The Backpacker’s Tianjin: Staying in a Youth Hostel

The Backpacker’s Tianjin: Staying in a Youth Hostel

If you're thinking about traveling to Tianjin, but don't want to break the bank staying in one of its expensive upscale hotels, then stay in a youth hostel instead! Tianjin currently has two youth hostels that both offer unique, hygienic, and—most importantly—safe alternatives for those not set on blowing a week's pay on a few nights in a swanky hotel room.

1) Tianjin Haiyun International Youth Hostel View In Map
The Tianjin Haiyun (Sea Melody) International Youth Hostel (海韵国际青年旅舍) opened last April. As you'd expect, it looks brand spanking new and is completely hygienic inside. The rooms are very simple, adorned with a mirror, closet, ashtray and other small amenities, and each is designed to make you feel like you are off at sea (just like the hostel's namesake). The rooms are clean, comfortable and perfect for small travelling groups. The Wi-Fi is fast, as the hostel uses a new fiber-optic broadband connection, so you should have no problem staying “connected” while you travel. The hostel also features a “Chinese Sea” themed bar and restaurant where you can relax and grab a drink after a long day out enjoying the city.

Add: Xingang Erhao Lu (near the Binhai Government Building), Binhai New Area, Tianjin
Tel: 022 2565 1378; 135 0211 1862
Price: 55 RMB (Single bed in a shared room), 158 RMB (Single standard room)
Getting there: From Tianjin North Railway Station (天津北站), take bus No. 619, 641 or 670 to the Nanshi bus stop (南市站).  From there transfer to the民9 bus and get off at the Tiankesuo bus stop (天科所站). Or from Tianjin West Railway Station-Dafeng Xi Hutong (天津西站-大丰西胡同), take the 民9 bus and get off at Tiankesuo bus stop (天科所站). 

2) Tianjin City Youth Hostel View In Map
The Tianjin City Youth Hostel (天津城市青年旅舍) is located right next to Tianjin West Train Station (天津西站) and is only a 10-minute walk to all of the famous landmarks in the old city, such as Drum Tower Pedestrian Street (鼓楼步行街), Ancient Culture Street (古文化街) and the Tianjin Eye Ferris wheel (天津眼摩天轮).  If you're looking for a bit of privacy in your stay at the hostel, you'd be best off going with a two-person standard room, as all of the other rooms use a shared bathroom. All rooms come equipped with free Wi-Fi, and if you have any precious cargo, you can have the staff look it up for you for free at the service desk (unfortunately there are no private closets or safes available). An added benefit of this hostel is that there is a Laozihao convenience store right by the entrance, so you can try all of Tianjin's specialties first thing in the morning when you wake up!

Add: 2 Tianguili, Hebei Dajie, Shihongqiao District, Tianjin
Tel: 022 2733 6112
Price: 45 RMB (shared unisex room), 50 RMB (four-person ladies' room:), 80 RMB (single room), 120 RMB (two-person room), 160 RMB (two-person standard room)
Getting there: From the Tianjin North Railway Station (天津北站) take bus No. 869 to Zaoqiao bus stop (旱桥站). From Tianjin West Railway Station (天津西站), exit and walk along Beiyingmenxi Malu (北营门西马路). At the Hebei Dajie intersection turn right, and walk about 200 m to the Tianguili Community entrance (天桂里小区入口). The hostel is next to it. From Binhai International Airport take the No. 4 shuttle bus to Hubei Lu bus stop (湖北路站) and then transfer to bus No. 657, 606 or 642 and get off at Beiyingmen bus stop (北营门站).

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