

Add: Binshui Xidao, Aocheng Commercial Plaza (A1 section), Nankai District, Tianjin
Tel: 022 2385 5080
Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 685, or 8 to Sports Center Station

SPR Coffee View In Map

SPR Coffee is an international coffeehouse chain. They select the best Arabica coffee beans, uniformly roast and then grind them through an imported Italian-manufactured coffee machine right there at the venue for a perfect brew with each order. Each cup of coffee here is guaranteed to be fresh and taste great; cappuccino, latte, espresso, and American coffee are the most popular choices on the menu. Aside from the delicious coffee, the atmosphere at this venue is also very comfy, relaxing, and romantic. With comfy sofas, smooth music and warm lighting how can you not want to spend the afternoon here or enjoy a casual outing after work?

Add: Intersection between Huanghai Rd and Yidajie, Yujingyuan Villa (base floor, no. f-11 shop), Tanggu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin
Tel: 022 5981 6223
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 501, 507, 515, 815, 880, or 937 to Taida Community Hospital Station and walk another 390 meters to the venue


Greendays Coffee绿日咖啡View In Map

This professional Italian-style coffeehouse was recently renovated to project an overall feeling of cleanliness and roominess. There are flowers at every table and a variety of fashion and arts magazines lining the bookshelves. Although the shop is a bit small, there aren’t many guests on the weekdays and so it remains comfortable. Best recommended is their herbal tea drink, brewed with imported tealeaves and individually adjusted to match guests' different requests. Coffees range from 12 RMB – 30 RMB/cup; juices are 20 RMB/cup; teas are 30 RMB/pot.

Add: Binshui Xidao, Shidai Aocheng (no. A2-07 shop), near East Shuishang Rd, Nankai District, Tianjin
Tel: 022 2385 5381
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 302, 306, or 8 to Sports Center Station, and walk for another 93 meters to venue

Boston Huating 波士顿华庭 View In Map
This eclectic, cozy coffeehouse is owned, operated, and decorated by a married couple, one of whom used to be an interior designer. With its antiques, ceramics, bronze ornaments, and dim lighting, you might feel like you’re in the Wild West, but don’t be scared. It’s easy to rustle up some grub at quite a reasonable price. Recommended light meals include the “Boston Summer” and “Boston Gourmet Pizza,” coffee ranges from 15 RMB-20RMB/cup. 

Add: 104 Yingkou Street, near Yaohua Middle School, Heping District, Tianjin
Tel: 022 2479 6508
Opening Hours: 10:30-22:30
Getting there: Take Bus No. 45, 669, or 851 to Shanxi Lu Station, and walk for another 42 meters to venue

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