Sing it Like a Star: Tianjin’s Top KTV Venues

Sing it Like a Star: Tianjin’s Top KTV Venues

There are many places to sing karaoke in Tianjin, but the best are still Holiday and Pearl of the Orient. They have branches conveniently located in the hippest neighborhoods in town. Not only do these two boast the best facilities, the latest tracks, and reasonable prices but they also often have special promotions and offers. Since these are the most popular karaoke’s in Tianjin, don’t forget to call ahead and book a room so as not to wait too long.

Holiday is very affordable but don’t let that fool you though; Holiday’s facilities are top-notch with luxurious interiors, great facilities and LCD screens. Each branch is equipped with over 100 both large and small rooms to meet demand. Note that there is no minimum payment and no service charge. During off times, members can enjoy all kinds of benefits. Holiday also offers special package deals, as well as a wide variety of snacks and beverages.

Small room (1-5 people):
10:00-14: 00: 22 RMB / hour (Mon - Frid) 38 RMB / hour (weekends)
14:00-20:00: 38 RMB / hour (Monday - Friday) 48 RMB / hour (weekends)
20:00-24:00: 68 RMB / hour (Monday - Friday) 78 RMB / hour (weekends)
24:00-06:00: 38 RMB/ hour (Monday - Friday) 48 RMB / hour (weekends)

Medium room (5-15 people): add 20 RMB/hour to each of the price slots listed above for medium room price.

Large room (15-25 people): add 30 RMB/ hour to small room time slots for large room price.

Holiday KTV (Yishi Dan Flagship store branch) View In Map
Add: 9F, Yishi Dan, Xiandai Cheng C, 108 Nanjing Lu, Heping District, Tianjin
Phone: 022 2718 8555
Opening hours: 10:00 - 06:00 next day
Getting there:take bus numbers 3, 35, 45, 50, 503, 600, 606, 631, 632, 641, 643, 650, 657, 659, 669

Pearl of the Orient东方之珠KTV
Pearl of the Orient is a big name in the world of Chinese karaoke –there are ten branches in Tianjin alone.  Here you can expect quality 5 star service. Each branch has hundreds of private rooms. Pearl of the Orient’s interior décor is fairly elegant, and most importantly it’s equipped with excellent sound systems that are guaranteed to deliver the best sound quality. This KTV joint also offers special services, including free gifts, round the clock food service, free use of recording equipment and rent-free cameras, and a variety of beverages and spirits. Here you will find the hottest tracks, definitely an ideal place for serious karaoke fans. Make sure to book well in advance.

Small room (1-5 people):50 RMB/hour
Medium room (5-6 people):60 RMB/hour
Large room (7-8 people):70 RMB/hour
Extra Large room (8-12 people): 80 RMB/hour
Party Room (12-16 people): 100 RMB/hour

Opening times and discounts:
06:00-10:00 80% off
10: 00-14: 00 70% off
14: 00-20: 00 50% off 
20: 00-00: 30 full price   
00: 30-06: 00 50% off

Pearl of the Orient KTV (Hedong Branch)View In Map
Add. 3F, Tianxing Hepan Square, 81 Shiyi Jing Lu, Hedong District, Tianjin
Phone:022 2413 6688
Opening times: 10:00- 06:00
Getting there: take bus number 600,613,643,651,673,840,842,866 located 57m from Daguangming Qiao 

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